Isn’t that what Xiao Wen and Zi Yan want most?

After the demon sacrifices the magic weapon, the fighting power is stronger. Occasionally, he is urged to pay attention to some things that can be injured and passed.
But this is a chance for Xiao Wen and Zi Yan. They can never let it go easily!
The two sides are getting closer and closer, and people haven’t touched Xiao Wenxian’s magic device and the war magic device. The three of them have been blasted together and instantly filled with black, gold, deep blue, fiery red and other brilliance, which is solid, rapid and scattered, but powerful!
This time, Xiao Wen decided to dry Kun Fan at the last minute. Compared with Zi Yan’s assistance, it is obviously easier to receive a bigger return than his own fairy aid!
Passing 18-wheeler, the three of them have already rushed together in the collision between fairy and magic!
Xiao asked his left hand, Gankun Fan, and flung it outward, pushing the Gankun force toward the war demons!
But the speed of the war demon has not slowed down. At this moment, the war demon finally took out his first killer!
PS, if I think the battle is not good-looking, I’ll end it soon, but sometimes it says it’s really enjoyable, especially this key, the battle is not to be continued …
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Pseudo-instantaneous
The sudden grip of the left fist of the war demon gives people a feeling that the whole world is held in their hands. It seems that every grass, tree, mountain and stone in the underworld echoes with his simple fist-making.
He is the first person in the underworld, and the laws of the underworld are the most suitable and can be recognized by this world!
No one can beat him by the power of the underworld!
So when Gankun Fan called for tens of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang to squeeze the magic of war, the magic of war suddenly got a wider range of recognition! He may be able to directly transform the attack power, but he can break the squeezing pressure of Kun fan tit for tat.
Because the war demon clenched his fist very fast, even what he did in the front grip, the squeezing pressure of Kun fan didn’t affect him at all, and his speed was still so fast
This is nothing, but it has disrupted the rhythm of Xiao Wen and Zi Yan!
Xiao asked and purple Yan very not easy to catch the opportunity to attack the magic of war have been ready to attack! They know that it is almost impossible for the war demon to fight back when it is squeezed by the Gankun fan, so they are not prepared for defense. But at this time, the war demon can not only fight back but also fight back with the strongest strength! On the contrary, their ready-made attack is difficult to hit the target because the speed of war magic is not limited.
This is Xiao Wen and Zi Yan’s chance to fight the magic, but they have made a move to get the first chance!
War magic quickly turned slightly and threw Xiao Wen into the purple Yan!
Violet Yan forcibly dispersed the magic force defense in the attack moves.
However, after all, she was somewhat passive. In a very short time, she managed to hold the magic of war with one punch and one leg. Just when they were wrong and outdated, the magic of war punched the purple Yan’s right shoulder!
"Cut …"
Purple Yan has tried her best to unload the force, but there is still a muffled sound accompanied by a fracture.
It was directly tilted and flew out, and it lost its flying ability for a short time.
So people in the distance saw that the black and red thin line representing her quickly left the battlefield, drew a nearly hundred-mile arc in the middle and then fell.
However, who can know that Zi Yan didn’t even hum a word, either at the moment of boxing or after boxing!
As soon as she regained her balance, she buckled her right shoulder with her left hand, regardless of the fact that the bone had cracked and jerked it!
Dislocated arm was so abruptly put back by her …
At this time, she just frowned slightly.
But she just stopped in the middle of the war and the magic rushed over again! Rare wounded purple Yan, he must pursue 56-point thrashing, regardless of Xiao Wen’s breath.
Hard-wired arm is really tough, but the war demons know that the purple Yan bone has cracked, and the purple Yan’s right arm root is ineffective, which will affect the purple Yan’s attack and defense.
"Come again!" War magic sneer at a defiantly to purple Yan way
Purple Yan has been fast, but the speed is still slightly slower than the magic of war. He asked Xiao to be near there and stared at every move of the magic of war.
Two people hit in one place again!
Violet Yan’s right arm method has affected the coordination of the body. After a muffled sound, she flew out obliquely again, but this time she was not prepared as before. Even if her right arm affected her, she still didn’t suffer a big loss.
For a moment, Xiao Wen’s golden thread had stopped the magic fairy device and then kicked it on his right foot.
The demon of war is not afraid to ask for a dogfight and leave at the touch of a button, but he no longer flies far and then turns back as before, but flies a short distance and then turns and rushes back.
Then the three men fought and entered another mode. The first three men emphasized speed and impact, just as the cavalry charge on the battlefield must have an impact distance, so every time they launched an impact, they were far away, and the battlefield was also very wide. Now, there is little emphasis on speed and impact. They all fly not too far, so they turn back and seek to raise the frequency of confrontation. The smaller the battlefield is, the more intense the fighting is.
This phenomenon is obviously dominated by the war demon, who doesn’t want to give ZiYan a break and attack ZiYan again and again.
Despite Xiao Wen’s support from the side, Zi Yan’s disadvantage is getting bigger and bigger and more dangerous. Before long, she will be subjected to the magic of war again. It is also possible if she is afraid of being killed on the spot in key parts such as her head, heart and abdomen.
But at the same time, because the magic of war doesn’t care much about Xiao Wen, it has also achieved certain advantages, although it has not yet been firmly bombed in the magic of war, and it is not far away.