Chapter five hundred and thirty Armageddon

Heaven ordered two emperors, and the remaining two were naturally decided by the Taoist ancestors.
"I report to my master that there is a younger brother named Antarctic Xianweng, who is born in invivo and is destined to be the immortal emperor of Antarctica!"
Hongjun Daozu’s voice just fell and Yuan Tianzun came forward and said slightly excitedly
Great luck!
When he heard the name of the Antarctic immortal emperor, he knew that this throne was prepared by his brother, the Antarctic fairy Weng.
This throne belongs to the God of invivo.
"This statement is reasonable."
Hongjun Daozu nodded and promised to come.
The Antarctic immortal emperor came to be prepared by invivo, and the Antarctic immortal was the congenital star god bred by invivo, so this naturally belongs to him.
"The Antarctic fairy Weng is just a Taiyi Jin Xian, who is qualified to become a heaven and earth and be worshipped by all beings."
"Isn’t he afraid that fate will bite him and he will die?"
Is ranging from hongjun ancestor agreed to wind zichen hurried out to object.
Yin xing, but his private land, can outsiders intervene, or even worse, be a saint’s pawn
Besides, what he said is very reasonable!
Is it possible that even pick Jin Xian just wants to be above everyone else?
Even if he agrees with his great magical power, can he agree?
Do you want your face?
"Yes, yes!"
"Jade Qing’s brother’s identity as an Antarctic fairy is enough, but it’s not too late to fix it or wait a few years for him to fix it."
Sure enough, the wind Zichen said that after all, they spoke in succession and urged
Even if knowing the wind zichen is beneficial to them.
They are not stupid enough not to see the meaning of heaven?
This just finished sealing a Ziwei emperor and sealing an Antarctic emperor. The meaning has been expressed very clearly, that is, to cut Ziwei emperor.
How can one star win two emperors? It is bound to fight.
Although the great magicians don’t understand what heaven wants to do, it doesn’t prevent them from watching the fun after cutting the Emperor of Heaven and then cutting the Emperor of Purple!
Anyway, this matter is also theirs.
Calcium dobesilate capsules Buddha wants to make the Antarctic immortal emperor, so they can’t stand it.
Yuan Tianzun is crazy to let a Taiyi Jin Xian become a heaven and earth statue. What is this? This is the face of all the big winners in the wild.
If he becomes the future, everyone will be ashamed to come out and see others.
I didn’t see that even the Taiqing sage Tongtian leader didn’t come out and Yuan Tianzun spoke, which shows how unpopular he was in doing this.
"It’s the Antarctic itself that doesn’t live up to expectations. I can’t blame being original."
Think of yuan Buddha sighed slightly nai said.
"Dear friends, stop arguing and do it."
Even Yuan Tianzun had to give in to the excitement.
At the same time, everyone’s attitude also made him understand that he was bent on forcibly pushing the Antarctic fairy Weng to the position of the Antarctic immortal emperor, even if the Antarctic fairy Weng’s strength was hard to live to the time.
Angry people will definitely let him die quietly.
Then the Zixiao Palace was full of excitement to prevent the saints from making trouble again. Everyone volunteered to compete for the title of immortal emperor in Antarctica.
Heaven emperor didn’t play with them.
But why can’t they be the Four Imperial Emperors?
Who hasn’t done any work in the field? Never made a contribution?
It is also at this time that Yuan Tianzun’s unconventional theory that whoever recommends himself must find reasons to oppose it.
Yuan Tianzun’s idea is very simple. It is not that he is not qualified, but that he can’t fix it.
Then he dragged it all the way to the Antarctic fairy to prove that when he recommended the Antarctic fairy, people opposed it
"Fight for it!"
"I’ll give you a radical solution later."
Looking at the noisy crowd, Zichen’s face gradually emerged with a sarcastic color
Then his mind sank and he came to Razer to take over the incarnation of Gou Chen.
"Hook up Chen!"
"I’m afraid this name will not work in the future."
After taking over the incarnation of Gou Chen, Feng Zichen felt a little disappointed. He intended to make this incarnation into the Emperor Gou Chen.
Therefore, he was given a name.