Dragon master Huang glared at him. "Is that a fairy fruit or three or four?" Which way are you going? "

Los feather shrugged pathetic self-deprecating way "rang rang? I haven’t got any yet. Which way do you think I’m going? Hey ~ "
At this time, the’ Yujinger’ in front of the star gate heard that there was a sudden anger and sarcasm. "Grass mud horse ~ You are just a worm, but you are greedy and don’t check the rain and rain. How can you blaspheme?" Hatred, sadness and disgust are all turned into anger! "
Angry Xiao’ Yu Jinger’ has stirred the thunder and purple roar button, and the party has seen it and will be furious.
Luo Yu is secretly clapping his hands. This’ grass mud horse’ is simply soaring!
While the dragon master Huang saw that Yu Jinger was ready to kill, he struggled reluctantly and sighed, "Hey ~ Wait a minute! Master Yu Jinger, can you wait for us to discuss for a while? "
Also furious’ Yu Jinger’ heard that he stopped instantly. He held out three fingers with a grimace of a grin and said, "Little master … want three pieces."
"This …!" Dragon master’s yellow look is uncertain.
Lovely eaves have to bow their heads!
In the end, he sighed, "Just three out of three. It’s good for Yujing to stop waiting for the enemy."
"Good to say, but the biggest" Yu Jinger nodded and added.
Long Shi Huang nai
Soon the dragon master Huang’ strongly’ asked Gu Yingzong to reluctantly hand over one, and the royal family also naively took out the extra one and added the dragon master Huang himself to make a total of three.
Yujinger was satisfied with the fairy fruit.
He smiled grimly and looked around at the empty road. "It’s not as early as you wait for the young master to play a game and then go back to the market, like …?"
When all the people heard it, their hearts thumped, and they all said that there was no need to play the game another day.
As a result,’ Jade Jinger’ gave way interestingly.
Even when Bai Lianxing, Wei Shang and others were ready to follow, he pointed to the fish in troubled waters and everyone shouted, "You not only didn’t pay the fairy fruit, but also blocked my fate in the mountains and seas."
Wei Shang and others are rare in fairy fruit. Now there is only one in the hand of Bai Lianxing. What fairy fruit is there for this Yujinger?
See jade Jing son focus on the magic palace and others dragon division Huang exulting in the heart is more than led the master to seize the door and ran into the gate.
When Xuantianzong, Qiushuizong and others all entered the gate, the atmosphere was extremely tense.
Luo Yu burst out laughing, and at the same time, Yu Jinger came to Luo Yu’s side with joy and sent all three fairy fruits into Luo Yu’s arms. Then he hugged Luo Yu and laughed and asked, "Brother Yu, am I very good?"
In this way, Yujinger seems to be a good younger brother waiting for her brother to praise her.
"awesome! The most powerful! " Los feather naturally cock thumb generous praise.
"Feather … feather elder brother? !” They saw this strange scene. Goodbye’ Jade Jinger’. This intimacy is already in my heart … Oh!
The winning face is twisted into an embarrassing word, and I can’t help but sigh in my heart. "It’s really a bit’ passionate’ to lie in the trough!"
The fat ancestors have already torn off their camouflage and returned to the public.
His brow wrinkled into waves and smacked her lips. "I didn’t expect that!" Luo Daoyou’s way to deal with Yu Jinger is so … so ingenious! Pei ~ "
See everyone comment in succession Luo Yu hurriedly will hang his neck’ Yu Jinger’ to the public and say with smile, "Don’t misunderstand that he is not Yu Jinger."
"Ah?" They opened their mouths.
At this time, I saw’ Yujinger’ spinning around and purple feathers and hongxia dancing, which turned a beautiful purple feather into a young fairy.
"psst ~ so beautiful!" Everyone can see that the body is beautiful and the words are beautiful as a demon! Breathe in a gasp.
So stunning, compared with the beautiful white love star, a curve is tall and beautiful, which is almost demon; One is graceful and beautiful, and Yizhuang is like a fairy, which can be said to be equally divided.
At the moment, even if you are indifferent to Tianjiaren, you can only admire Mozhuang Gongdu, and your heart beats faster and you are ready to rub your hands and strike up a conversation.
But Wei Shang, a master of flowers, has long been a hundred flowers folding fan. Brother Mozhuang’s smirking face is the first to be modest and fair. "Fairy is polite, Qingyun Keqing, immortal, and Wei Shang dares to ask the name of this fairy …?"
See Wei wound words haven’t finished yet. The prototype is stiff and smiles. "I know … you are a good friend of Yu brother. You are a good friend. You like it very much."
Snapping ~ Baihua folding fan falls to the ground.
"Well, this … hey hey?" Wei was stunned by this sudden greeting!
He doesn’t know whether the other person really likes it or has something in his mouth, or he is shameless. Although he is really impatient and shameless, but …
While Wei You was laughing when he saw Wei’s wound and speechless behind him.
But at this moment, Gu looked at Bai Lianxing and covered her mouth in surprise. "Ah ~ Sister is so beautiful as Gu …! You are the elder brother of the feather, Sister Daolv Bai, right? "
Said that she had reached out and touched the surprised Bai Lian star, whose long hair was like a waterfall, and everyone was surprised. The eyes approached and sniffed, and then she was pleasantly surprised. "So you are the descendant of Bai Di’s uncle. Bai Di’s uncle is very kind to you, and you are also a horse …"
Before finishing, the head is as big as a bucket, and Luoyu has hurriedly rushed to stop it with a wry smile.
"Feather, is she …?" Suddenly, it’s hard to be suspicious of a fairy white love star who is amazing but beautiful and even better than herself.
Nai wry smile Luo Yu hurriedly explained to Meng forced all "her name is Gu Bu …"
Chapter 461 Xuan Ming Road Return to Market Virtual Come and Go
The gods of mountains and seas gave the mainland the north to look after the stars and poles.
On the floating glacier island in the vast starry sea area, there is a huge auroral glow ring covering the key water areas.