Lu Chen kept saying that he is now very powerful, and he also wants to investigate some things and ask questions from Xunguang.

Xunguang smiled and shook his head. "No, Brother Liu, I don’t know Xunguang. I don’t belong to this world. Let’s not communicate too much. This move is already a great cause and effect. Besides, I’m afraid it will affect the cause and effect of this world."
Listen to find light here Liu Chencai some suddenly and Shi Hao and Ye Fan met at a glance and saw each other’s eyes slightly shocked.
Looking for light is not when the world is, but when the future is forbidden to cross the heavens and the sea, which is great. More importantly, they didn’t see it before.
"What about brother Xunguang?"
Lu Chen wondered that he knew now that seeking light was by no means a historical film, rather, it was the first time that he heard that there was a time reversal that could cross the world sea, because it was too complicated to involve.
If this is feasible, then the theory can be reversed even in time.
Taboos can indeed manipulate the ancient history of the world to destroy a long river of world time or roam freely, but if they are all in the world, if they are allowed to go out and come to the sea of the world, that is, to unify the world, the environment cannot travel at will
Because the environment in the big world is stable and stable together with the nine worlds, the high world and the yang world, it is firm and irreversible, and even the common taboos can be penetrated.
So how did you find the light?
Moreover, seeking light is the standard. Two people are the same at the same time, and he has influenced his own young cause and effect.
"I don’t wonder that my practice is special, and it’s not for me alone. In the future, Brother Lu will come to the world of Yang and I can’t say more."
Xunguang smiled and explained, "If I see a young man again, I will learn from him as much as I can. I should be quite strong now."
I don’t know if Lu Chen always feels that the other person’s face has a bad taste. Although he doesn’t know how strong the light-seeking has become at this time, it must be less powerful than himself. This point is to let himself beat the light-seeking. Is there such a pit for himself when he was young?
Looking for light, let yourself not ask Lu Chen more. Although you are curious in your heart, you have endured to know that if you look for light, it will definitely involve a terrible cause and effect. Once it is revealed, it may be that the heavens and the earth will not be connected and will be greatly impacted.
Lu Chen doesn’t know if it is a local taboo in Yanggao World. If he has an idea, he can still travel through time in their world. This is not as strict as the whole outside, but he will also be hindered by taboos unless he gets permission.
For example, if you look for the sun, the world can naturally shuttle through all times because of its good connections. However, if the whole scope of the world sea is more difficult, you need not only his physical strength but also stronger strength to help many taboo forces to reverse the whole time.
This is only the magician who has met the high world and found light, but he has no words to point it out.
Because of the taboo of the high world, it is impossible for the light seeker to travel back to the past at will from the future, and the light sought is reversed from the whole big time, which means that there have been two light seekers, a teenager and a taboo light seeker in this era.
"Then I will definitely go to Yang World to be a guest. I won’t be unwelcome there, will I?"
Liu Chen jokingly asked.
Can find light serious expression "that’s not unwelcome, but it will be very unwelcome. My old friend is fine with him. You should pay more attention because of you …"
Speaking of which, the search for light paused, and there were signs that it would dissipate. He frowned. "Isn’t that power enough …"
He sighed, "That’s all for today, Brother Lu. Goodbye to others. I can tell you one thing: don’t believe what you see, don’t believe what you hear. You have to verify everything yourself and ask your heart."
After saying "Looking for light", Lu Chen’s thoughtful expression changed into light and darkness, and heaven and earth have obviously left this world.
Liu Chen wonder nao nao head to Shi Hao and Ye Fan "two understand what he said? Can you explain it to me? "
Liu Chenshi is still a little confused about the substantive significance of seeking light from the future.
Shi Hao also mused thoughtfully, "Wu Shen, you should know that after we entered this realm, we have transcended the world, and the immortal life form has changed into a conceptual form. If everyone remembers us, then we will not really die. All traces will not really disappear until they are erased. Theoretically, they are already enemies."
Liu Chen nodded his head. "As I learned, it’s really quite an enemy. It’s very shameless if you can’t die."
His intuitive comments made Ye Fan and Shi Hao laugh. It’s really taboo to be immortal. It’s taboo for all of us. A problem is taboo. It’s rarely hostile because both sides are immortal. If you don’t stop talking, you can’t finish it.
If you can’t kill the enemy, you won’t be killed by the enemy yourself. What’s the point? Hostility also loses its meaning.
The most common and intimidating method of’ killing the enemy’ in taboo field is to regard the other party’s suppression of the seal as a permanent solution.
"But Liu Dage, after I arrived in this realm, I found that there are still several restrictions."
Ye Fan said, "For example, if we can tamper with the cause and effect of the world, history will turn upside down at will, and all the changes created in the original ancient history are real. The cause and effect of the world have been completely effective for us, because the will of the world has been suppressed and there will be no disciplinary power to interfere with us."