"Good grandmother, I will go back to my grandmother with Huan. Goodbye", thought Xin, looked at Mrs. Liu with a smile on her face and said to her heart.

Hearing this, Mrs. Liu didn’t say anything else, but waved her hand to show her intention. Xin, they can go
"Let’s go!" Say that finish after xin, turn your head to liu heart said to it.
Xin, don’t stay LiuHuan reaction after finish already took her hand and left here with her.
To tell the truth, at the moment when I thought about Xin and took her, Liu Huan’s mind suddenly turned white and there were no other ideas.
It took a long time for Liu Huan to have her own thoughts and regain the dominance in her mind.
LiuHuan was thinking xin, holding with behind xin, see xin, this is not a tall figure LiuHuan is feel at ease.
To tell the truth, Liu Huan is the first time to observe Si Xin at close range. She found that Si Xin seems to be different from what she remembered.
Thinking ahead always gives her a sense of distance, which makes her feel that some distant roots can’t touch thinking.
But now it’s different. Si Xin has opened her heart to her and reached out to her. What is she going to do now? Do you choose to accept this offer? Still remain indifferent. This is really a bit tangled.
In this way, they were silent all the way without saying a word.
However, when they walked silently, they fought a roadblock.
"Oh, who am I? It turned out to be Huan and Third Sister! You are really in a good mood! Am I reading it wrong? It’s really strange that you two sisters should walk hand in hand together. "Liu Sixuan looked at Si Xin Liu Huan and said with a face of exaggeration.
For Liu Sixuan provocative thought xin, like didn’t see directly ignored Liu Sixuan in directly walked past.
But just because Xin doesn’t want to make trouble doesn’t mean that Liu Sixuan won’t make trouble.
"Hum how liu si xin, you want to go when you see me? What are you doing? Am I terrible? " Liu Sixuan stand in thinking xin, want to walk stop there mercilessly said
Looking at Liu Si Xin in front of her face, her head held high as if everyone was lower than her.
To tell the truth, I hate it most when I think about myself.
I don’t want to pay attention to her, but now Liu Sixuan thinks so, so I have to treat her well. I can’t let her know that I know that I’m terrible and I’m not easy to handle.
"Oh, Liu Sixuan, I’m your third sister. Is this how your mother told you to treat your sister?" Xin, looking at Liu Sixuan, is not angry, so she questioned Liu Sixuan.
Liu Sixuan was very angry when she heard this. She thought that she was going back to be scolded by her sister Liu Siyu because of her own thinking yesterday.
Think of these LiuSiXuan anger is even bigger in my heart.
"Liu Si Xin, you dead girl, don’t be shameless. What’s the matter? Don’t pull my mother. You are so outrageous. Do you know that you and I have something to reason with my mother?" Liu Si Yu said, but Si Xin moved out of her mother, Wang Qinglian
Hear Liu Sixuan was thinking xin, holding LiuHuan not pulled pull xin sleeve.
Feel the sleeve being involved, Xin, can’t help but turn to Liu Huan and let her hand go, then patted Liu Huan on the shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile.
Although Xin, but Liu’s heart just can’t help but worry. After all, in Liu Huan’s view, this Wang Qinglian is the most profitable in this Liufu, except for the old lady Liu and Liu Guogong.
If Si Xin really listened to Liu Sixuan’s words and put things in front of Wang Qinglian, then will it be Si Xin’s Liu Huan who will suffer, or can’t help but worry?
In fact, Liu Huan’s worries are unreasonable. How can he not know these truths if he thinks Xin Cong?
But think xin, know these means that her heart already had a calculation and shall it be so easy to enter the trap set by Liu Sixuan!
In fact, Liu Sixuan said this because she wanted to scare Si Xin and let Si Xin retreat. By the way, I know that she is good and don’t always be arrogant.
"Ha LiuSiXuan besides you will rely on your mother you also destroyed? Why should I go to your mother’s with this trick? " Xin, looking at LiuSiXuan constantly questioned.
Hear Xin, these questions Liu Sixuan mercilessly stare at Xin, it seems that eyes are full of anger.
Suddenly, Liu Sixuan feels like a hard bone. No matter how hard it is to bite, it will make her feel uncomfortable if she doesn’t bite.
"Liu Sixin, don’t you know it’s disrespectful to your mother to talk like this?" Liu Sixuan looked at Xin and retorted.
It’s funny to look at Liu Sixuan with a face of contempt. Do you still want to fight with yourself?
"LiuSiXuan you have respect for me? And you said I was disrespectful to my mother. Where am I disrespectful to my mother? Tell me about it! " Xin, looking at LiuSiXuan jokingly asked.
Liu Sixuan couldn’t say why when she heard Si Xin’s greetings, because Liu Sixuan knew that she was actually trying to find fault with Si Xin because she didn’t like it.
By thinking xin, so ask, of course, can’t answer the ugly Yin Mao.
"how about it? Liu Sixuan can’t say it! Now that you can’t say it, please get out of the way. It’s time for lunch now. You are used to playing here. I don’t have time to accompany you. "Si Xin approached Liu Sixuan and said to Liu Sixuan with a hint of sneer at her mouth.
Aside LiuHuan kept silent watching xin, LiuSiXuan two people fight and didn’t want to step in.
To tell the truth, Liu Huan seems to see the other side of Si Xin again today. She didn’t expect that Si Xin was so eloquent that she gave this Liu Sixuan speechless.
I have to say that this image of Xin has risen a lot in her heart.
Now Liu Sixuan looks at Si Xin, her eyes are full of anger and she wants to say something, but she can’t say it. Because Si Xin has blocked all her roads, let her say something!
Although Liu Sixuan was forced to say nothing by thinking Xin, her face was still very car-scrapping and she didn’t want to give up.
"Liu Si Xin, you wait for me, don’t argue with your breath, and you will be able to tell you that you are waiting for me and you." Liu Si Xuan stared at Si Xin and then said mercilessly
With that, Liu Sixuan left with her close-fitting servant girl.
"Oh, I’m waiting!" Xin Xin looked at Liu Sixuan’s back and laughed, then gloated and said
Chapter 31 stupidly
Looking at Liu Sixuan from the back, Xin corners of the mouth smile more cheerful.
See Liu Sixuan defeated figure and look at one side and laugh wildly. Xin Liu’s heart seems to have been touched by a smiles appealed, which is actually what Liu Huan yearns for.
To tell the truth, Liu Huan has never laughed like that for a long time since she lived to be so big, except when she was not sensible.