"I have read other documents, but it is no problem for President Momotaro to write this transfer agreement, so it is not a formal way for you to get his shares. We will not let you lead us," said Gao Qiao Ye.

"I say I am me" Qin Shaojie is very unreasonable. Besides, it is necessary to be reasonable with this group of RB short underworld. Why don’t you talk about directors?
Hurry up and leave a shadow.
"Uh …" Pang just wanted to shoot the second gun but was suddenly caught by the neck, and then his body, which was less than one meter six, had more than two hundred kilograms directly off the ground.
"Click" spinal fracture sound up, and then … He became dead fat.
Everyone was silent when they saw that the fat neck was soft and tilted to one side at a strange angle.
"Well, now I want to say that this guy behind me is called Makita Koichi, who will manage the Yamaguchi group instead of me."
"I … I object," said a hall master sitting at the end.
"You … you can’t be our president. You’re Chinese. That won’t do."
Another ghosting image.
Then everyone found that the hall owner who had just spoken had been lying on the ground. What was even more frightening was that his head was still on the table, but his body had reached the table.
"Who else is against it now?" Qin Shaojie light asked the tone and expression is really a little big brother.
Face suddenly quiet abnormal even their shortness of breath to hear clearly.
After half a day or Gao Qiao wild up first.
"Gao Qiao Ye is willing to follow Mr. Qin"
As soon as you listen to the strategist, you have surrendered first, and you don’t have to hold on to it. If you hold on to that game, you’ll be dead. Besides, it’s not about who you want to make money with.
In an instant, everyone stood up, bowed to Qin Shaojie at a 45-degree angle, and then said a bunch of words of loyalty.
Chapter 173 Tianmen Martial Arts School
The world is full of surprises all the time.
For the real Tian Xiong, Qin Shaojie’s suspicion today is a big surprise, and the surprise is greater than the joy.
When he got home, Makita immediately put himself in his room and he wanted to digest it.
Before I met Qin Shaojie, he was still a reporter. Although this newspaper was not very famous, he worked hard to get enough food and clothing, and he also had money. Later, he saved Qin Shaojie. After a few days’ delay, he became a handyman with no future, but at this time Qin Shaojie gave a big surprise that he became the head of the Yamaguchi group, although he managed for Qin Shaojie.
This big surprise has made Makita Xiong not slow down until now.
This also don’t blame true Tian Xiongyi.
It’s best that he can spend his life with his wife safely. If he doesn’t have too much money and enough money, he can live in a house and not too big. But suddenly a big pie hit his 10% stake. What’s the concept?
Let’s just say that the Yamaguchi group controls 10% of the catering and entertainment industries in Tokyo, and also dabbles in the military industry. Not in Tokyo, there are also many industries in RB, and the total assets have reached more than 30 billion US dollars. What is 10%? Forget it, that’s more than 3 billion
Don’t say that he is really Tian Xiongyi, even if he is a person, it is estimated that his head is in a state of crash at this moment.
No matter what the real Tian Xiongyi is like here.
At this time Qin Shaojie has gone through the formalities of dropping out of school with Ouyang Yao at the airport.
Sneak around when you come, and be fair when you go back.
Qin Shaojie can be described as a double-edged sword. Look at the coquettish smile on this cargo face and you can deeply understand it.
Qin Shaojie never thought how he could be so lucky.
Before I practiced, I was a loser, with no money, no looks.
Now, hey, since my practice, my lucky number has skyrocketed, and now my waist is sore, my legs are not painful, and the fight is strong. A bunch of real guns and live ammunition are taken care of by the Self-Defense Forces soldiers in minutes.