In the early stage of competitive competition, people such as painting pears and clothes don’t need to worry about attribute suppression, but they can play as much as they want because their attributes meet the standard. In the later stage, they can’t participate in the competition, because the mystery of the stadium can suppress and they can’t help people improve.

So is Lu Chen. He’d better play through the first half of the game so as to be safe.
The highest area of this game is 32 o’clock. Even if Lu Chenqi enters the arena temporarily, he can reach 31 o’clock at most. He should cross two comprehensive attributes to face the enemy.
"Old white, you are a little arrogant. Is he your high world card?"
Shen Xi’s face changed and he was calm again. Lu Chen is very powerful, but what about that?
This is what they have known for a long time, and they have already come to Luchen Intelligence Office. To be on the safe side, they not only awakened the searchers, but also invited the enemy.
"The light seeker in your world is really strong, but it’s not that easy to beat Lu Chen."
Bai Lao is confident that Lu Chen’s nine-day mainland practice process is well aware of how terrible Lu Chen is now.
It can be said that Lu Chen’s theory has approached the limit of the same environment, and few people can be found more powerful than Lu Chen’s environment throughout the ages.
"Oh, you don’t understand that the finder used to be too arrogant."
God the sunrise sneer at "but just won a game, this is your final victory"
Then he turned to the ark and saluted it respectfully. This high-world tianjiao seems to be very strange.
To say that the status of Shenxi is equivalent to Bai Lao’s mainland status, they can’t imagine that Bai Lao would salute a young tianjiao so respectfully.
"The situation of finding everbright people is getting higher. The world has invited the strong and needs your hand."
God the sunrise said to the ark that figure hope to find light again.
"It’s still early to give up."
However, the sound made Shenxi surprised.
"throw in the towel! ?”
Shenxi himself misheard the enemy in the same situation, ancient and modern, and asked them to give up this round of competition?
"My ability is limited in the current realm. This is the strongest area of Lu Chen. I am not sure of winning and will not defeat our morale in vain."
Looking for light and looking indifferent, sitting in the center of many tianjiao, there is no fear of fighting, which makes many tianjiao feel at ease.
"How many rounds?"
Shenxi asked
"To the tenth district …"
Looking for light smiled indifferently. "I’m not worried that Lu Chen is strong, but I will do it."
This answer obviously makes Shen Xi very dissatisfied, but he can’t insist on finding light, because this body involves taboos
There are at least three taboos in their world, and the pursuit of light was the root of life and death. We can’t regard the pursuit of light as an ordinary young man, and the real reason for his self-styled is unknown to the top of the world.
It is said that the search for light is due to the self-reproach in the heart of the ancient World War I defeat, and the dungeon is painted to stay in this territory and the high world competitive key card.
However, this statement doesn’t seem to hold water, because the No.1 world lost many games, and the search for light didn’t work in the darkest age. They turned around and reversed the Gankun No.1 world to win the game, not looking for light, but someone else.
Another way of saying it is that there is no hurry to break through when seeking light for a special practice, and he will be a taboo figure sooner or later, and he is not in a hurry.
But no matter what the reason is, it is not his intention to ask for advice.
However, looking for light is really afraid of Lu Chen’s strength in this area. Did he refuse to fight because he felt that victory was not safe?
Xunguang lied. He didn’t want to shoot at this time because of the restricted attribute. Not only can he not let go, but Lu Chen will also have many restrictions.