The crowd bowed their heads and said nothing. It can’t be said that it was caused by attacking your town and being captured.

Zhang Han simply said that young-fly-wang was immediately furious. "You are actually prisoners!" Hip hungry wolf psychic’ Ow Woo’ howled. Suddenly the crowd was as bright as day, which was caused by countless green lights.
"Brother! We are already from Tianmen Town. Now that we are all players, please forgive us for a while! " Someone directly scared his pants. Although he has already adapted to the society, the sight of being surrounded by these wolves is too scary, and it is even more penetrating to see his eyes unknown.
Zhang Han also said, "The master has forgiven them. Besides, few people ride wolves, so just accept them."
"Yes, brother, let’s join the wolf ride!" The crowd responded in succession.
"good! But whether we are brothers is still fashionable. After this first, you can count me as Young-fly-Wang brothers! " Wang Yang shouted, "Let those more than 100 wolves out!"
Zhang Han knew that the examination was coming soon and quickly said, "I’ll go first if Wang Lang is in charge."
"Zhang and walk slowly. I won’t send it if I have something to do with it." Young-fly-wang laughed.
It’s very kind of you to leave "Wang Wolf series" Zhang Han hurriedly take people away but don’t want to get involved in the wolves.
Young-fly-Wang continued to say to the crowd, "This is the first time that more than one hundred wolves want you to kill this group of hungry wolves, even if you initially join the wolf riding, but don’t be happy, there are more hardships waiting for you! As long as you can persist in living to the end, I can guarantee that you will be one in a million! "
"Always give us a weapon!" They have pleaded.
"Hum! Dream! " Young-fly-Wang coldly said that the hungry wolf turned around and left. "Let the wolf go!"
Haven’t go far, Zhang Han immediately heard the chills and wails and wanted to wrap tight clothes, only to find that it was armor and gave up and muttered, "It’s better to ride a horse."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Gan Ning strikes
Li She has been struggling with a problem, that is, the official position of this group of people in her own hands has always been bad, and some people are simply idle. Li She feels that she should pay attention to this problem.
Speaking of doing it the next day, I found all the important people and said, "I’m going to give you an official!" "
Everyone will be very excited. Unexpectedly, everyone will be listless and look indifferent, especially when they are in the mood. They will mutter, "Master, is it necessary for you to pull us up early in the morning for such a trivial matter?" By the way, I wiped my gum
"Why don’t you have to say that there are no rules? If Fiona Fang doesn’t assign positions, wouldn’t it be a mess if the people don’t listen to discipline?" Li said seriously
"Well, my brother-in-law says it makes sense." Whenever Bian Bing is always the first to approve of Li’s involvement, he can’t help but kiss his little brother.
"Ah, ah, ah, now that we are talking about business, we can’t call my brother-in-law and call the mayor." Li She quickly corrected it.
It seems that my brother-in-law is coming to the truth. Bian Bingxin wants to say, "I know the mayor!"
"You see BianBing so cooperate with you that age than BianBing how haven’t BianBing sensible! Han sheng, why are you looking up at the roof? Wen Qian, don’t bow your head and I’ll wipe it! Zhicai, you are asleep! " Li She started yelling like a mad dog.
"Come on, master, just say how to come!" Xi Zhicai said
"Ahem, now that everyone agrees with me, I will say" Li Sheqing cleared his throat ".I myself have a rank in charge of everything in the town. Huang Zhong and Bian Bing, two husbands, helped me manage the town of Lejin, Zhou Cang and Huang Xu. It is really a matter of time for the township to help the people collect taxes from the people. This position must belong to Master Zhou. I will go to Jiangling County Magistrate and say something about it.
"What kind of official position am I? I turned out to be a rent collector. Just go home and go to sleep." The actor staggered to walk away
"Yes, it’s a good thing you’ve been working for a long time. I haven’t got an official position yet. Forget it. Let’s take my soldiers to guard outside the town!" Zhang Han cooperate with said.
The so-called "nothing, you’re still a leader, but I’m going to collect rent everywhere."
Li she endured for a long time and finally broke out. "You two live and watch me not break your legs!"
Where else can you see two people outside? They just ran off. Zhang Han even ran away directly.
"Is Master going to Jiangling County again?" Yue Jin asked before.
"Yes, it’s not just these official positions. I thought about it for a while yesterday. It’s still very troublesome for me to eat a big cake from the county seat at present. Just let the court need a little land. It’s better not to be too ambitious or to eat it slowly," said Li She.
"Master English! Can I be accompanied by Le Jin? " Le Jin asked
"That’s what I’m thinking. Go and prepare the carriage!" Li involved in urging said
"Isn’t it a little too urgent to go now?"
"Being resolute is the person who does great things," Li She said.
"Really? Didn’t you say that people who like to think carefully are people who do great things? " Le Jin asked