"Hey, buddy, are you coming to kill wolves? 3q has milk, honesty and lack of a charm and output. You are summoning, just in time to charm monsters."

Suddenly a figure stopped in front of Nie Shuang and gave him a lesson.
Looking up, a strange, young, smiling male face is looking forward to him in front of Nie Shuang. Nie Shuang didn’t seem too nervous or strange about this kind of thing in every corner of the game.
"No, I still have things to do," Nie Shuang refused.
"Ah, well, excuse me, but I can’t find anyone …" The man regretted that he was slightly sideways and got out of the way.
Leaving Nie Shuang quickly did not put this matter in front of his heart. He said that this kind of thing is common for the game. It is no big deal to invite or refuse to form a team, and it will not offend anyone.
Once again, I looked up at the crown distance. It seems that when it doesn’t take a little time, I can’t get to this issue. I don’t know if I will die. It’s a big deal to resurrect the experience directly. What is it for Nie Shuang?
It’s a little far away from the place where I was stopped before, but it seems to be getting noisy over there. It seems that the daily "pk" has started again …
Nie Shuang looked up slightly to meet the sunshine without temperature in Ska, and walked forward with a breeze blowing through the grass and trees. If the wind was stronger, he could feel that he was not a person who liked pk, and he directly lay down when he faced death. First, he didn’t have the pk strength. Secondly, I didn’t have the mind to destroy a few people, and I also chased Nie Shuang’s soft temper hard. In the end, I really couldn’t bear it. This taught them a lesson by changing careers.
If you insist on killing anyone, it’s true that you’ve been to Nieshuang before, and you’ve been killed many times on the road in Hill Town, but in fact, how many people will go in that remote place? Nie Shuang doesn’t know why he met such a guy on the road. After seeing him kill directly for the first time, he kept squatting and killing … So seven times, Nie Shuang had to divert over the mountains to get there.
Nie Shuang remembers that ID-the song of the scourge.
The wind suddenly became strong, blowing people’s skirts and hunting. There is also such a strong wind in Ska, so that players can feel the "wind" from the game slightly through the equipment to the human body.
After a long journey, Nie Shuang finally came to another place in the Haussaire Plain. Although both belong to the Haussaire Plain, the topography and vegetation here have changed a little, which is different from the previous one in Ma Pingchuan. Although there are not too many trees, it is still a forest. It has a new name-
Falling on the moon
If you have a bird’s-eye view, you will find that the vegetation cover shape is like a broken moon, which is named after it.
The number of players here doesn’t need to be anywhere else. Further on, it is the largest forest in Ska-Haussaire Senjie.
It stretches around the northern end of Skanska continent, and I don’t know how many areas there are. There are countless kinds of trees and vegetation, and there are also various wild monsters, which are a paradise for players. At the same time, there are also pairs here.
Unlike other games, the vice in Ska can’t be delivered. Players want to enter the vice to form a good team outside the vice, or artists are brave enough to go in alone. The vice is to redraw a piece based on the original terrain and landforms. Players will be rewarded after being killed by mobsters and lords.
Nie Shuang never passed the deputy. He tried to join a team, but no team should have a summoner who was badly equipped and fucked. He tried to join alone, but …
With his junk equipment and fuck, how could he single out the vice?
Even now, Nie’s hands are holding the blue se wand "Snow Dancing Rose", but Liang was born in other equipment, and it is estimated that there is no team willing to ask him to think so much. It is better to find the enchanted Wolf Queen earlier!
Look up and re-determine the direction. Nie Shuang walked forward carefully. There have been many wolves in this area. Whether they are not demonized or demonized, they will take the initiative to attack Nie Shuang. We must be careful to find the scope of "hatred" in the wolves and then move forward from the gap of hatred. Nie Shuang can be said to be an old hand. There is no way to complete his low-level "Queen Summoner". These are all special "skills" learned from death again and again.
"Don’t look at me, let me see your queen." Nie Shuang stared at a wolf not far in front of him and said to himself, the wolf was also looking at him, but there was no evidence that Nie Shuang was on the verge of hatred and didn’t go in.
Nie Shuang once again stepped through the range of wolves’ hatred with one foot, and now he can see the horse’s appearance. There is no difference between other demonized wolves. The Queen of the Magic Wolf is also watching him.
"Little dream finally found you." Nie Shuang walked softly and stopped outside the hatred circle of the enchanted wolf queen. Although he caught it later, it would make the enchanted wolf change, but now the wolf is still the enemy of the wild monster
Nie Shuangdong has already attracted a large number of players around him to stop and watch them. Without exception, they are all watching monkey shows. Generally, they laugh while watching Nie bilaterally.
"There’s a rookie running into a monster over there. Haha … I just recorded him entering. It’s really funny!"
"That guy want to do? You can’t kill monsters directly outside here. Do you run into the monster pile to die? "
"Come and bet on how long this rookie can live …"
There was a lot of laughter around, although it was harsh and ugly, but Nie Shuang also woke up. There are many people here, and if he directly used his skills to catch wolves, he might be photographed.
A grind Nie Shuang decided to take the enchanted Wolf Queen away desperately.
A star bullet was thrown into the demonized wolf. This is a summoner’s ordinary attack with weak damage, but such a blow is enough to attract the demonized wolf’s hatred.
"ouch! !”
The wolf growled, one or four paws spread, and ran towards Nie Shuang, and his eyes were full of evil spirits …
"I’ll go!" Nie Shuang was surprised. Although she is a "wife", this wife has a bit of a bad temper. Run first …
The movement speed added by stepping on the 15-level white shoes with the summoner’s upgrade Nie Shuang hangs the magic wolf behind his back. His speed is just a little more than that of the magic wolf, so he can’t be chased.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! !”
"I depend on this person, Yao Shabi? He bypassed the layers of wolves and went to the monster. Then he was chased and ran … Haha … "
"Don’t say please don’t say always want to laugh …"