Here! Your sister is satirizing her hand! Zuo Tangtang looked at Pikachu’s words and they were about to explode, but at this time, Maoershang successfully changed the subject.

[Team] Cat Ear Niang Hoof Hoof You just didn’t see the fire next to you!
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew in confusion/No, I just saw my blood rushing off.
[Team] Cat Ear Niang Hey? It’s supposed to be wrong … Oh! That’s right Hoof hooves! You’re not minimalist, are you?
I can’t believe it. I want to know that with the increase of the number of players, it is not realistic for most players to match each other, but no matter how simple it is! That’s too poor, isn’t it? Cat ears can’t accept this completely.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Yes!
Zuo Tangtang replied confidently without any embarrassment or discomfort.
[Team] Cat Ear Niang …
In the face of this, Zuo Tangtang found that he was right at this time.
[Team] The pig’s trotters are stewed! Why did you die when the line was so difficult just now? It’s ok to configure it!
[Team] Can you watch the pig’s trotters stew?
[Team] Cat Ear Niang …
[Team] Pippi Pikachu shakes his head/Gee, it’s pathetic. Little hoof simply throws your brain away!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed and thrown at your sister! I have no problem, okay! It’s a network card! Network card!
[Team] Pippi Pikachu’s network card. Make it up whatever you want!
How can this be a fabrication!
Zuo Tangtang just want to refute saw Pikachu a very nai tone said
[Team] Aunt Pippi Pikaqiu, can we stop staring blankly on that roof! Come and play the blame quickly!
Zuo Tangtang discovered that he had just put out the fire and jumped to the roof, but he always forgot it.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed.
When I was about to jump, a message made Zuo Tangtang’s original moving body stop again.
The members of the Tong Gang are idle.
Mu Mu … Is this a line?
Zuo Tangtang gawked at the red unified straight font slowly disappearing, and Zuo Tangtang just came to his senses and jumped into the room.
But as soon as I got to the penis, it was already pushed down.
[Team] Pippi Pikaqiu’s little hoof is a pit! Come here slowly after you’ve finished playing!
[Team] Pippi Pikachu said that you didn’t output, and you still don’t believe it! If you don’t believe me, print out the statistics yourself!
It’s rare that Zuo Tangtang didn’t bicker with Pikachu this time, but made a friend list and silently looked at the name in the first place.
In fact, when she was online yesterday, she really figured out how to prepare a new attitude and look to continue to face Mu Yunxian.
Don’t care as much as you think … Believe everything he says …
She knew that she would be stupid and would be called weak.
Owning means you will be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
Zuo Tangtang feels that he has not really owned it, but he already has this feeling.
This feeling is very bad. She has always been timid and can’t do it like those girls who are decisive in emotional treatment in the drama. She will escape when there is a choice. She really doesn’t want to guess those bad developments.
So this time …
Zuo Tangtang tried his best to ignore the sadness caused by what happened yesterday.
Isn’t there a popular saying recently?
Don’t cry, don’t cry, get up!
I have to get up myself! There is no big deal, and there is no hurdle that you can’t get through.
Let’s take the initiative to say it this time, right?
After all, yesterday, because I saw that little girl feel uncomfortable at the moment, I fell off the line. Maybe Mu Mu still doesn’t know what explains herself, but she is still off the line.
It’s better to make it clear
Zuo Tangtang was about to send a message when he typed the message box, but the other party didn’t send the message first.
[Team] No, no,no. We are too slow to play like this.
While meditating to reply to the blood volume, the cat-ear mother said in the team
[Team] Pippi Pikachu is slow ~ Isn’t that what you asked!
Pikachu has complained about this progress, and he can definitely quit the team until usual, but he really feels it today.
Ah ~
God! It is so blue!
Cloud! It is so white!
Lieutenant! It is so slow!
Everything! Everything is so beautiful!
Ever since I heard that those people in the crooked alley were going to fight, he really wanted to plunge into the vice captain and never go out. Those bastards wanted him to make medicine and let him charge!
But Cat Ear Niang can’t do this. Previously, he thought it would be a pit, as long as he could get through it. But the people in your sister’s house are always urging him to ask him what he is doing, and his ears hurt.
As a result, I said that three people were brushing it, and it’s getting worse. I’m clamoring to brush the real estate license, especially the lazy goods that have been sleeping for thousands of years
He just took off his headphones and pulled out his ears, fearing that he would hear wrong.
After all, people who have always been able to stay still in the game also hang up and sleep suddenly say that they are coming here, which is no less than someone telling him that Altman was pushed by a little monster!
[Team] There are a lot of people in Cat Ear Niang who think we are too slow.
[Team] Pippi Pikachu?
Pikachu immediately lost his sloppy look and asked seriously because he knew that this dead transvestite definitely had something to make him vomit blood!
[Team] Cat Ear Niang Institute, they are coming to three people to tell us that we will talk about brushing the real estate license by the way.