Back in the room, I found Yunlie was holding a huge cloth in the room, drawing something.

"Come back?"
"Want to come and have a look? 117 Chapter 117 mind.
"What is this?"
Tang Luoling walked around the desk, and he looked at the cloth side by side.
Yunlie pointed to one of the places, "This is the floating frost castle, which is the residence of Zunyuan female emperor."
Tang Luoling’s eyes lit up when he heard this. "How did you get this map?"
"This is my grandfather. He gave it to me. Of course, he lured my grandfather to draw it as Tang Yu."
"Royal son?"
How could Tang Luoling let his grandfather draw this map when he was dazed by a younger brother?
Yun Lietian nodded. "Linger is actually very clever. Sometimes you might as well let him help you do something, don’t you think?"
"You have said everything, and you must have made a decision in your heart."
Tang Luoling smiled and finally said, "What are you going to let Yuer do?"
"Let him stare at those people brought by Uncle Xiu Chen."
"What are you doubting?"
It’s really weird for him to act like this.
Yun Lietian looked at her. "Do you know that Uncle Xiuchen brought those who we didn’t know and led our own people to have an accident in the future? Can we bear the consequences of a sudden back attack?"
His words made Tang Luoling also silent.
It is true that once something happens, being attacked before and after will make all of them close to death.
Tang Luoling doesn’t want to see this situation!
Don’t want to see this happen again, and Tang Luoling can’t accept it.
"I neglected this matter. Did you start as soon as they entered the fierce peak?"
Tang Luoling looked at him with a smile. "I suddenly found that I am lucky to marry you all my life!" "
"I am lucky that a fool can marry you!"
He gently held her in his arms, and the two of them embraced and the warmth filled the room.
On this day, Xu Yuanmo summoned Tang Luoling and his party, who looked serious and seemed to have something important to discuss.
Tang Luoling looked suspicious. "Grandfather, what can I do for you?"
"Your strength is still too weak. If you want to gain a foothold in Zunyuan country, you can only grow up faster by practicing in the forbidden area of Zunyuan country."
Forbidden area practice?
Yunlie became interested in "Please show your grandfather"
"You’re going to this place, Jiuxue Valley. I’ll start this time. If the attack and defense are not strong, you don’t need to go. You decide who to choose. Of course, Luoling Royal Son must go to both of you. I can assure you."
Xu Yuanmo’s words came out like thunder.
Tang Luoling and others looked at each other and didn’t expect such a different shape at this time.
It’s really something to do to improve your strength.
"Grandfather, we all went to that mother?"
Tang Luoling doesn’t trust the people around Niang to protect him.
Xu Xiuchen smiled at Tang Luoling. "I will take care of it."
Tang Luoling dazed a then nodded "that niang safety trouble uncle Chen"
"You’re welcome. That’s all I should do."
Yunlietian took Tang Luoling and several people discussed a decision. Yun Gu, Yunzhong, Yunsu, Yun Jian, Yun Bo, Yunxuan, Yunmo and Xia Houlian followed others, and they continued to guard the fierce spirit. Chapter 118 Nine Snow Valley 1.
It was three days after leaving the fierce peak.
In these three days, Tang Luoling directly fed a medicine to Xu Yuanpan’s family of three.
It is a kind of memory that can slowly corrode people and degenerate into a vegetative state.
Only with her unique antidote can they recover.
Seeing that she is going to Jiuxue Valley, she can’t kill all three of them now. Grandfather is watching.
Bao Lie Ling Feng An can’t blame her for being ruthless.
Xu Yuanmo led them all the way north.
After driving for more than half a month, I finally came to Jiuxue Valley.
As soon as I get to this nine-snow valley, it looks white from a distance.
The terrible thing is that the wind and snow here are like a knife, and the face hurts and the bones hurt badly
Everyone can’t help but shrink the neck behind Xu Yuanmo.
Don’t feel too cold!
"It’s too cold here. I won’t go."
Summer Hou Lian pouted like a child and went backwards, turning around and walking back.
Yunsu grabbed his clothes and coaxed, "How can you give up halfway after all this?"
"It’s so cold and you see there are few people here who freeze to death and can’t go! Do not go! "
Xia Houlian tried to break away from her because Yunsu pulled him behind, so he bowed up and used his strength.