She was interrupted by Nan Lichuan before she finished. "Don’t … don’t … don’t elope with others every month! Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to be smart? I just want it now. If you really want to make me smart, then I will drink it for you now! "

Just then, he took out an altar of wine from nowhere and prepared to pour it into his mouth!
Zhuge Yue hurriedly grabbed the altar wine from his mouth and smashed it directly. The wine flowed all over the floor and was full of charming fragrance …
Nan Lichuan was frightened by her excitement and her body trembled slightly …
Zhuge Yue looked at him with a sigh. "It is best that you can restore nature, but is it so short-term to restore drinking and hurt your health …"
She held his face in her hand. "Nan Lichuan, listen to me. You are really important to me. You are my family. I naturally don’t want you to be looked down upon so much … In that day, the Shikoku will defeat their department. If you see your prestige that day, you are also eager …"
"No desire! Not eager! " Nan Lichuan covered his ears and didn’t want to listen to tears. "I want to be with Yueyue. He doesn’t want anything …"
Zhuge Yuenai looked at him and listened to him cry and felt very headache!
She doesn’t want Nan Lichuan to cry so much. She hopes to find the simplest way!
"Listen to me, if I go to learn medicine refining with the night like a stranger, then I may cure you! So … you must be obedient! "
Nan Lichuan covered her ears and cried more and more fiercely. "Don’t listen, don’t listen …"
Zhuge Yue didn’t know what to do when the door was pushed. "You go … Chapter 355 Missing like the tide.
Zhuge Yue didn’t know what to do when the door was pushed. "You go …"
Zhuge Yue didn’t expect that someone would suddenly come at this time!
As a result, I saw the Queen Mother by the door, and she was actually alone. When she heard Nan Lichuan crying, her face was haggard and ugly!
"Ai Jia hopes that you can cure the emperor. I really hope …" The queen mother put her hand on Zhuge Yue’s back. "You are the queen and the hope of the whole country of South Lebanon!"
Zhuge Yue had never heard the Empress Dowager talk to her so sincerely, and she couldn’t help but be shocked. But looking at the first time when the Empress Dowager was so tearful, she showed such a fragile expression in front of her, and she couldn’t help crying!
Is maternal love a great queen mother or do you really want your son to be smart?
On that day, the four countries cheered the emperor, and his three countries envied and hated the emperor, which was a thorn in the queen mother’s heart!
If you taste the sweetness, you will never give up. Who doesn’t want your son to be the focus of attention?
In recent years, Nanlichuan has been a stalk in the queen mother’s heart.
In those days, those concubines laughed at the Queen Mother privately because the Queen Mother had such a fool!
Zhuge Yue’s eyes facing the Queen Mother naturally understand, "I know I will go!"
But Nan Lichuan is still crying and unwilling to let Zhuge Yue leave!
"Ogawa, how about I hook my fingers with you and we agree that I will come back in a year?"
Night is like a stranger, and now she is a master of medicine refining, but she still can’t refine the medicine for treating Nanlichuan, and she decided to refine it in one year, which is definitely a challenge for her, but she decided not to give up after Nanlichuan!
I will definitely come back in a year!
Nan Lichuan thought for a long time and finally looked up with tears and asked, "How long is a month and a year?"
"A year is 365 days …"
"I’ll let the mosquito record it for me …" Nan Lichuan said and ran to the wall. "One day is a horizontal."
Just then, he has picked up a stone from the ground and drew a horizontal line!
"Two days is two horizontal and three days is three horizontal …" Nan Lichuan will count to three places. He was silent for a long time before pointing to Zhuge Yue and saying, "If you dare to talk, I will go to Xiaoyao Mountain to find you!"
Zhuge Yue couldn’t help crying at the moment!
Every day, I miss every day, stretching from Nanli to Xiaoyao Mountain!
-dividing line-
On the day of going to Xiaoyao Mountain, Zhuge Yue didn’t ask Nan Lichuan to send the parting moment, but it was even worse!
Night like a stranger came to pick her up in person and looked at her eyes. Indigo and red eyes could not help but ask, "Have you decided? Really want to come with me for a year! "
Zhuge Yue nodded "Never regret!"
As soon as the night waved, a cloud floated. She followed the night like a stranger, and the cloud still looked at the ground …
She is looking forward to whether Nan Lichuan will come!
Hearing him cry, will she jump out of control from the clouds, even if it is several thousand meters high, she will definitely decide!
But he still didn’t come … Zhuge Yuesi measured that the Queen Mother must have tripped him up. She shook her head and swallowed all her thoughts. Chapter 356 Xiaoyao Mountain Adventure (1)
But he still didn’t come … Zhuge Yuesi measured that the Queen Mother must have tripped him up. She shook her head and swallowed all her thoughts!
The flight speed is fast and the wind is strong, but the height is getting colder!