After he finished eating the popsicle, the wind came back and handed him the coke popsicle he asked for.

Yuan Tian looked at the popsicle stick in his hand. "So … where did this come from?"
Not far away, the float parade started.
Even if the guests have several of them, the ceremony should be as usual.
Around the beautiful floats, a long line of beautifully dressed dancers passed in front of them.
Accompanied by the king of music, the princesses danced as they walked, and the white rabbit dressed as a doll followed the team, skipping in a pink dress.
Among hundreds of people, Yuan Tian’s eyes fell on the white rabbit.
It waddled and danced in front of him, raised its hands and handed him a purple wind letter.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
I will always remember this day.
Yuan Tian took the flowers and the white rabbit skipped away.
He looked at the string of wind letters in his hand and looked back. The white rabbit could not be found in the long float line.
There was a sudden noise at the entrance of the park and tourists poured in.
The workman told them that the young master thought it was too spacious and chatty, so that the playground was open to the public and everyone could come in to play.
Because the venue is packed, tourists don’t need to pay tickets, which attracts many people and the playground becomes lively.
Yuan Tian put the wind letter on his nose and sniffed it. "This is a playground."
The secluded path of Ferris wheel
Several maintenance workers dressed in blue hurried by with boxes.
They kept their heads down and didn’t communicate with each other. The destination was the huge Ferris wheel hundreds of meters away.
The Nangong dust leaned against the roadside lamppost, and when the men passed in front of him, he put out his foot.
The first man tripped and stumbled.
The man cursed one, got up and patted his body.
He was just about to continue walking and stretch his foot again when he fell down again.
The man behind pushed him away. "What the hell? You can go if you can, but you can’t go to the back. It’s good for you to explain things badly. "
"It’s not that I want to fall, something tripped me!" Men talk back.
"What is it? The grass tripped you? " The man sneered. He walked forward, but like the first man, he fell to the ground.
There is nothing on the road, but the feeling of stumbling over him is very clear. He shrank back. "Let’s go another way."
They took a different road to the Ferris wheel. Just like before, they will trip if they can’t get to the Ferris wheel.
Some people are afraid. "There won’t be ghosts, will there? A few days ago, you should also know that there are supernatural forces in the world that we can understand. "
As soon as one person spoke, others began to agree, "The gentleman asked us to tamper with the Ferris wheel. Maybe it was his dead father’s ghost who was obstructing this kind of thing. Let’s stop doing it."
The man who just swore doesn’t believe this. His face is fierce and his eyes are squinting at the Ferris wheel not far away.
"Now that you have eaten the benefits of the master, you should handle affairs. Master Jin Youchen can’t sleep. Even if there is a ghost, how can a ghost be afraid of the wicked and eat you? Bah! " He spat at the next flower bed.
The mouth sputum of the Nangong dusty man just spit in the corner of his robe.
The man continued to move forward with his legs. This time, he didn’t stumble and turned back and proudly said to his companion, "I told you ghosts are afraid of evil …"
Before the words were finished, the gale blew overhead and the billboard suddenly fell and slammed on the man’s head.
The billboard weighed dozens of pounds and smashed the man’s head into cracks on the spot. Watermelon flesh and blood and brains flowed out all over the floor together.
The remaining people hurriedly retreated and looked around in horror.
It’s sunny after the rain. Don’t say that people don’t even have living creatures except them.
I really saw a ghost.
They turned pale after realizing the only possibility.
"Nangong" Taotao accompanied Jin Youchen to the water slide and got wet like two drowned rats.
Nangong dust washes his hands by the pool. The water rushes to the man’s head and Explosicum splashes blood on his hands.
He watched the pool become more and more turbid, and his color was indifferent.
After hearing Taotao’s cry, he turned around with a gentle smile on his face. "What’s the matter?"
There are more and more people in the park, and many projects have long queues. It’s getting late and it’s time for fireworks.
Taotao "Xiaoyou said he wanted to go to the Ferris wheel to watch fireworks."
"Good" He walked beside Taotao.
Taotao and Jin Youchen bought a roast chicken leg in the scenic spot and ate it while walking.
At first, Jin Youchen also disliked "taking away young master and never eating junk food on the roadside"
After Taotao stuffed the chicken leg into his mouth, he quickly changed to "it smells good"
The second time the float cruised Yuan Tian, it turned around frequently.
What is the wind looking for?
Yuan day shook his head "look around"
People come and go.
Since birth, Jin Youchen has been under the strict protection of the family, and he has no chance and is not allowed to enter such occasions.
At this time, because of this, the playground is full of adults and children, and the smell of happy fireworks is everywhere.
Taotao’s hair was wet and her clothes were wet when the night wind blew. Some cold Nangong dust put her hand on Taotao’s back, and the lava temperature soon dried her clothes. She turned around and kissed him on tiptoe while no one around saw him.
The nangongshan dust touched the place where she kissed and raised a gentle smile on her lips.
Many people gathered around the float, Taotao pulled Jin Youchen into the team and danced like the dancers in front.
Some Jin Youchen couldn’t let go. "I don’t want someone shooting here …"
"Let them shoot, young master. What’s wrong with asking them to come to the playground to shoot?" Taotao learned to dance with the king in front and asked him to dance the princess step. Jin Youchen hesitated and followed her while walking and dancing.
He has a ballroom dance floor and dances like a crab compared with Taotao.
"It’s so hard."