But when these strong men besieged Lu Chen, they also fell a lot. This means that Lu Chen’s temporary comprehensive ability has reached at least 326 points. Otherwise, how can you chop melons and vegetables to kill the creatures in the world?

"Damn, I forgot that he has roots and spirits!"
Ink rain muttered that she was Liu Chen pit to the inner world because of the root cause.
Now Lu Chen has been living in high spirits for decades, and I’m afraid he has gained a lot of skills because of his abnormal learning talent. It’s a knife and a sword fire.
There seems to be a strong supporter behind him, so he has played a dual mode.
Ink rain tried to attack the wall near the shadow beast, but the realm of bombing her was still too low
She can’t wait to yell at Brother Lu. Come and pick me up from here.
Ink rain has now affirmed that it is Liu Chen who is sent to pick up people. She is not sure whether Liu Chen has received the corresponding information.
She knows Lu Chen. Once this guy has his head cut off, he will probably put all kinds of things behind him. Don’t forget yourself after the fight.
But Mo Yu now believes that Lu Chen can win because once Berserker enters this state, nothing can stop him.
Liu Chen has obviously found the root of the creatures in the restraint world, and cooperated with some extremely strong war skills to deal with the real injury and directly obliterate the roots of these creatures in the world from the root level, regardless of their ability.
It will take a long time for Lu Chen to end this war alone if he wants to keep losing his strength.
Even the ink rain was just glad to recognize his horse and could leave the inner world when he was rushing to kill Lu Chen’s body.
It seems that there is a camera sound in the void, and Lu Chen’s walking figure in the void is exposed slowly.
Lu Chen wondered how he became a paper man when he looked at his body.
And I don’t know if he just felt the mysterious power from the East for a moment.
Looking around, Lu Chen, a creature in the approaching world, felt bad. He couldn’t solve this strange ability for the time being, but his power declined several times after he became a paper man.
"Do a good job in Camore. He hasn’t finished two-dimensional yet. Once again, you are capable!"
In the world, the deputy commander said with a sadistic smile and said to a world creature not far away.
It looks like a camera, but the body is not made of metal and other materials, but flesh and blood can be seen on the surface, and all kinds of rotten meat pieces in the colon accumulate and juice drips.
The camera hole in the center is flashing light, which is why he has just made the ability to capture Lu Chen’s upcoming shooting.
Lu Chen frowns, but the paper man is like a character in a cartoon. Lines appear on his forehead and become Sichuan eyebrows.
The regicide in his hand also turned into a piece of paper. It looks soft when it moves, and it turns into a bend when it is blown by Gangfeng, which is ridiculous.
When Lu Chen saw the creatures of the world around him, he wanted to dodge at a high speed, but he found that the movement resistance of the paper man seemed to be getting bigger and the speed was almost ten times slower.
"I have been recruited by Brother Lu, and I must find a way to rescue!"
The direction of the warship Mo Xiaotian saw this scene and worried that Lu Chenxian was their important fighting force. If it were not for Lu Chenxi’s cholera, they would be under greater pressure in the rear of the world.
Former Xiang Tiange was caught in this trick and turned into a paper man. Now he is still a warship as a’ kanban Niang’
Xiang Tiange, who has become a paper man, has almost no strength, just a moving piece of paper.
Paper pieces were hit several times because of the slow speed in the battle of Lu Chen, and the paper pieces were torn, which looked very sad.
However, because of his weak strength, his attacking power is not enough, that is, the real damage can hurt the creatures in the inner world, but it is not enough to kill them, or it is difficult for him to launch an effective attack now.
"Chinese fir pool, aren’t you people? What props or abilities should you have to pull teacher younger brother Lu back? If you have something to say, be quick or brother Lu will fall! "
Into a paper Xiang Tiange shouted.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and fourteen Kill through
Painted pear clothing element hand on the chest is obviously very worried, but still shook his head "not yet …"
Just now, when she saw Lu Chen’s move, she wanted to pull Lu Chen back, but Lu Chen’s group frequently said that he had a way to crack it temporarily.
"This is some kind of extremely strange seal ability. Teacher Lu has become a nearly two-dimensional form, and all aspects of strength have also decreased in several ways. It is impossible to fight again. We must go back to Ann and find a way."
Xiang Tiange said that she has also been turned into a paper person who knows the horror of this strange ability best.
Even she feels that the world creatures in that camera are probably the world legion in the world. The killer weapon of this war is the most troublesome ability.
"It is very strong ability general ability can not seal him …"
It is also very worrying to see her husband become a paper man and be beaten with holes.