My heart moved. Is it really my son that Qing Ming and I raised that child?

But why has he become so small after so many years?
Or is that kid really my imagination? But I imagined it to be exactly like my own son?
At that time, the feelings in my heart were indescribable, and I was speechless in wait for a while.
The child saw me in a daze with a pair of fleshy little hands and a naive face that could melt people’s hearts. His mouth was crisp and he shouted, "Daddy hug!"
Hearing this, I couldn’t help it anymore. I couldn’t help reaching out and holding the child in my arms and looking at Yang Liu. "How old is Liu Er?"
Yangliudao "More than nine months"
"Ah?" I stay a way "how just more than nine months? We haven’t met for more than six years. "
"Six years?" Willow also froze, "not so long …"
"The world in Xuanyuan Baojian is not synchronized with this world," said Brother Yi. "It is because it is more difficult in that world that you will feel that it takes longer. You have spent more than six years in the Spring and Autumn Period and just over a year outside."
"Really?" I looked at the child in surprise and doubt and muttered, "This child looks exactly like me!"
Yangliu said, "It’s your son. What do you mean?"
I was slightly embarrassed and smiled. "Liu Er, don’t blame me. I also met a little baby in that room and called my father just like our baby! Do you think it’s strange? "
"Ah?" Yang Liu was surprised. "Really?"
I nodded "true"
Willow looked around and said, "What about the child?"
"Eldest brother said that the child was my imagination," I said. "Now that I’m out, the child is gone. What a coincidence!"
"There’s a daughter." Yang Liu didn’t feel tired at all holding the two children, but her face was full of happy smiles and her mother’s brilliance. "Look at them. At first glance, you can’t tell which one is a boy and which one is a girl."
"I am a girl!" Yang Liu held the child in her right arm and pursed her lips and muttered, "I am a sister!" "
Yang Liuxin smiled.
I also smiled and looked at my daughter staring at a pair of round, dark eyes, curious and looking at all the grief, pain, dissatisfaction and frustration in my heart.
Brother Yi also said, "These two children are very clever, and they are already very fluent before they are one year old."
I asked Yang Liudao, "Do they have a name?"
Willow shook her head and said, "I haven’t been waiting for their father to come out and name them personally."
"Good," I looked at my righteous brother and said, "Big Brother, do you want this child to have a seniority?"
Brother Yi laughed. "It’s up to you to decide the seniority, but you don’t have to be famous in your heart, but I’ve helped you see this pair of children."
I nodded. "Thank you, big brother. In this case, my name has been decided. My daughter’s name is Chen Qingshui and Qing Qinger’s name is Chen Yushui."
"Chen Qing Chen Yan …" Yang Liu chanted two sentences and then nodded. "Well, it sounds good, but I feel that this name is called Qing Yan … isn’t it the same name as Qing Ming, the wicked man?"
I said, "Liu Er, I was just about to tell you that Qing Ming is not a villain. He is my body and three bodies have returned at this moment."
"Ah?" Willow stunned her mouth and was speechless.
I said, "Just take this name to commemorate Qing Ming because he gave his life for our son."
"This this ….." Willow blankly. "What the hell is going on? How can Qing Ming give up our son? "
"This is all what happened to me in the past six years," I said. "I’ll tell you when I have a chance."
"Well" willow nodded his head.
Just then a burst of footsteps suddenly rang, and I couldn’t help looking around. After a while, I saw a group of people pouring into the backyard, took a look at our side, and then they were pleasantly surprised and shouted in succession.
"Brother Guichen!"
"Brother Dust!"
"Chen Dage!"
They shouted and ran towards us.
Jiang Ling laughed. "It’s Yong He. They’re here. They’re really well informed!"
As soon as I saw the bearer, it was Cheng Ge, Chi Nong, Shao Wei, Zeng Lizhong, Tang Yonghe, Guo Moling, etc …
All of them are beaming and rushing towards me, beating and screaming at me.
Brother Cheng said, "Where have you been practicing for more than a year?"
Chi Nong also said, "I really want to hit you if I don’t say anything when I leave and don’t say anything when I come back!"
