Then Bai Qionghai’s sword finger was pointed at the woman’s wrist again. It seems that the woman’s sleeping or coma has no effect on Bai Qionghai’s performance.

If Bai Qionghai can make progress, it is a good thing. If he can really find a way out, he wants to rise to the next level. All gods can be compared with gourd painting gourd ladle.
After about a cup of tea, Bai Qionghai frowned and withdrew his sword finger as if he were not satisfied with the harvest just now.
Then Xiao Wen and others stared at the mountain because they saw Bai Qionghai suddenly flying out with three light waves in his right hand, which made the female husband and two boys dizzy.
But in this way, Bai Qionghai can finally give it up.
This time Bai Qionghai turned out to be closing his eyes and pointing his finger directly at the woman’s forehead!
Bai Qionghai was completely quiet, and even the eyelashes didn’t quiver, which was like a meditation.
What’s the situation?
Or purple Yan is more knowledgeable and straightforward. "She has a strong ability to control her own soul, which is likely to force her soul into the female brain."
"Will it be okay?" Xiao asked immediately
"No," Ziyan said, and then added, "Have you forgotten what happened to us?"
Xiao Wen asked Zheng, and then he felt relieved and thought that maybe there would be no problem.
But purple Yan guessed half Bai Qionghai’s practice is higher.
Bai Qionghai almost knows everything, but the girl abruptly created a chaotic dream!
In that dream, she first interacted with the female soul in the way of a dreamer, and then analyzed the deep connection between the two souls little by little without the other party noticing.
Everyone didn’t expect Bai Qionghai’s silence to be a whole night!
She didn’t move until dawn. Xiao Wen wanted to wake her up.
Fortunately, Bai Qionghai finally opened his eyes and waved four light waves into the family of four with his right hand and then teleported back.
Bai Qionghai just appeared and they immediately surrounded him.
Bai Qionghai said directly, "Her soul and I really did not reject each other when performing surgery, but I still think that the separation of souls should be like twin sisters, and one person’s death will have an impact on the other person’s life and death, because no matter whether I try to impose my soul force on her soul or suck out a small part of her soul, I can’t finish it now. Now our souls are both blind and duli, and the individual should have developed continuously in the long years, just like the younger generation who lived in the same family in the past ten generations, but I have made new discoveries in another respect.
"Oh?" This can be really a windfall. Xiao Wen and Bei Huang said almost at the same time
Nan Yunqing and Zi Yan didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t shocked, because the connection between soul and body is definitely a big topic!
"This is the first time that I have contacted a soul that doesn’t repel me, and her body is a mortal. I have controlled her soul and done something that I can’t do in my own body, so I have observed some novel phenomena. Everyone who cultivates immortality has a way to enter the skull cavity. The soul root is the closest part of the soul union. This time, I think that mortals should also have a’ pseudo-soul root’. Although they can’t increase the Tao power through the soul realm, they can increase it slightly …"
Chapter six hundred and thirty Soul three bodies
When Bai Qionghai said to the key, he suddenly stopped and lived beautifully. It turned out that some people didn’t know what to do.
Then her tone became uncertain, not because she was uncertain about the conclusion she had just reached, but because she didn’t know how to describe it clearly.
In the face of some extremely rare phenomena, human language is extremely scarce. At this time, Bai Qionghai actually has an impulse to create a new word, otherwise there is really no way to make the next communication concise
So she actually invented a word called soul body.
According to Bai Qionghai, the soul is neither a soul nor a flesh. The soul takes out a small part and the flesh takes out a small part. When the two are combined, it is a soul. At first glance, it sounds like the soul root, but it is not. Because the soul root is actually a part of the Daoji, it is easier to react with the soul, but the body does not contain a little soul.
In this way, people become composed of three parts, namely, the simple soul, the soul body and the flesh body.
The soul body is like a forest and a desert prairie. Although the area can’t be compared with desert and forest, it perfectly connects the two.
Strong body can make the soul strong, and strong soul can also make the soul strong, and the soul can affect both the soul and the body at both ends because it is a transitional zone.
So Bai Qionghai’s conclusion is clear. A person with a strong soul will affect the strength of the soul body, and the soul body will affect the strength of the physical body. The external manifestations of the strong soul body are usually traceable, but they can really be perceived, such as a person’s temperament, tolerance, eyes in the face of various living conditions, and so on, while the external manifestations of the strong physical body are intuitive and can be seen by the naked eye.
The woman in the mountain village is the best example. Her soul is far higher than the average person, and her soul is stronger. This makes her calm. Although she lives a poor life in the mountain village, she is as comfortable as a hermit, and her body has always been quite healthy, full of blood and good skin.
At first, Xiao Wen thought that there was nothing because of similar ideas, but the word "soul body" once again made him pay attention to the discovery of Bai Qionghai, because this female goddess isolated the soul body from the soul and the body alone, which had never been done before!
Then Bai Qionghai further elaborated the concept of soul and body, which was more clear in everyone’s mind.
If this concept is really correct, it almost means that the cognition of the immortals, demons and demons about human beings will enter a new stage. Before practice, it was all about self-cultivation and self-cultivation. Now, if there is another soul body, can we find another way in practice? Practice pays attention to self-cultivation and self-cultivation, and goes hand in hand. I wonder how many people are stuck in one end. Is this soul body another door?
However, Bai Qionghai has just come into contact with this field, and she is ahead of her and can learn from the previous experience. It will take quite a long time to perfect and get a definite conclusion.
When Bai Qionghai finished speaking, everyone was silent, but the superficial silence was the heart. The presence of Hao was almost at the highest point of the practice road, and people naturally understood the significance better than others.
The strong glare at everyone, trembling and silent. Is this the death of a soul?
As a result, many phenomena in this world have been traced! And what kind of magical phenomenon will it be if you consciously strengthen the soul body to practice the soul body?
There is no doubt that everyone present is particularly strong in soul and body, but Nan Yunqing is a little special because others are strong in soul and body, and now Nan Yunqing has become a short board in the three links of soul, soul and body, which can be ignored …
However, it seems that there is nothing to make, and we can wait for Doggi’s natural recovery. After the concept of soul body was put forward, we have some clues.
Maybe Beihuang and Ziyan didn’t have this idea, but Bai Qionghai, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing did! In fact, Bai Qionghai had thought of it when she was still in that mountain village, but she is still not sure.
Bai Qionghai is the only god in the ancient world, but this problem is even difficult for her, which shows how strange and mysterious the soul body is!
That night, everyone unanimously decided not to leave. Bai Qionghai went to Mianshan Village every night to continue to improve her soul-body theory, while the rest of the people came back every afternoon to discuss it.
Early the next morning, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing left all the way. Nan Yunqing hardly spoke. Naturally, he was not in conflict with Xiao Wen, but was still thinking about the soul and body.
"This train of thought may really find a way to make Daoji recover before" is flying in high school, and Nan Yunqing finally says.
Xiao asked that he still sighed in his heart and said, "The discovery of White Girl is really amazing."