"So what?" Say that finish mercilessly stared at Meng Qi this moment, he inexplicably had a premonition of uneasiness, but he didn’t know it was because of this snake demon?

Looking at getting closer to your layout step by step, now it’s time to make a net. Meng Qi took a deep breath and thought about it!
"Since there was a brother at that time, what the brother said was also a word of yours. Although he was very reluctant to say it, is it okay to listen to a friend like this? We have both witnesses and evidence. Brother, you admit that you hurt the mountain protector … "
Speaking of which, Meng Qi stopped saying what he wanted to express, because everyone here heard it. Everyone looked unbelievable, and some people looked puzzled as if they didn’t react, but then they suddenly realized that Meng Qi was looking at him with a strange eye.
And the man was Meng Qi’s face suddenly turned blue and white, and then flushed, and he was about to turn into a sauce purple. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was wide open, and he was surprised and angry. Meng Qi seemed to want to say something, but the words were stuck in his throat and he couldn’t say it.
Meng Qi at this time, of course, didn’t look at this guy who was shocked by his own words. He lowered his head and tried to prepare for the coming storm.
Sure enough, after a short period of calm, almost all the people of Haoran Sect got up and shouted, "Duh! You little demon dare to slander me, Elder Chen, a noble Sect! I must smash his corpse into ten thousand pieces and then erase his spirit so that it will never turn over! "
Well, in fact, it’s still relatively mild, and some personality is urgent. That’s even scolded by Niang, but Meng Qi directly regards him as worried about being here. Chen Xuansheng is afraid that he will be extremely angry at the moment, but Qiao Xu didn’t stop it … I dare not think about it.
Chapter 16 The Valley of Lost Soul
Wen is the first meeting to be updated at the first time)
Meng Qi finally breathed a sigh of relief when he returned to Fang Ling Lingling Yard, but although he barely muddled through this time, whether the effect was good or not, he didn’t expect anything. He felt that it would be lucky not to bring himself a lot of trouble, but the opportunity and risk in this world are the same, and there is no such person in En Mengqi for the time being.
The next few days were really quite harmonious, and I was still a little nervous. Meng Qi gradually relaxed, and the old chat was very comfortable, and now it seems that Hu Xianer’s company is not as good as before.
But there is one thing that Meng Qi is very boring, that is, he found that this Hu Xianer is pestering Meng Qi more and more when Fang Ling Ling Ling is not there. Just Meng Qi can still deal with Hu Xianer patiently, but after a long time, everyone’s patience is limited.
Mainly Meng Qi feels like a nanny? No, maybe it’s dad’s more appropriate. Hu Xianer’s root is a sleepy little girl who doesn’t understand anything and is very clingy. The key is that Meng Qi is impatient, but it’s not good to lose his temper with her. What’s your temper with your smiles send us light hair? Meng Qi feels that he is not so dirty.
Besides, some things Meng Qi himself is not so clear, and some words are also embarrassing to tell girls. Well, it is estimated that it would be much more convenient for a male Meng Qi to talk. Speaking of Meng Qi’s previous life and present life, he is only 27 years old. Even though he has experienced strange and bumpy experiences, he is still confined to that age group. Of course, he is still very different from the average person.
In other words, Meng Qi decided to think about having children after 30 years, and now he is still not used to being a father for so long.
On this day, Meng Qi hung on the tree to enjoy the winter sunshine, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Today, Hu Xianer honestly cultivated himself and finally could have a leisurely stay. However, Fang Ling Ling Ling came back at this time, and Meng Qi got along with her for so long and experienced. Miss Fang Da was definitely not in a good mood.
I was just about to go back to my nest, and I was touched by a bad head. Fang Ling Ling took Meng Qi and went straight to a retreat room.
When Meng Qigang was released, Nai said, "When can you be gentle? Are you gentle with others outside and treat me like this? " Before the voice fell, Fang Ling Ling had a reaction immediately, but nothing happened today.
Meng Qi looked up at Fang Ling’s face and asked, "What’s the matter again?"
Fang Ling ghatpot a sneer at "things? What can happen? With your contribution, everything will be solved. "He paused here.
"You’ve had a good time recently. Look at what you’ve done all day." After that, the original cold look became lang.
But Meng Qi can feel a little unusual. Although Fang Ling twill is laughing, Meng Qi feels the anger in Fang Ling twill’s eyes is almost to burn himself out.
In this way, Meng Qi also knew that I was afraid there was something really wrong, so he said with a lazy expression, "What’s the matter? Don’t get something to say."
See Meng Qi finally serious Fang Ling ghatpot returned to the cold look and said, "You were very beautiful in the hall the other day. You have offended Haoran Sect. Now it’s nice that people remember that you entered the Valley of Lost Soul this time, but with a quota of you, you will die."
"Lost soul valley? What is it! " Meng Qi felt a little dizzy when he heard Fang Ling twill say that, and the valley of lost souls was not a good place to listen.
Looking at Meng Qi, the anger in the heart of Ling Ling disappeared a lot. Today, when he received the news, he also made a lot of trouble. But after all, his arm could not beat his thigh. Haoran Zong was cruel to retaliate against this little demon who made them lose face. He actually promised to let Zongduo enter two people, and one of them must be Meng Qi.
And the old man, of course, won’t promise to enter one more person, which means that it may be more rewarding for Meng Qi, the little demon, to die and die. It’s just a snake demon to give Fang Ling some compensation.
And so it is. Although Fang Ling Ling Ling Meng Qi is unusual, it will never be the case. Meng Qi gave up everything. Although it was noisy, it was the limit.
It is very valuable to help Meng Qi now, but Fang Ling Ling Ling is willing to give some help to Meng Qi, although she knows that this time Meng Qi is probably a narrow escape.
Fang Lingling took out a jade Jane and showed it to Meng Qi. After reading it, Meng Qi actually didn’t finish reading it. It didn’t take long for him to get dizzy. There were a lot of ancient prose in it, which was still very mysterious. This is a skill.
Well, specifically, it’s a demon-repairing achievement method, and it’s also the achievement method that Meng Qi needs most now.
Fang Ling ghatpot saw that Meng Qi had seen it almost and said, "This face is a demon-repairing achievement method, although it is not very profound, but there is a secret art in it, which is quite wonderful in hiding. If you can practice this secret art before entering the Valley of Lost Soul, you may still have a chance to survive."
Meng Qi heard Fang Ling ling’s words, but he was even more afraid. Only after practice can he have three points of hope. What the hell is there? By chance, Meng Qi didn’t think about it at all. According to Fang Ling Ling’s statement, saving life is the first priority.
Looking at a face of horror, Meng Qifang Ling Ling frowned and said, "Now is not the time to be afraid to tell you that you will enter the valley after March. If you don’t practice by then, you will ask for help."
After that, she was ready to walk away. She gave it to Meng Qi. Whether he can catch it depends on himself. At this moment, Meng Qiyin remembered behind him, "Don’t go this way for a lot of things. I don’t understand." The voice was quite calm.
Fang Ling ghatpot turned around in surprise and didn’t expect Meng Qi to come out of shadow of fear in such a short time. At this moment, Meng Qi continued, "If you don’t explain it to me, I’m afraid I’ll really die this time."
Say that finish no longer looked at slightly surprised Fang Ling twill but bowed their heads and waited for Fang Ling twill to explain this jade Jane to themselves.
Yeah, anyway, it’s already like this. Worry and fear are luxury. What can I do but struggle hard?