"But it can’t be so coincidence ~ all three of them have been drawn?" Ya headache rubbed his head and looked at the snow in confusion.

"I don’t think so! How could it be such a coincidence ~ it happened that this opportunity hit their heads! !” Snow walked with one hand and looked at ease.
"Well ~ ~ Based on my experience in reading novels for many years, there are generally three possibilities for the heroine to happen ~ ~! In a novel, in order to protect the heroine and accept other people’s excessive conditions, the hero empathizes with others, and the hero has hidden secrets. "Qi is wandering around like a teacher in front of snow and elegance."
"That we now this kind of situation should choose which one? ? ?” Elegant confused looking at qi Xuan.
"Well ~ ~ Do you think Ze loves you?" Qi waited for her answer.
"Well ~ ~ I used to love it now." Ya was not sure and shook her goblet thoughtfully.
"What about the snow?" Qi turned away to everything is playing mobile phone snow said.
"Me? I don’t know ~ ~ Anyway, this answer is not important or meaningful to me! !” Without look up and saying anything against your will.
"oh? I think a lot of things shouldn’t have happened during this period, and Bessie and her gang are getting more and more arrogant. It’s really a tiger who doesn’t show his arrogance when we are hellkiy! Let’s start with the bitch. Don’t forget that we are six big families and the unruly princess can’t be defeated so easily! Hum ~ ~ Let’s choose the first one for the time being! " Qi made a long speech about the other two surging.
"Hey hey ~ ~ agree with snow you don’t want to give up dazzle! So the three of us worked together to completely drive those three bitches out of the earth ~ ~! ! How’s that? ?” Ya said, and made a salty egg superman posture, which made the snow smile bitterly.
"Well ~ ~ this is all right! I admit that I can’t forget him! So it’s the last battle? ~~!” Nangong Hyun, I hope you can give us both a chance. If it turns out, I will leave you forever. I swear to God.
Ho ho ~ ~ Princess resisted early in the morning, and the sunshine outside seemed to be a good sign. Yincui gorge walked angrily to the classroom, and the door was blown up smoothly.
Snow took the lead in walking in, and was surprised to find that Hyun went around a big circle and returned to this class, but instead of sitting in the original love corner, she sat with Xia Xinlin. There was another seat next to the window, and Xue walked to the seat next to Hyun without thinking.
Xia Xinlin squinted and saw the snow coming. The corners of her mouth floated with a sinister smile. The oldest way was to slowly stretch her legs to the front of the snow foot.
Pull back a game
Snow had expected that some restless person would always do something, so he was careful and careful ~ ~ He saw the foot slowly reach his eyes, stamped his leg ~ and stepped on it severely.
"Ah …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
"Hey … hey ~ ~ what do you mean! I haven’t seen people shouting like you when they gave birth ~ depressed! " Snow happily stepped on a foot and walked leisurely towards that position in a good mood.
"Dead woman ~ Don’t sit there!" Endure the foot pain Xia Xinlin limped up and said, pointing to the snow
"Just you? Trying to order me? Too much ~ don’t have someone to support your ass! Tell you ~ you are not qualified! " Snow casually said that the ass has fallen to the chair.
"You … you … ~ ~" I didn’t expect to be as crazy as before after the breakup. What a surprise ~ ~
"Don’t stutter ~ ~ I’ve seen many stutterers like you ~ so don’t play such a cliche ~! Looking at my aunt is not happy ~! " The snow is stretching its chair, and it’s leisurely. Xia Xinlin, who scorns the nostrils and smokes.
"Hyun ~ ~ Look at her! I’m not your girlfriend anymore, and I’m still sitting next to you in front of so many people ~ ~ and I stepped on my foot ~ whoops ~ ~ "I said it myself, but the snow still ran to the coquettish place.
Hyun is also very surprised. Looking at the snow, she will be sad and pale. As a result, she seems to be more unruly now ~ ~
"Gee ~ ~ you two want to make out somewhere else! Don’t play tricks on me if you want to flirt ~ Your sweet and bright voice can also be said in front of your dear ~ ~ It will break my ears ~ I’m afraid I’ll dream of you in the evening ~ Understand? " Snow twirled her pen as if everything were hers.
