Chen Shaobai said in the first sentence that hūn Qiu nodded and agreed.

Strictly speaking, he has already broken through to the realm of God, but in the past one year, he has almost been unable to move in the practice of Tao. Whether to swallow the natural resources and treasures of refining and refining or to be abstinent and austere has little effect. Only when you have your own suffering will you know.
"The beauty of the ever-changing method of transporting God’s national highway is that poverty can attack and kill enemies, defend them and conceal their breath. If you can understand one of them, most of them will learn from themselves."
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth with a smile to throw a let hūn autumn hear far-fetched astonishment Yu unique words.
"I think you are more enterprising than guarding the city, so I will teach you how to attack and kill."
"The first rule, Kifa, ordered the world to destroy the enemy and ourselves … all dead!"
The last two words fell lightly, and I heard hūn Autumn’s mind swaying and closing the pores of sweat glands for ten thousand years, once again exerting a little cold sweat oozing from their foreheads.
"Fortunately, I didn’t give birth to any evil thoughts just now. Otherwise, if this powerful kingdom of the ignorant predecessors explodes, let alone me, I’m afraid the whole Star Island will be gone!"
As early as 10,000 years ago, during the fairy war, hūn Qiu was fortunate to have a glimpse of a little bit, and its power can be shaped in four words.
Conan the destroyer!
Although few great magicians will choose to blow themselves up, they have witnessed the destruction of the world, and I still can’t help but feel hot when I hear this.
"I have to increase my strength by a few times with the way of the divine kingdom, that is, I have self-protection when the two world wars break out!"
Although there are only seven demons left in the world of purgatory, all those guys have appeared since purgatory was born, and their strength is unfathomable. The horror is nothing compared with the so-called "great magical powers" on the ground and others.
Even claiming to have five gods sitting in the Heaven Gate of Science, I am afraid that there is no confidence now.
"that magic emperor of Xiangdong has great ambition. what is the purpose of stir up the war between the two worlds?"
"It seems that the status of God’s national transportation is still too important in my heart, which has shaken my mind."
After a moment’s wandering, hūn Qiu smiled at himself and gathered J and jīng to listen attentively.
But he waited for half a ring, but he waited for a batting practice to compare words with "Ahem … I’ve been talking for a long time and my throat is a little dry."
See a face of base smile Chen Shaobai hūn autumn is almost instantly understand his meaning.
"Equivalent exchange is the true meaning of this world! If you want to get something for nothing, I hope that the pie will eventually turn into a loess edge! "
Think of this sentence that I once warned the younger generation. hūn Qiu can’t help but feel that his face is burning red.
I have lived for a long time and even made such an oolong. It’s really a mood swing! When you get the secret method, you must close your penance!
If you think about it, hūn laughs boldly in the autumn, and then gently closes your palms. "I hope the younger generation will forgive me!"
As his words settled, thousands of things went to Ri, and the treasure of heaven and earth appeared in front of them like cabbage and radish.
Stars j and jīng Chinese fire snow lotus grass dew flower elixir escape Tissot …
Everything out can cause a stir in the meta-world. sāo moves blood shed, and even the top ten people who are quenched are hard to show weakness.
Whoever gets these resources can almost build a small sect.
However, looking at hūn Qiu seems to mean to dedicate these eastern and western hands to Chen Shaobai.
"The younger generation wants to be concise, and most of the resources in the world have been consumed. I only hope that these will not be abandoned by the older generation."
A great avatar claimed that Chen Shaobai, the younger generation, not only didn’t feel flattered, but got up with a shy face. "Everything is only the Tao is high."
Although he said this, he didn’t blush at all, which means that he slowly leaned out and gently gathered many treasures of heaven and earth into his arms.
"Then let’s do it!"
Got a lot of wealth, Chen Shaobai was in a good mood, and the little unhappiness of Du Kang’s entanglement was forgotten. He took a bottle of purple mud jade seal, aged wine and jade seal from hūn autumn as he spoke.
Instantly, the fragrance of wine is overflowing, and the aura fills the air. Just smelling the refreshing fragrance of wine, Chen Shaobai feels that he is slightly filled with a little bit of empty abdomen.
In Chen Shaobai’s mouth, all kinds of Taoist supernatural powers are magic, Taoism, God and Buddhism. It’s really like hearing that hūn autumn is infatuated and deeply involved in his dharma.
The inheritance of the Chaos Emperor was slightly related to the national luck of the God, and later it was not a fool to get an inscrutable great avatar to preach to hūn Qiu in Chen Shaobai, Nanming, but also in Cave Y and N.
Even if the other party throws him thousands of miles in the realm, it’s still that sentence-I heard that Chen Shaobai was far ahead of him in terms of transportation and understanding of the world.
Preaching to the other party is also a review process for Chen Shaobai himself. Unconsciously, he has also benefited a lot. A little J: ng has come into his mind and a lot of wonderful ideas have been born.
When it comes to the mood, Chen Shaobai raised his glass and gulped it down.
Spicy and sweet nectar dripped into the stomach of Chen Shaobai Dantian, and the magic power was slightly weak. At once, it increased and purified at a speed visible to the naked eye.
He suddenly stopped preaching and couldn’t believe it. He looked at the bottle with a blank face, Se.
"What happened to the elder?"
Is hearing the key moment Chen Shaobai suddenly stopped hūn autumn heart very anxious but had to respectfully asked.
Chen Shaobai broke free from confusion and just took a "bribe" and went through it carefully. It was a pity that he looked up with a full face and solemnly said, "Is there any wine just now?" I’ll give you this wine for everything else! "
Just as he just drank the wine at the same time, he suddenly throbbed when he knew the sea in the dark and hid the information of Xianjian.
The border is dark and hazy, and the information is cheering, but the struggle for a moment seems to be covered up again.
Fairy sword and chivalrous man wine has skills, which seems to be the same …
"Dionysus can curse people seven times in a lifetime. If the mana is enough, it can almost be regarded as the most powerful skill of Xianjian!"
Chen Shaobai’s heart burst into a crazy jump, and Se also emerged with a red color.
Dionysian curse! That’s to say, he dreams of asking for the Dionysian curse!
"Although the wine just now is good, it is far from the value of all other treasures. It seems that this elder is still an alcoholic …"
Heart so guess hūn autumn but dare not have any snub, he smiled and said, "That wine is made of seven hundred and forty kinds of spiritual materials, and it’s a pity that I don’t have it at hand."