There is irony in that tall girl’s words, so that others at the table don’t know how to connect. After all, everyone is Carl’s friend, so there is no need to undermine each other.
Surdak smiled and said, "It looks like I’m lucky!"
Baron Llewellyn raised his eyebrows and said, "It’s thanks to Carl. If he hadn’t wiped out a group of robbers in the suburbs, how could it be so quiet in the suburbs!"
Carl secretly handed Surdak an apologetic look.
At this time, he can’t come out in public and admit that the robbers were killed by Surdak. After all, he was promoted to the squadron leader of the support team outside the guard camp with this honor. Gensoul Dadak can be wronged
Careful Mrs. Christie seems to see a trace of displeasure in Carl’s eyes. When he and Surdak have a deep friendship, they quickly cross the topic.
"I heard it was said that the robbers were looking for a maid in Huo Yier Manor …"
Sure enough, when gossip is the most attractive and comes from the most well-informed Mrs. Christie, who is behind this young lady? This group of people know and listen with relish except Surdak.
However, Mrs. Christie, these messages seem to involve some secret information. Carl can gently cough and say, "This kind of news can’t be broadcast casually."
Young Mrs. Christie gave Carl a white look and said, "You won’t give me some information. I heard it from Miss Huo Yier."
Chapter 299 Who helped Carl
In the early morning, the sun shone into the city head of Hailansa City along the gate hole. The guards were working hard all night to relieve the guard. The guards yawned and carried spears and walked lazily to meet the morning sun. The guards kept the city for a whole day with breakfast and kettle. Hailansa City has not been attacked by forms for decades, so the defense in the city seems a bit lazy.
Surdak rode a horse and waited for Carl casement to come to see him off in front of the gate hole.
It’s a little cold and cheerless in the city gate cave so early, and there are no people out of the city. Several guards are chatting against the wall.
With the sliding sound of a series of suspension bridge chains, the large winch at the gate of the city creaked and twisted, and the suspension bridge slowly fell down. Ten guards pushed the gate of Hailansa City to Surdakar to go out of the city first.
Carl didn’t go too far out of town. He stopped a fir tree with an attendant on horseback.
There is a wide view here, and it is certain that there is no one around. Surdak asked Carl, "Are you saying that there are people in Hailansa secretly colluding with the bandits?"
Carl nodded with a wry smile on his face and said to Surdak, "Maybe those robbers … they can’t show up for no reason, but they will disappear at a certain moment without warning. We always come to an abrupt end when we try our best to find clues. It’s like having a pair of eyes staring at me behind me about how secretive I am, and they all have the feeling of being watched."
Surdak grinned. He couldn’t help but look up at the blue sky on his head every day.
"I’ve been trying to find the hiding place of these robbers in the suburbs of Hailanza, but every time some progress is made, those clues will be destroyed, which is enough to prove that there are people in the city colluding with the robbers and robbers." He looked a little flustered and excited.
Surdak tried to calm his emotions and said, "But you haven’t got any proof yet, have you?"
"I’ll find these guys sooner or later," Carl vowed, clenching his hand into a fist, and Surdak hammered his shoulder. Then he seemed a little happy and said, "But it’s great that you came to Hailanza. I want you to help me."
Surdak had a face of distress. He didn’t like the place where the Knights of the Guard Camp raised their uncles. He thought that he would have to travel outside the school after school for half a year. Surdak felt that this must be very interesting. He said with some difficulty, "But I want knight college classes! What can I do for you? "
Carl, it seems that Surdak can defeat more than 20 robbers with one person. It can be said that it is off the charts.
That’s why Carl expected Surdak. He said, "You’ll help me when you meet the tough guy, right?"
Surdak nodded without hesitation.
Think about yourself when you just arrived in Hailansa and were at a loss about this strange city. It was Carl who enthusiastically ran out and gave himself a lot of help. When he wanted to find the magic trading market, it was Carl who helped him enter the local trading market. It seems that he also has a friend in Hailansa.
"Well, I can help you … only within my ability." Surdak can promise to come first, but he dare not put his words too full, but he can’t be ashamed when the time comes.
"How does it sound like showing off your ability?" Carl joked with Surdak when he agreed to come.
Seeing Surdak riding straight on his back, but knowing his strength, Carl said to Surdak, "By the way, didn’t you also say that you wanted to know if you wanted to go to the Knights to evaluate your strength level?"
Surdak looked up at the climbing sun and said, "If it’s too late, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch dinner!"
Then he rode along the forest road.
"See you in half a month" Carl waved to Surdak and said.
"See you in half a month!"
The Grimm Empire has a very detailed hierarchy of soldiers, apprentices, junior soldiers, intermediate soldiers and senior soldiers … Each big order is carefully divided into nine small orders.
Generally speaking, strong civilians usually have, 9-level warrior apprentices, strength, agility and physique. Only after the three measurements are up to standard can the warrior union be registered as a real combatant, such as warrior ranger, martial artist, archer and sword dancer, and so on.
It’s very simple to be a fighter. One of the physical qualities and fighting skills can meet the standard.
However, it is definitely not easy for a combatant to cross a big rank and turn into an intermediate soldier, because the basic condition for crossing the threshold for the first job change is that the combatants can understand their own potential. Of course, the potential of each combatant is different. Some people may be a wall, a mountain, a sword, a defender and a swordsman. The virtual shadow is like Suldak’s potential is a double-faced four-armed demon …
A soldier who crosses the threshold of the second job transfer is to refine himself to a certain extent. Usually, he will perceive some elements around his body and understand and guide these’ qi’ to achieve the goal of gathering the body and killing the enemy. This is the second-round senior soldier.