Bi Tianxing, the master of the Bajianfeng Peak, couldn’t help but suffocate. "You said a lot without a key. Who is this strong brother Su? Is it convenient for you to say no?"

"We can all understand if it’s inconvenient."
More than a few peak Lord also nodded his head.
Su Mo thoughtfully faced a few peaks in the sword world and really didn’t need to hide the sidewalk "I killed the king of cold eyes."
A peak master smell speech brimming with their impulsive consciousness shook his fist.
"If you don’t say it, don’t say who is rare!"
Bi Tianxing snorted a pie pie.
"Please fight!"
Yu Lan rushed to Su Mo and raised his fist. "Nonsense is getting more and more irrelevant."
Lu Yun couldn’t help laughing. "Brother Su, even if you want to perfunctory our troubles, can you be serious?"
"You this nonsense as someone happened to pass by and killed dozens of kings."
"Uh …"
Some Nai Su Mo carefully explained that "I really killed those people …"
"I can’t listen."
Before he finished Lu Yun, he shook his head and interrupted his sigh. He said half jokingly and half seriously, "Brother Su, you are insulting our IQ."
Yu Lan patted Su Mo’s shoulder and said, "It’s important that you have your difficulties. We understand that it was just a casual question."
"Anyway, we are happy for you from the bottom of our hearts to have such a strong person to protect you."
Su Mo wry smile
What he said is true, but no one believes it.
A peak master no longer asks him, and there is no need to continue to explain.
He believes that one day this man will suddenly realize that what he said today is true.
Just then Su Mo suddenly remembered something and frowned and asked, "Brother Lu, do you know the origin of those sword repairs in the evil battlefield?"
"Jian Xiu?"
Lu Yun paused and then nodded, "There are indeed some sword repairs in the evil battlefield, but I don’t know exactly what the origin is."
More than a few peak owners are also at a loss.
"What’s the problem?"
Yulan recognized Sue ink seems to be some implication consciousness asked.
Su Mo pondered a little and said slowly, "I asked the top ten demons, a swordsman in cloth, his last name was Luo."
"surname Luo!"
A shock in the heart of a peak owner glances at each other and looks indecisive and uncertain, all guessing a possibility.
But this may be too scary!
They can’t believe it in their hearts!