Shao Weidao "yes! It’s not interesting enough! "
Zeng Lizhong said, "Brother Dust, have you been hooked by any younger sister? Have you forgotten our brothers? "
Tang Yong lotus way "don’t blather! Next to sister-in-law? "
Guo Moling looked at it and said, "Chen Dage, you seem to have improved a lot. What is your realm now?"
I paused and shook my head. "I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t feel too much …"
Brother Yi said, "Become a god and seal the emperor."
"Ah?" Everyone was surprised and surprised. I also listened to the righteous brother one leng and continued, "The way of Qing Ming is to become a god and return to the dust. It is a demigod, and two people are merged into one. Qing Ming gave up the flesh and blood and three bodies and returned to the host. The combination of the two ways is not a simple addition, but the realm has been higher than becoming a god, but it has not yet been sealed. At that time, the Yin and Yang War will be a breakthrough in sealing the emperor! To dust you look at a few of them way … "
I can’t help but look at each other’s faces with pride, and I can’t help but be surprised!
Cheng Ge, Shao Wei, Chi Nong, and Guo Moning have all advanced by leaps and bounds into the later holy period!
Cheng Ge and Guo Mo Ning have just reached a high level, but Shao Wei and Chi Nong have been working hard on it for more than a year!
I am really amazed!
Even Zeng Lizhong and Tang Yonghe are already in the early days of their holiness!
Zeng Lizhong proudly said, "I’m impressed when I haven’t seen a famous teacher for three days!"
Brother Yi said, "For more than a year, both Yin and Yang have been recuperating and arranging troops! At this point finally want to … "
Chapter DiYiSi Gods
Hearing Brother Yi’s remarks, everyone was silent.
Brother Yi looked around the crowd and said, "You’ve all seen Guichen, so go back and get ready. Listen to me and arrange a big war for just one or two days!"
They said a few words and then dispersed in the backyard, leaving me, Brother Yi, Jiangling and Yangliu with three children.
Brother Yi asked Jiangling and Yangliu to play with the children, but he called me aside and said, "To the dust, I know that you are easy to be soft, so I have to specifically ask you to win or lose this World War I! If you lose, you will fall into the abyss! No, but all our efforts were in vain. Not only did relatives and friends die, but even you should be destroyed! Yu Yangliu and your children say a word to cover the nest. Is there any egg? Do you know what I mean? "
I nodded in my heart. "It’s big brother. Don’t worry, I’ll do whatever you want me to do!"
"Don’t do what I ask you to do!" Brother Yi said, "You should know your importance! What’s more, I may not always be dominated by this big war around you instead of me. "
I leng a "eldest brother, what do you mean? All this scheduling depends on you. I can’t lead. "
"Alas ….." Brother Yi sighed. "I’m afraid you and I have to help ourselves. If I am safe, this war will be escorted by me as a striker! It’s a pity that I’m afraid I can’t get away from something else. "
I was surprised. "What’s the matter?"
Brother Yi asked, "Have you forgotten the true god I sent to Fenglinzhou?"
"Is it him?" I said, "is he going to be special again? But he is not your opponent. "
"He is thoughtless," Brother Yi shook his head. "But his arrival indicates that the gods have paid attention to us. This is an extremely dangerous signal!"
I’m a little at a loss. "What’s going on? How can a true god suddenly appear? "
Brother Yi said, "This true god is called the weakest of all the true gods in the ancient world. He has always wanted to improve his strength, but he has no way and no chance to do anything else in the world, so he set his sights on us and turned his attention to the hidden world of the celestial symbol and finally fell on your son."
"My son?" I was taken aback and said, "Chen Yao?"
"Yes," the righteous brother said, "Not every true god in the celestial world is as huge as Gu Ersheng. He is so big because his magic power is too weak. The celestial environment is different from that of Yin and Yang. If he is in a normal physical form, the celestial body will be a giant if he has to bear it. That is to say, the weakest true god group in the celestial world is a giant, and your son Chen’s body just contains something that can promote Gu Ersheng’s power to make up for his defects. He will set his eyes on your son and prepare to hand to your son."
I said, "What will be my son?"