At this moment, Wei Shang happened to come. He looked angrily away from Ruqian’s son and wondered, "What happened to her?"

Los feathers hurriedly hide and smile "nothing! Just let me eat a fruit and ask me how I am. I said it was average! No … I don’t feel anything! She was depressed and left. "
"So that’s it." Wei Shang nodded his head and immediately said with relief, "It seems that this fire snake fruit will always find a way to show you nothing."
Said Wei hurt patted a face of Meng forced los feather turned to leave.
Looking at the left wei injury feather startled just stood beside the stone "I’ll go! ….. demonstrated? "
Then he muttered to himself, "I ~ it seems that I have sinned again?"
Obviously Ruqian’s son came to give him the fire snake fruit that is beneficial to the abdomen. He hoped it would help him to demonstrate the abdomen, but he never thought about Luoyu … Hehe.
After half an hour.
Lazy’ Luo Yu seems to be doing something.
He is wandering around in the hope of finding the entrance to the Hugh door
At the moment, Luo Yu’s grass stalk is humming a tune while turning the wine gourd in his hand and walking on the soft green land.
But as soon as he walked past a pool in Fiona Fang, he suddenly stopped.
See Luo Yu stopped humming a ditty and put away the rotating wine gourd. He slowly went backwards and turned to look at the pool!
And it is strange that there is a thin fog on the surface of the mirror that slowly winds itself up!
Seeing this, he frowned and watched carefully.
"Hey ~!"
See this fog flow vaguely like a tree-like Luo Yu suddenly indecision!
But when he wanted to reach out and touch the fog, he saw that the fog in front of his palm seemed to have life! First, I stepped back, and then I actually condensed out of the dense three-inch spikes and stabbed him in the palm of my hand!
"Interesting!" See the fog so change los feather disdain a smile instantly offered a cold fire want to resist the fog spikes.
But when the cold fire wrapped around the palm of your hand, Luo Yu was surprised to find that the dense’ fog thorn’ actually passed through the cold fire and then passed through the palm!
"poop-poop!" The spike sounded into the meat.
"psst ~ I’ll go!" Los feather hurriedly take back your palm!
The cold fire is still burning, but the palm of your hand is covered with dazzling blood!
See the eye is slowly stop bleeding scab palm Luo Yu shocked to look at the pool that thin fog of vain tree.
He mused, "this misty and thin fog can actually see my cold fire hurting my body!" There was … "
At this time, Luo Yu was extremely surprised!
Although his cold fire is a different fire with a lower level, it is also a different fire at least, right? And cold fire has the effect of defense against ice fire, plus its own difficulty. The demon body has entered the third order, and the monks can’t hurt him.
I never thought that my palm was easily penetrated by this humble little’ fog thorn’! Even when I pierce it, I can’t stop it as if the cold fire in my palm is a fragile piece of paper!
The so-called’ everything goes wrong, there must be a demon’!
This strange mystery may contain treasures, but chances are not good!
Think of this feather and look forward to walking back and forth around the pool to watch it.
Just as he was searching for fruit and preparing to retreat, he suddenly found a big tree reflected on the calm water! But the water surface is like that except for the thin fog!
Such a scene, the reflection tree in the water is very strange!
The branches are thick and stretched out, and seven vines hang upside down’ green leaves’ like flashing colorful fluorescent feathers, which are beautiful, while the seven branches are hung with five streamer’ fruits’!
Each’ fruit’ is different in size, as big as a bucket but as big as a fist.
Luo Yu is lying prone on the ground and moving around at the moment. He excitedly looks at the colorful treasure tree in the reflection in the pool water and can’t help but giggle happily. "~ Found the treasure! But also a treasure tree full of treasure …! "
But at this time, I was so excited that I was pushed to the chest by a hard object!
He reached out and took out a look. It turned out to be a slap stone!
Luo Yu is so annoyed! I am immersed in the joy of finding the precious tree, and this broken stone dares to support his lungs?
Thinking of this, he threw it back with great displeasure.
"ah ~! Hey! " Suddenly there was a piercing cry behind him! Then accompanied by heavy objects falling down!
"Who? !” Los feather suddenly look back a HeWen.
Chapter 14 Climbing high can strike seven treasures is nature.
Mo Zhuang took advantage of Wei’s injury and others were busy with the herb picker and quietly left the crowd looking for something.
Looking around at the lush green vegetation, he was depressed and muttered, "Where is this ghost face?" It’s rare for Wei to be injured. They are all busy picking Lingcao and leaving him alone. This is a good opportunity. We must take advantage of it and destroy him! "
It’s not the way to look around here while muttering about Mozhuang, where the vegetation is lush and the line of sight is covered.
Thinking of this, he suddenly rejoiced when he saw a huge rock in front of him.
And he walked towards the boulder.
But when he walked near, he found that the boulder protruding from the slope was unusually smooth and narrow! The most terrible thing is that it is covered with slippery moss. It’s called a slip when your luck flies! If you don’t pay attention to your feet, you will be unstable. If you don’t practice’ advanced’ yourself, you can fly vertically, or you can’t get him a rope!
Covered in stains, Mo Zhuang has changed his appearance. At the moment, he is rolling his cuffs and gritting his teeth, grabbing a cane and struggling to make it look a little difficult!
He didn’t dare to make too much noise for fear that he would startle him. He didn’t find the ghost face, but he called it first! Therefore, it’s too obvious to carve his half-target hanging on this boulder after all.
Seeing that the top of the boulder is close at hand, Mo Zhuang hummed and cursed, "If a ghost looks unfamiliar, please pray that you will not be discovered by the public or you will die miserably!"
Since the second time they had a "contest" with Mu Yan, Mo Zhuang hated it even more because she looked very close to each other and pulled him out of the water.
If it weren’t for Wei’s injury, it is estimated that he would have wanted to give the ghost face a few knives to vent his hatred!
Thought of this, he hated, "The ghost face gave birth to you, a pseudo-gentleman. You just wanted to pull me to die together! Fortunately, public wit … disarm quickly! "
At once, Mo Zhuang, who felt his wit, struggled to climb to the top of the boulder with his arms, and then he lay on his back and gasped at the boulder.
After being eased, he was ready to observe the four directions.
But before he got up, he suddenly heard a burst of laughter from the pool not far ahead of the boulder!
Seeing this, Mozhuang immediately lay back in alarm and watched!
And there is a person lying on the grass shrub by the pool like him, not a ghost face but also a person?