The war continues to spread, and the whole cold spring palace is shrouded in flames, and smoke is rolling and blood gas is foaming at the mouth, and corpses are everywhere!

Wu Daozun turned this cold spring palace into a flaming hell!
This battle lasted a whole day and a whole night.
Neither side retreated.
Tang and Qing’s father and daughter witnessed this tragic war outside the Imperial Palace.
Today’s war is no longer a simple battle of strength.
This is a battle of wills!
Wu Daozun’s confrontation is the will of hundreds of millions of creatures in the whole cold spring prison!
Although the offensive of the hell army has not stopped, many hell creatures have buried fear in their hearts at this time
The figure fighting in front of you seems to be a tireless god of war killing the quartet and standing!
Every hell creature has a sense of strength in his heart.
That man seems to be irresistibly defeated by France!
Even if they are condensed with the will of hundreds of millions of hell creatures, it seems that they can shake that figure!
Wu Daozun’s side has reached its limit in terms of physical strength, qi and blood.
If he hadn’t smelted all the year round in the furnace of heaven and earth, refined the flesh and condensed the Zhenwu Taoist body perfectly, he would never have supported it!
Both sides have reached the limit.
A little external force may change the whole war!
Fighting for a day and a night, Wu Daozun’s physical strength has reached its limit, but his will is still unshakable!
He seems to have a person, but he once founded Wudao Buwu Cangsheng!
This body represents that Wudaowen embodies the belief and will of several people in Wudaowen and places hopes on several ordinary creatures!
These beliefs, wills and hopes are indelible and immortal!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and sixty-seven Fierce name
In the one-day and one-night world war, Wu Daozun fought and combed his own Tao.
Looking at the red-violet fire and hellfire forming a large restricted area, he couldn’t help but see the scene of Jianmu making a great show when he woke up.
Jianmu scared tree released a green halo that enveloped the surrounding Fiona Fang thyme.
This green halo enveloped all monks, including the fairy king and the strong, and they were greatly restricted. How could they break the virtual escape?
This green halo covers the area, and it is the only god to build a wooden tree!
The green halo released by Jianmu Shenshu Wudao Zun has the same effect as the barrier of the forbidden area formed by the two major flames.
The road to martial arts has become clearer and clearer, and it has gradually taken shape in your mind!
What Wu Daozun has to do is to end this war, close his practice, sort out Taoism and take the final step!
Today, both sides have reached the limit of the war.
Wu Daozun took a deep breath and looked at the way ahead, still killing many hell creatures, suggesting that Yuan Shen’s hands change continuously.
Behind him evolved a huge door filled with black gas!
This door is like a dark abyss, like an ancient beast with a big mouth that can swallow everything!
After Wu Daozun took control of the town prison tripod, Zeng Daofa evolved into a hell gate.
At the beginning, when Wu Daozun Du Jie was in charge of this secret method, he had not finished controlling it, but it contained a little insight.
The condensed A-bi Gate also has a hole in the sky and no hole in the sky.
Even so, with this hellgate, he can fight against the tenth apocalypse!
Now, after the martial arts have mastered the power of the cave, the hell gate has evolved again and entered a new level of metamorphosis!
In front of me, this black door is exactly the same as the big hell door!
It’s filled with the pain of hundreds of millions of creatures and swept away towards the army of hell creatures ahead!
Wu Daozun erected the A-bi Gate in front of him to intercept the army of hell.
Several armies of hell were swallowed up by the A-bi Gate and disappeared completely without being suppressed!
The forbidden zone of flame cooperates with A-bi Gate to cause maximum damage to the vast army of creatures in hell!
In the flame area ahead, the black gas fills the abyss as if it were an insurmountable barrier and you would die if you crossed it!
The war lasted for one day and one night, and the spirit of many hell creatures has reached its limit.
A bi men arrival became the last straw to crush many hell creatures.
Hell’s creatures are cruel, bloodthirsty and not afraid of death.
But knowing that you will die and there is no hope for life in the end, the hell creatures are also afraid and afraid!
There are too many hell creatures in the cold spring prison in this world war I.
Bones piled up around the main hall of the Imperial Palace, forming a series of mountains, and these corpses flowed at the foot of the mountain.
It’s still visible to the naked eye, and there are several hell creatures burned to death by the two great flames of Wudao Zun.
Some people in the underworld have counted that there were more than 20 thousand prison kings in the cold spring prison alone!
His life in hell is conservatively estimated to exceed 100 million!
The cold spring palace has completely turned into a flame, and hell is burning everywhere.
Even outside the Emperor’s Palace, you can see the bloody peaks piled up by the remains in the Emperor’s Palace.
The cold spring prison was weakened by this war and remained silent for many years.
Wudao Zun single-handedly killed the king of Cold Spring Prison, and the number of hell creatures bowed to their knees and achieved fierce fame!
Even if all the creatures who fought in hell were lucky enough to live, their hearts would eventually be shrouded in a shadow of terror.
The name of Huangwu Cold Spring Prison has become a taboo!
Hell creatures dare not even!
The war ended.
I don’t know how many hell creatures fled from Cold Spring City and stayed in hell, and they all fell to their knees and did not dare to resist.
Cold spring prison changed hands!