Aside other disciples immediately teasing "this is called brother? I said the teacher elder sister, you can be his mother, hahaha ~ ~ "

"get out! Why can’t the old lady be beautiful and beautiful? "
"Poof ~ …!"
Looking at the catwalk to Luoyu Zhou to play and drink, stop shouting around and crush my heart and anger. "Shut up! He has qualified me for World War I … "
After a moment of silence, Zhou Yan smiled grimly and continued, "… but he will die at my hands and become a stepping stone for Zhou Yan to step into the room ~"
Luo Yu’s killing of Wu ‘an is the first case of the death of the clan, let alone others, even Luo Yu himself never thought it would be his first case.
The eyes that show joy, admiration or fear when people look at him from around! Elder martial sister Luo Yu, Bai Lu, said that the law of the jungle world is in front of his eyes, and he may be wrong from the very beginning. If you want to be immortal, the law of the jungle will surely be full of thorns …
Heaven and earth are cruel to all things! There is no right or wrong in this world. If you can’t be alone, then you can step on this bloody storm and go to the peak …
At this moment, Zhang Wu’s face lit up. When he saw Luo Yu talking to himself, he blurted out, "Brother Luo, what are you whispering about?"
"pa!" Zhang Wu, who didn’t talk to Luo Yu, was slapped on the back of his head by swimming behind him.
Rubbing the back of his head, Zhang Wu glared at You Yingying angrily and said, "What are you doing?"
However, You Yingying covered her mouth and giggled, "You are a four-story brother who is refining gas. You should call him brother. It is estimated that it won’t be long before I will call him brother Luo."
Zhang Wu a listen to take a new leaf deeply nods "don’t blame brother Luo!"
Seeing this, Luo Yu said, "If you need it, you are still my brother Zhang."
Luo Yu’s words were seriously dissuaded when he was heard by Zhang Wu’s opposition. "Teacher Luo, fix the truth, and the world’s strong people should never respect you."
If you put it in the past, Luo Yu will definitely not pay a smile, but at the moment he is nodded slightly, which is the default.
Everyone chatted for a moment. Once again, the new fight was like Luo Yu’s first kill, which made it boring. The fight became extremely fierce. Then, in five fights, there was a death and two serious injuries!
Looking at one of the two people being carried seriously, it turned out to be demonstrated! The monk is different from the mortal abdomen, but the monk meets the spiritual force. Losing the abdomen is equivalent to sentencing a monk to death!
The proportion of casualties in the group fights in the martial arts field is still rising from the end to the end.
With a charming smile, the opponent collapsed, and at this moment, the bid for the top 32 will come to an end.
At this time, instead of the slightest joy, the arch eyebrows are showing a little bit of concern.
"When ~ ~ ~!" The bell buzzed.
Nie elder once again appeared in the square and waved around to restore calm.
Seeing that Elder Nie looked around at all the younger brothers outside the venue, he said, "Today, the top 32 in the outer room has been decided, and it has been decided that each of the top 32 will be rewarded with a gas-returning pill."
Nie elders say that finish the crowd suddenly a restless, especially outside the room 32 strong room brother is eyes full of desire.
Looking at everyone’s eyes eager for greed, Luo Yu was puzzled.’ Is this time very angry?’
At this time, Liu Bingning, who had disappeared for a long time, came to the crowd and looked at a face of doubt. Luo Yu said, "Dan Dan, as the name suggests, can quickly restore the spiritual power. Although he can’t improve his body and increase his knowledge, he can instantly restore nearly 30% of the spiritual power in the gas refining period."
Los feathers suddenly heard suddenly exclaimed "what! ? Isn’t that a necessity for a protracted war? "
Luo Yu has been worried that the spiritual power consumption is too large to last. I didn’t expect this kind of Dan medicine to come and go, but suddenly he seemed to think of something and suddenly his brow furrowed.
Liu Bingning looked at Luo Yu’s expression at the moment and then said, "I think you should think that all the top 32 have this Dan, which will inevitably increase the durability of the back-than-the-bucket. What do you think of the back-than-bucket?"
After saying this, Luo Yu replied without thinking, "It must be tragic and abnormal!"
See the feather heart Liu Bing coagulation nodded, "it is good to know that I want to close … you be more careful in the future"
Say that finish before los feather talk she turned to leave.
The sunset, the winter and the day are always so short. Luo Yu looked at the distance and went to Teacher Lu. He sighed and said goodbye to everyone and walked alone to the hut through thick snow.
Luo Yu, who pushed the wooden door, was about to light a candle. Suddenly, he stared at a silent shadow by the window! Although his body did not move, the Xuanbai two lights flashed in his hand.
"Who are you?" asked Luo Yu, the swordsman of candlestick.
The light in the room is dim, and Luo Yu is holding the heavenly sword in his hand at the moment, and he can’t see the depth of repair in front of him! That can say a little about this person Xiu Yuan himself!
As the house became more and more silent, a very pleasant but slightly old voice "My name is Lu Shuilian" came from the shadow.
Suddenly, I heard that this person is the elder of the room, Lu Shuilian Luo Yu, who was surprised and confused.
When his mind was a little slow, he looked at the window and respectfully said, "My brother Luo Yu from the outer room visited Elder Lu."
At this time, the elder Lu just turned around. She looked at Luo Yu, who still kept the salute shape, and didn’t answer. Lotus fingers flicked the candlelight and suddenly ignited!
When the house lit up, she inadvertently saw the teenager’s eyes soften when he stretched out his wrist and wrapped around the five-color stone bracelet.
Walking up to Luo Yu, she gently asked, "So why not finish the ceremony?"
Los feather a listen to the elders lu this suddenly a quiver in my heart! Because the teacher asked the same thing.
Thinking of this, Luo Yu said, "Jun Cheng is relatively open-minded, but it is also natural to see the elder as a courtesy and respect the elder’s brother, and how can he cross over?" Solid brother never finished. "
Looking at the young elder Lu’s judo "get up and sit down"
Luo Yu immediately exhaled a polluted air "Elder Lu Xie".
The two men sat down and fell silent. Luo Yu didn’t know that he had never met the elder Lu. At the moment, he stole a look at the elder Lu. Although he saw white hair and silver, his face was like two young people! He knew that the elder Lu was at least a few hundred years old, and this appearance was probably caused by Yan Dan medicine.
Looking at the small movements, Elder Luo Yu-lu smiled as if casually asking, "What are you doing in front of Zongmen?"
This question was unexpected to Luo Yu. Did the elders of this door also care about the world?
Thinking of this, Luo Yu replied, "I was lucky to be adopted by my teacher … My teacher taught me knowledge and taught me fencing … At the age of thirteen, my brother was rewarded with a scholar … and my teacher died that year …"
Speaking of which, the feather face is sad.