The old man Dylan beside Nie Shuang opened his mouth after hearing the few bytes of blood wind, and he was surprised as if he had heard something extremely shocking, which simply made Nie Shuang itch-

"Dylan blood wind chief of the fathers said what! ?”
"He … he …" Dylan opened his mouth several times but didn’t spit out a thing. After a while, he didn’t wake up and turned his face. "Yeah, it’s also according to Jill’s adult nature. It really should be like this."
"What, old man? Come on. Did you decide the way?" Nie Shuang is eager to know that this is very close to him.
Dylan nodded and said bluntly, "Lord Xuefeng just said that the formal way has come out. It is said by Princess Jill herself that the method is very simple … that is, the person who can beat Princess Jill can become her husband!"
What is this? Isn’t this the husband? Husband and wife have to fight first … But according to the dragon culture, it’s nothing strange. It’s a little strange that Princess Jill makes this rule herself …
"Can she win so many dragons?" Nie Shuang smiled gently.
He smiled in exchange for Dylan’s contemptuous eyes and disdained words: "Hum you, Princess Mojil, are good at dealing with the single-fighting dragon. I’m afraid there are a few dragon elders and predecessors who can match, but those who can’t compete can take part in the competition. What’s more, Princess Jill has been naughty since she was a child and likes evil dramas. In plain English, she just doesn’t want to get married …"
Dylan’s words made Nie’s eyes slightly narrowed and her heart lit up, so the princess wanted her more … but she should attend … to be continued.
Chapter 194 Doing "compensation" business in the dragon (the first watch)
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Nie Shuang, a real outsider, wants to take part in Princess Jill’s husband selection competition, which is really a bit difficult. Princess Jill can compete with many dragons. Nie Shuang estimates that it is a hard struggle for a dragon casually, and it is even worse for Jill to compete with both sides. Is it Nie Shuang or a real human husband who becomes a dragon …
This is a little strange.
Can be placed in front of Nie Shuang, and only if this road is secretly black, I’m afraid the whole dragon will not let him go-Nie Shuang can fight against the dragon.
But it’s hard to say that he wants to take part in the husband selection competition for a while, so it can be put off for a while
"When will the Dylan competition be held?" Nie Shuang turned to Dylan.
"It will take a while. Do you have any plans?" Dylan frowning way slightly surprised in the heart can’t think of what the human will ask.
"How long is a period?"
"Ten days."
Ten days? Nie Shuang mused that ten days in the game is not too long for reality. Nie Shuanggang can take advantage of this period to sort out and think about the ways to participate and win.
"Ole also participated?" Nie Shuang suddenly thought of the dragon Terran King. That guy seems to like Jill, too. I wonder if he will attend.
Nie Shuang’s question made Dylan give a wry smile at the thought of his own son, the old man with a face of nai. "Yes, he said he had to participate in the theory of what rules. He began to practice hard before … but his opponent was Princess Jill, even …"
Nie Shuang watched for a while and Dylan looked up again. The blue sky flew away from the dispersed dragon. The magnificent dragon surrounded the scene and began to gradually collapse and disperse blood around. The words have been finished and the rules of the game have been obtained. All young dragons need to start preparing for their opponents. Princess Jill will not be careless.
On the platform, the elders-level dragons surrounded the blood wind, and after consulting for a while, they also left one after another. Ten minutes later, Nie Shuang and the blood wind were left in the field.
This time, Xuefeng didn’t have tea with Nie Shuang, but said that Luen still needed to wait for Nie Shuang to live in other peaks. When Luen came out, he would send a dragon to pick him up. He didn’t have to refuse. Nie Shuang agreed to the arrangement of Xuefeng, but refused to live in a mountain cave. Instead, he asked Xuefeng to send him to the foot of the mountain to find a suitable place and set up a small room for Nie Shuang to live temporarily.
Dragon Valley Dragon is a beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. Here, beautiful scenery, birds singing and flowers singing, gentle breeze blowing fresh and tender green leaves, lush feet and lush grass, insects chirping in the crevices in the distance, and dragons of different shapes and sizes flying wantonly …
At the foot of the highest mountain in Longgu Dragon Land, there is a thatched cottage with crooked trees and branches, which is somewhat incompatible with the surrounding environment but integrated into one.
