"What do you mean with season home brothers marry is your own business? A grain of mouse excrement has broken a pot of porridge. Xing Sisi is not the same as lucky. Fortunately, it is a true little white flower. My second brother said that I dare not go west. I am naturally not afraid. But you can’t suppress that Xing Sisi. You think Ye Lingshan is so hot. She can know her affairs when she is alive and well! "

Ji Nanfeng helped to massage around her eyes while talking. Recently, her eyes have been overdone, just by looking at her eye drops.
It seems that she has seen Ye Lingshan several times, and she is definitely a sand-rubbing master.
It’s really not easy for two people to live so well without such a life experience.
Chapter 49 Dare you not ask your husband to try?
After thinking about it, the younger brother said that it is true, but emotional affairs are like water conservancy, so it is better to think for yourself.
"It’s getting late. Let’s go to bed early and let the fourth brother bother himself!" JiNa wind stretched out his hand next to the bedside lamp.
Just as she was about to lie down, her waist suddenly tightened and she was caught by a pair of hands from behind. She whispered that one person had been pressed on the pillow.
Before I could react to the sudden acceleration of my heart, my body was pressed by a heavy monsoon, which firmly fixed her body and then bowed my head to find her lip accurately.
"Little brother, you …" Cried the strike softly.
"Call your husband!" Ji Nanfeng is stubborn, and he loves to address seriously at this time.
Even the tone with no doubt command.
I’m embarrassed to go on strike, shaking and refusing to call Master Ji Nanfeng’s temper. "Dare to try …"
Sheng ge nai, he forced all that torture on her.
"Husband …" After all, I obeyed his words.
"This is good!"
It’s a bit sultry tonight, and the temperature in the room continues to rise. I don’t know when it stopped.
I felt as if I heard the rain crackling in a daze. The weather forecast said it would rain today, which is really accurate.
The next day, the south wind got up early and refreshed, holding Xiao April’s bag in one hand and holding his daughter’s little hand in the other. Today, he sent Xiao April to school.
Xiao April’s hair is tied in a ponytail. At first glance, Ji Nanfeng’s handwriting is crooked, that is, the child lives in hld regardless of his hair style.
Shen Jiaran really can’t stand it. She made her granddaughter’s hair look like this, and let her aunt comb it. In April, she let her grandmother comb her hair while eating breakfast.
Shen Jiaran didn’t have a daughter, and she didn’t realize her wish for a generation. Finally, her granddaughter realized it.
I combed my granddaughter a recently popular Nezha with a pink head and a small fluffy rubber band. It was so cute.
Shen Jiaran nodded satisfied with her granddaughter’s hair again and wiped her hands with a wet towel before sitting on the other side of Xiao April to prepare breakfast.
Ji Nanfeng looked at his mother Jie as if it were better than his comb.
My little girl’s eyes twinkle, her skin is white and tender, and the south wind is glorious. "My daughter is just beautiful and looks like me!"
Shen Jiaran’s face is not so good. April’s nose looks like her.
Xiao April’s eyes turned bony. "Dad looks like grandma. Grandpa said Xiao April looks like grandma when she was a child."
"Really? Is that what your grandfather said?" Although Shen Jiaran knows that this ghost girl is teasing her, she just can’t help but be happy.
"Yes, grandpa said grandma was the most beautiful when she was a child!" Xiao April is generous in praising and teasing everyone at a table.
It’s good to eat in April. My little girl has loved to eat green vegetables since she was told by the strike that she should be balanced in nutrition and not picky about food in order to grow taller.
Eat breakfast, too
This green vegetable was sent from the farm long ago, and the most tender part of the organic vegetable was selected.
Yan saw the dish of vegetables before putting it down in April. It seems that Mom is right. The mother-in-law in this family is most painful in April.
April is so lovely, she wants a daughter, but mom says she can’t be completely stable until the baby is a boy in her belly.
Yan unconsciously stretched out his hand and touched his belly, and his mood was somewhat complicated.
It was probably raining last night, and the weather was very cool. In April, the car waved goodbye to grandma and went to kindergarten.
It’s almost nine o’clock when I woke up from the party, and my body is about to fall apart. It’s so sour that she took a hot bath before she felt better.
When she was building, Yan Zheng was drinking juice. She always wanted to eat sour, so her aunt squeezed the juice to give her fresh and vitamin C, which was good for the fetus.
"Shengge, did you go out with me today?" She is so stuffy at home recently.
Sister Rong went back before she got married, and everyone didn’t agree that her mother had gone back to Fengcheng. She was dying of chatting.
"Are you going out again?" I know that eldest brother has been very strict with Yan recently, and she is not allowed to run around.
"What do you mean, going out again? I’m so bored and bored!" What’s on Yan’s mind now that he is willing to tell Sheng Ge?
Although her mother said that it is impossible to guard against people’s hearts, she felt that it was really good for singers to ignore some of her mother’s words
She knows that mom is good for her, but she knows best what life is like for herself or what is right for her.
"What’s the matter?" I’ve been busy with my own affairs recently and I haven’t noticed Yan’s side
"Do you think my baby is a boy or a girl?" Yan could not help but ask
"My children, boys and girls are fine, but I hope it’s a boy. April wants a younger brother!" The strike probably guessed Yan’s mind
Xiao Siyue’s family is favored, but if Yan is a daughter again, it may not be as rare as Xiao Siyue’s, after all.
And if this baby is a boy, it’s her eldest grandson’s detached status, which is naturally different.
The family also attaches great importance to this child. Yan’s mother knew that her daughter was pregnant and immediately came to Qingcheng Mountain to know.
Yan is a little embarrassed to say that when she listens to the strike. "I don’t want it to compete with Xiao April. Alas, it’s probably a baby brain that has been suffering from loss for three years recently."
"I don’t think about these things now. It’s the most important thing to have a good baby. I don’t think eldest brother will care about these things." The eldest brother who went on strike won’t care about these things.
Yes, she married Ji Jia because she likes Ji Nan and it doesn’t matter if she wants them to have boys and girls.
And now he is getting better and better to her, which is enough.
It’s really boring to think so much.
"It’s very kind of you to sing. No wonder my mother-in-law likes you so much!" Yan is very grateful to hold the singer.