"Ah bah ~!" Sergeant chubby spat bitterly in a disappointing way. "Why should I be old? What am I waiting for?"

"Is it difficult for you to try again?"
"Wang Santui" suddenly became happy. "Hey ~ I’m an ordinary rough man who’s going to have a good time? That depends on what … what root? "
Squinting and dozing in the sun behind him, the corporal whispered, "Linggen ~ It’s true that his mother is a rough man … nothing."
People in the army have long been accustomed to the corporal’s tone of belonging to the family and laughed. "Yes is the spirit root."
And he looked at the left and right paoze and then the butterflies said, "Linggen know what it is? Tell you reiki is that can cultivate immortality … Great. "
The chubby knight stared at the fragrant game and licked his thick lips. "What happened to Linggen Reiki? Why not? I think it’s not as good as our pheasant fragrance. "
With that, he wants to steal chicken legs!
"Go and eat!" The king’s three legs whirled around with oil drops of game and said, "Don’t you believe it when you say you have no eyesight?" Tell you that anyone in our army has a spiritual root ~ "
Curious about it!
"True or false?"
"Who is it?"
Even Wu Chang, who was squinting in the sun, looked at him with one eye open.
Three legs suddenly mysterious smile "who ~? Ha ha … Far away, just around the corner. "
As he said this, he pointed to the young figure who was watching the horses being fed by the roadside.
The person referred to doesn’t look like he is fifteen or sixteen years old. Although he is less than seven feet tall and thin, he looks straight at his waist and is somewhat reticent.
"You said wood! ?”
They were startled. Obviously, Wang Santui said that "wood" has spiritual roots, and they expressed deep doubts.
Because of this "wood" or when they went out to Junbao half a year ago, they met this little strange thing when they were resting in a deserted wooded forest in Dongzhou. A person lives in a wooded forest like a savage, but his body is dirty without any bad smell, but there is a faint flower fragrance!
When I first saw the’ wood’, I took a branch as a sword. Even if I was hungry, I would fall down. I kept drawing my sword and asking questions not far away, and I didn’t look back … If I hadn’t lost my memory, I would have lost my soul.
Maybe it’s because Wood is alone in the forest, or because he smells. Their horses always like to wander around …
But other than that, this’ wood’ is a real wood.
Finally, Wu Chang saw that this little boy had a stubborn strength and would take care of horses, so he would be brought into the army and have a job from the army.
At the moment, the old sergeant is dismissively pointing to the nearby’ wood’ quipped, "Is he? You can’t beat a fart with one stick, stupid idiot. The hip hasn’t even spent the fruit yet. What’s the spirit root? Hey ~ ball! "
Wang Santui was determined to wave his hand. "Eh ~ You are mistaken about this. Not long ago, I personally saw a monk outside the mountain who wanted to collect wood as his younger brother. We didn’t agree to wood ambition."
The old sergeant was so happy that he patted his thigh and laughed his head off. "~ Can you promise? Does this boring gourd talk to me for more than ten sentences except horses? I’m afraid it’s your three-legged bragging. "
Wang Santui expressed his displeasure, smacked his lips and looked at the’ wood’ not far away. "Hey, I said wood, please come and tell them that your brother Santui has half a lie?"
Aside slightly fat sergeant input pile smiling face "yes wood small you’d tell me which way is the fairy to see you? Come on, let’s hear it for you guys. I’ll reward you with a fat chicken ass. Ha ha ha. "
At the moment, he was stroking the mane’ wood’ while feeding the horse. He heard Paoze’s call as if he didn’t hear it, but he still went his own way!
Slightly fat sergeant saw the smiling face and immediately got up.
Then he picked up a piece of firewood and threw it in the past and scolded, "His mother always told you not to hear?"
That young sergeant named Wood actually got a blow at the back of his head, and suddenly he turned his head and raised eyebrows. It seems that he put his hand on the handle of his waist.
This look is like a sharp sword, but it is called the fat sergeant to express a quiver and then thundered, "Ge Lao, you still dare to stare! Bring the firewood to the old man! "
This is just a flash.
The young sergeant’s angular and cold face was like a front, and his eyes disappeared. Holding down the handle also made his hands loose, only dull.
The wind slowly passed by, shaking his forehead with two strands of loose hair, vaguely revealing a reddish and extremely inconspicuous birthmark on his forehead.
He looked at the sticks of firewood and picked them up and sent them in silence.
The chubby sergeant’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his mouth turned up with a bad smile.
Obviously, he’s up to no good, so he must take advantage of the approach to give the wood some color to see.
However, Wang San’s legs looked at him as a fine man, but he glanced at the corner of his eye, and the little fat sergeant stopped the wooden sergeant and blinked. He took the firewood and threw it to the little fat sergeant grumpily. "Are you afraid to move with a piece of firewood?" It’s no wonder that you can’t get a wife, hahaha. "
"Go go ~" Petty Sergeant was embarrassed.
Then Wang Santui smiled at’ Wood’. "Wood, why don’t you tell them about brother?"
Although the wood is cold in appearance, its expression is still dull, which seems a bit … dull!
He paused for a moment until everyone frowned and was impatient, then nodded’ hmm’ in hindsight, and then walked towards the horses without saying hello.
"You …!"
The fat sergeant angrily pointed to the wood and was about to get angry when he saw it, but Wang Santui reached out and laughed and advised, "Hey, don’t go! How’s that? Brother, am I right? Wood admits you, but you should be polite to wood after that. It’s hard to say that wood will become a monk’s’ Chengcheng’ flying that day! Hey ~ there will be many good repay you. "