Nie Shuang lives here.
Don’t say this is really a good place. If it is reality, Nie Shuang doesn’t mind staying longer, but in the game, it’s been two days since he came to the dragon land. In the game, it’s been several days, but he still hasn’t heard from the blood wind chief-Luen still hasn’t seen it.
If it weren’t for Nie’s busy hands, I’m afraid he would have to sit still and ask the blood wind. These days, he’s not just lying in the dragon playing with gold coins. Fu Nie Shuang has once again found an acquisition opportunity-
In front of Nie Shuang’s cabin, those huge dragons lined up in a very orderly way, and the team wound its way into the distance, and there was really no edge in sight.
What are they doing?
Selling things! That’s right. Nie Shuang, a cunning human, sold the strange materials of Dragon Valley to Nie Shuang. He directly asked the dragon to help him drag the pure tools of materials from the Dragon Terran, and established a shop of pure materials in front of the wooden house. The principle of gold coin exchange attracted a large number of dragons to exchange.
I have to say that gold coins are very attractive to dragons.
Nie Shuang’s cunning is revealed here, but he is not a gold coin unit, but a copper coin. The color of copper coins is darker and darker than that of gold coins. Yellow gold coins are bright gold. When the dragons find the materials, Nie Shuang will pay the corresponding copper coins. When the dragons save 100 copper coins, they can find Nie Shuang for a gold coin …
Although the number of gold coins in player Nie’s hands is not limited, he can take out one hundred copper coins or one gold coin which is detachable.
There’s really nothing to ask a friend to send an email remotely. It’s just a matter of charging some formalities, and he can send materials by email if he is willing to spend money. It’s expensive, but he can’t control it when necessary …
The dragons don’t understand that prices are precious things to Nie Shuang. In their eyes, the root is a pile of poop and it’s worthless. It’s a great thing to exchange it for a shiny copper coin. Although the shop was interested in buying materials at first, things have gone out in the past few days and the dragons have increased.
But for Nie Shuang, who is in the state of exceeding demand, it is he who takes the initiative at this time. The dragons have exchanged materials for copper coins, and there is no room for bargaining. Dare to talk a dime more?
In front of a dragon, a shiny stone was carefully placed on the table in front of Nie Shuang, and then his huge eyes stared round at Nie Shuang, expecting the latter to give a price …
Touching the stone, Nie Shuang looked at it again and again, sniffed it, licked it, knocked it … After a set of processes seemed to be proper in the past, he threw the stone behind him and held out three fingers. "There are green finches among the hidden finches amber. Can you count me as losing three copper coins?" One! "
Three coppers to buy a hidden sparrow amber stone. I’m afraid it will surprise everyone if I go to Skanska mainland. Babe said that the amber contains a green sparrow, and even Tibetan ants can sell thousands of gold coins at a sky-high price, but Nie Shuang …
Three copper coins
This is also a face of impatience, and it is even more disrespectful that amber is not beautiful and transparent enough …
And the dragon in front of him jumped up with a face of joy, especially happy, and turned his head to shout at the dragon queuing behind him. It seems that three copper coins made him very proud.
A dragon gives not a stone, but a colorful fruit shaped like a peach, but more purplish. The surface is slightly fluffy and feels very soft, just like the previous step. After a while, Nie Shuang frowned and his forefinger stretched forward impatiently.
"What junk TongShenXueGuo just rotten street stuff! A copper coin loves to sell, not to sell and take it away. "
Of course, the dragon will sell it, not to mention a copper coin and half a copper coin. This fruit was just picked when he passed by. Sure enough, this human being gave a copper coin … Ah, this human being is so kind.
Nie Shuang’s string of appreciation actually has nothing to do with it. It’s a formality. When a thing arrives, it will be shown immediately. For example, Nie Shuang, a former god, touches the attributes and effects, and it comes to his eyes-
Tongshen Xueguo (consumption) Tongshen Xueguo is the only succulent fruit in Longgu. It can instantly recover all the lost P and 15%hp in 3 seconds, and increase strength, intelligence and movement speed by 4 per minute in the next 10 minutes, so that the level of 55 can be achieved once in 30 minutes.
What is this … what is this prop? Divine medicine level consumption! ! !