It’s a pity that I met a fool! Give me a calculation!

Glass princess mask disgruntled mood laughed "Li Furen too diagnosis! Let’s go there! "
Even Fang Zhou sneered "Ah" in her heart, and when Princess Li went out together, Han Han said, "A stranger should be, after all, we are not a family! How dare you not see the princess if you are a concubine of the princess! "
Princess Li almost couldn’t control her face when she was stiff. She barely smiled and squeezed her hand tightly, and finally the handkerchief didn’t rise.
Even Fang Zhou disdained to "cut" a trace in his heart and ignored it, followed by secretly looking at his imperial secretary
Anyway, it’s just a war with Zhujiajian. What is she afraid of when the gongs and drums make trouble face to face?
Even Fang Zhou didn’t know that Princess Li would come to invite her to the Qionghua Temple together. In fact, it was not the queen’s intention, but Princess Li took the initiative to ask the queen for an order.
The queen felt that Princess Li could be so active, which obviously meant that Li Jia had fixed it. Instead, she was quite satisfied. She felt that being a princess should have such tolerance and mind! You can’t hate the Li family just because General Li rejected the Zhujiajian!
So the queen smiled happily and agreed.
I also specially told Princess Li to treat Lian Fangzhou well!
But where did she know that Zhu Jiatong and Li Jia had secretly fought to the death?
Princess Lian Fangzhou Glass has arrived in the spacious hall of Qionghua Palace, and the lights are bright.
Looking into the hall where the dinner is held, we can see that there is a seat, a single person and a few seats. Rows of seats are arranged on both sides, and the throne is placed high. There are also seats at the first and second steps, which should be the higher position of concubines.
Countless ladies-in-waiting eunuchs carry delicious food and wine in their hands, or incense burners and bottles of flowers shuttle back and forth, and there are figures swaying everywhere.
In the middle, the head is hung with colorful embroidery, with long tassels, exquisite palace lanterns, bright red flowers and rich carpets, and there are many long couches and tables, surrounded by pearls and jade, surrounded by ladies or sitting or laughing, while young emperors and princesses are involved in the hands of destitution and ladies-in-waiting. Far from the other end, there are several well-dressed men gathered in one place. Naturally, it is the adult emperor or royal relatives. Chapter 849 Princess Li is here.
Even fangzhou and princess Li went in to wait on the palace people, and the ladies stood up and greeted them with a smile while talking.
Princess Li is the longest among the people, and the natural winner of all walks of life says hello to her.
Princess Li responded to the past with a smile, but did not forget to take care of even Fangzhou, who always introduced her with a smile.
Because Zhujiajian and Lijia have made a fuss about it, even Fangzhou’s name is like the thunder. No one doesn’t know it.
However, few people have actually met her.
At this time, I met all the people and greeted her with a smile. At the same time, I couldn’t secretly look at her enough.
How the heart thinks is different from person to person.
Even fangzhou saw princess Li didn’t say hello to everyone, but she was too busy to "accidentally" neglect herself and left herself in the local area like a fool. She was not surprised.
I was relieved in a flash.
What a broad-minded, virtuous and virtuous princess!
How many people in her position can do this?
Even the thought in Fangzhou’s heart just turned around when he heard someone talking in a low voice behind him.
"Erhuang sister-in-law is really a good temper! Good sex This kind of mind is really rare! "
"Yes, it is!"
Even fangzhou corners of the mouth imperceptible slightly tick did not hear.
Although it’s a good name for Lao Shi, she’s really not rare, but she’s been taken as a bargaining chip, so it’s still a bit difficult for Princess Li to impress King Li.
I don’t know who whispered, "Look at the king and princess of Liujun!"
Talking and laughing suddenly dropped several levels to the crowd and they all turned to look in the direction of the door.
Even fangzhou looked around and saw a man and a woman walking back and forth.
The girl’s face is slightly haggard, and if she doesn’t ask, she will know that she must be in a bad mood at the moment. Even the clothes with bright red embroidery and exquisite workmanship and the precious beads in the bun can’t set off the charm.
That man is wearing a ginger round neck and gold thread robe, white jade hairpin, slender face like a full moon, rich and handsome, not as handsome as Cui Shaoxi, but also rare and handsome, full of luxury and gas, and his long and narrow peach eyes and sexy thin lips are destined to be an affectionate species!
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help sighing in her heart that Princess Zhen Feng, at first glance, is a frank and thorough character, and her eyes can’t get sand. Because she married the king of Liujun because of love, how can she stand his mercy and affection everywhere?
She wanted to stay in the county at the beginning, and the king had a crush on her for a while. With that tenderness, it was even more impossible for Princess Zhen Feng to stand watching him treat his neighbor as he had treated himself!
These two people are as valuable as each other. It’s strange that one sex and one affection don’t make trouble!
Even Fang Zhou said that princess Zhen Feng’s temper was doomed to be a tragedy of correcting to death and suffering to death!
"Cousin Gui and sister in law are here!" Princess Li smiled and nodded to the king and princess of Liujun.
"Two emperors!" Leave the king of the county to bow and salute to Princess Li briefly, say hello, smile slightly from her eyebrows, be warm and decent, and behave gracefully, which makes people feel like a spring breeze in their hearts.
Even Fangzhou can’t help but feel more sympathy for the princess who stays in the county. This princess who stays in the county is a Jia Baoyu-style figure. She is very decent and respectful to all women, which makes it even more obvious that the princess who stays in the county is unreasonable!
Her eyes swept away, and sure enough, these women looked at the king of Liujun with a smile in their eyes, and ourtenant greeted him with kindness.
Princess Biliuxian was left out in the cold.
That leave the county princess just pie pie is very disdain gently sneer turned to one side.
Leave the king of the county and lift his feet after they say hello, and then walk to the place where the emperors are.
Suddenly thunder sounded at this time to leave the county princess a folded to drink "what are you doing! Live for me! "
They all got a fright, and even Dalian Fangzhou, who has always been to bravery, couldn’t help slowing down before coming back to China.
And many timid surprised patted his chest pumping unceasingly at the county princess.
In front of so many relatives, the county king’s face sank as cold as ice, and he snorted, but he didn’t look at his princess and went straight away without looking back!
Leave the county princess airway "you! You live for me! "
Stay in the county, the king’s heart is angry and abnormal. Instead of walking, he walks faster!
In his heart, he hated to know that this woman was such a bitch and should have refused this marriage even if she was desperate! It also saves me from being influenced by this cowardice and the ulterior motives of making fun of my good fortune and climbing high branches!
Bah! I’m also the Mao emperor, the grandson is the blood of the heavenly family, the phoenix dragon grandson, and she’s a bird!
Leave the county princess turned pale with anger and trembled with tears in her eyes, biting her lip and enduring not to teach.
All the ladies gloated or quietly looked at her, and even the frolicking children looked at her curiously next to their wet nurses.
Leave the princess of the county to cover her mouth and whimper in a low voice. One or two strings of tears are dripping from her eyes. She turns her head stubbornly and wants to run outside the temple.
"Sister in law!" Glass princess a surprised load busy grabbed her sleeve before patting behind her and laughed "good good! Look how old you are and how childish you are! How can cousin Gui treat you like this? Don’t be angry. When you ask the toffee to make decisions with you, you must ask him to accompany you! "
Said the light and just so that most ladies can hear the low voice, "what day is sister in law today?" Father and mother are happy. Everyone is happy in the palace. If you make such a scene, you will be a cousin, and you will not be! Listen to a word and quickly put away your tears! "
Princess Liujun was shocked and stopped crying. She choked and thanked Princess Li. "Thank you, Second Emperor!"