"In case of failure, I think we will at least stop relegation and worry. Even if we fail, there is actually no loss for the team. Set the goal higher and then work hard. Even if we fail, I think it will be lower than setting the goal and then going to fight, okay? If the goal is high enough, everyone can achieve it and try to forget everything. If the goal is set too easily, everyone will lose the fighting spirit and motivation. "Constant victory will tell him everything."

Hearing Flores nodding, he felt that winning was very reasonable.
"Now it seems that your goal has reached at least, and we are annoyed that we don’t avoid relegation. To be honest, your performance has often gone far beyond my imagination. I let you be the temporary head coach of the first team with a try attitude … but I didn’t expect you to be better than all of us expected …" Flores patted his thigh and murmured.
Changsheng grinned but didn’t pick up the words.
The two men chatted casually again, and then Flores got up and went to Fujian.
Flores said to Chang Sheng when he walked out of the villa gate, "I hope I can see the scene of my team’s promotion to the first division."
Chang Sheng said with certainty, "If you had asked me half a season ago, I wouldn’t have told you the answer for sure, but now I can answer you, Mr. Chairman. You will definitely see Hertha’s promotion!"
He really has such confidence.
At present, the team is the first in the league. Even if there are some twists and turns in the half season, he is confident that the problems encountered by the team will be controlled within a controllable range.
Even if you can’t win the league title, at least the top three are ok.
If you are in the top three, you can upgrade.
Flores smiled at him and said nothing.
Seeing Chang Sheng off, he turned and went back to the house.
He wants to win because he doesn’t know what he just said.
Of course, he can see Hertha’s promotion to the first division because he has confidence in winning, but he may not be his current status.
When Hertha was promoted to the first division, the person sitting on the rostrum should not be himself …
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Sit tight and watch the sky in your heart
Ever-victorious came out of Mr. President Flores’ house and still didn’t think about why Boss Bai suddenly invited himself to have such a grand dinner and introduced all the family members to himself as if this dinner was specially prepared by himself.
As a result, we met, but we didn’t talk about anything important. It was just some household words, which were so common that we didn’t move to his luxurious room to talk about it at the training ground or anywhere in coliseumalfonso perez.
In the chat, Flores did say that this meal was enough. Thank him and invite him.
But Chang Sheng feels somewhat fussy.
I don’t miss a meal myself.
It’s so formal to thank myself for such a wonderful dinner and to call all the family members together …
Changsheng didn’t think of anything that his boss would do when he got home.
Since I can’t think of it and it doesn’t seem to hurt me, I won’t think about it if I win.
He will have a few days off for the team holiday.
A total of nine days’ holiday from 22nd to 31st has now passed.
He doesn’t plan to count anywhere when he has the remaining days, so he stays at home.
The players can enjoy a relaxing holiday, but he can’t. He still has a lot of work to do.
The first game at the beginning of 2008 was against Certa, which was a first-class team.
This game is very difficult to play and always wins, but I don’t want to give up easily. Since the King’s Cup is the welfare of the substitute players, it is meaningful to play as many games as possible. Otherwise, I will go home after playing two games. What kind of welfare is this?
Even in the face of Certa’s constant victory, he intends to fight hard to win this game. He will reduce the number of substitute players and increase the allocation of main players.
Moreover, this game has another significance for Chang Sheng to arrange the starting lineup like this.
Because this is the first time that he led Hertha to play against a real La Liga team. Although both real betis and Seville played in the first division last season, they are now relegated teams. Many first-division players in the team are divorced from their strength, if they can’t be compared with the real first-division teams.
Therefore, Vigo Certa is the only team that the winning team can meet in the first division at present.
Since his goal is to upgrade, it is very likely that he will lead the team to La Liga this season.
This game is a good opportunity to feel the strength of La Liga before.
He wants to see how his team can hand over an answer sheet in front of La Liga teams.
He has to work harder.
Kate Gracie is obviously not interested in going out to play, and now she is almost digging in Hertha’s contract base. He plans to try further, but the most important thing is to work with her two companions and give them the money
His goal is to make Changsheng get more capital returns as soon as possible.
Both of them are very busy, so they have been busy until Christmas Eve.
On the night of Christmas Eve, the apartment held a Christmas party, and everyone gathered in the patio to eat, drink and have fun together.
Kate Gracie, who is always living with him, is naturally invited.
Now everyone in this apartment knows that Kate Gracie is a winning agent.
Everyone knows that the story behind them is always better than saving Kate Gracie on the roof, and Gracie came to repay the favor.
Everyone praised Kate Gracie for her kindness and righteousness.
They are also more enthusiastic about Gracie.
Kate Gracie lives in luxury apartments in new york.
Although the environment is good, there are few such lively neighbors, where everyone wears a mask and appears sullenly in front of everyone, as if they don’t keep them noble and elegant.
At that time, in the apartment building where these low-income families live in Hertha New Town, it is often the case that everyone is happy together.
These people are not as rich as Kate Gracie, and many of them are not as knowledgeable as Kate Gracie.
But in these poor people, Kate Gracie can see the glory of net victory.
When he took off his radiant coat and left those who stayed here with envy or other attempts, he felt that he might prefer this life.
Quiet and happy.
Everyone is friendly and enthusiastic to each other.
Kate Gracie feels that she hasn’t experienced it for a long time.
He hung all kinds of small gifts on the Christmas tree with other people on the ladder arm in arm, but he was busy sweating, but he felt full and interesting.
Gifts are bought by everyone and then hung together to give to those who want to give them or to all people.
Changsheng hung all the small gifts he brought back from China on the Christmas tree.
Now come to see him, gifts are the most popular.
Kate Gracie didn’t prepare any gifts-he didn’t have much money to contribute.
After he was busy, he looked at the Christmas tree with several gifts and colorful lights with a glass of wine, which was very fulfilling.