"Hyun ~ ~ Look at her arrogance ~ ~ Don’t forget that I am your girlfriend ~ ~ She is nothing! !” Xia Xinlin slapped the foot of the table in a rage. The pain hasn’t gone away, and this hand is swollen ~ ~
"Stop ~ ~ I told you not to sound like a sissy! ~ ~ Don’t understand or what? Who else said I was nothing? " Snow is funny, looking at Xia Xinlin in a mess ~ it’s so cool in my heart!
"I ~ I …" Xia Xinlin realized that she was trying to talk to Xue, but she didn’t know that Xue had already moved her chair "thousands of miles away" ~ ~ Poor ass had a close contact like this ~ pathetic! Now it’s clumsy ~ ~
"It’s time to cure stuttering ~ ~ I’m tired of listening like this ~ Don’t disturb my sleep ~" Xue said, and went to the table to find her dearest Duke Zhou.
After seeing the wonderful performance of Snow, Qi and Ya both secretly vowed not to provoke anyone, and she didn’t know how to die when she got there ~ ~
"hlle~ Dear Chen! ~ didn’t I go back to sleep well at the latest? " Qi deliberately learn to Beth yee move femininity walked beside the morning and said
"Not bad ~ ~" The simple answer made Qi leng for a while, but then returned to the smiling expression.
"Hey ~ I said this young lady, you don’t seem to be in this class ~ ~ Why are you stuck to this share ~ ~" Qi Bi poked Bessie’s shoulder to signal her to get up because this position doesn’t belong to her ~
"Hum ~ I was transferred in the morning ~ right!" Bessie disdained to push off her shoulder. The pen held the morning arm proudly and straightened her back ~
"oh? Is it? But this seat is mine ~ I don’t think you are qualified to sit in my seat, right? Please move your ass as big as a washbasin ~ ~! " Qi leans around the table, and the classmates dare not breathe or move! The snow just now has deeply shocked their young hearts, but now they can’t stand the greater stimulation ~ ~
"What about me?" Bessie’s provocative tone angered Qi’s hard work ~ Hum!
"Then I’m sorry ~" Qi grabbed Bessie by the collar with both hands and went to a ~ ~! As a result, Bessie’s perfect arc fell off the teacher’s door ~ The students around her kept sweating ~ Fight with me ~ ~ No way! It’s easy to throw you out. Don’t forget that I practiced Taekwondo ~
"Hey hey ~ ~ it hurts! ! Come on ~ ~! " Beth yee "beautiful" lay moaning.
"This zha listen so like mammy tone? It seems that you are a kind of people ~ are cheap enough ~ ~ "Qi took out a paper towel and gently wiped Beth Qi’s chair mouth, but she hasn’t been idle.
Xia Xinlin limped towards the other side after hearing Beth yee’s cry. Ye Sisi is now frightened and looks at Ya’s head and flashes N kinds of ways to die later ~
"Don’t look at me like this ~ ~ Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you ~ I might like you if you stare at me like this! Soma, look away at once! ! !” The first half of Ya’s voice is sweeter than Ye Sisi’s. Anyone who hears goose bumps will fall to the ground, while the second half is really freezing cold ~ ~ forcing people to stare at Ye Sisi straight.
"Cut ~ ~ who see you! Don’t be so boring! " Ye Sisi’s stubborn mouth contradicts Ya ~ You can imagine what will happen next ~ ~
"Are you? But my face is red ~ ~ isn’t it red by your burning eyes? " Ya strode over and slowly gathered strength with her hands.
"I think you are Sao Hong ~ ~ shameless!" Ye Sisi gritted his teeth and forced himself to say something that might kill him.
"pa ~ ~!" Crisp one Ye Sisi’s face is fried and clearly printed with five slender and beautiful fingers.
"Aye ~ ~ How can I blush? So I can make you blush with shame with me! Otherwise, I will feel very sorry for the bystanders ~ ~ "Ye Sisi’s palm is really strong, and now even her own hand hurts faintly.
"You ~ ~ insult others … whoops ~ ~" Ye Sisi burst into tears regardless of the image! It seems that I want Ze to comfort her!