When Fengxiang heard this, his hands and feet were dancing in a terrible way, and he made a black-and-white effort to promote Luo Di’s chest, which instantly shook him out several feet away and let Fengxiang fall back to the ground.

"Monty gas? You really absorbed the power in the monty pearl! " Luo Di stared at his eyes and questioned, at the same time, his body moved violently, and a strange technique that was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye once again caught the wind.
"What monty beads? I’ve never seen them. I used Longyuan Mainland to photograph the Millennium beads!" The wind Xiang felt that the strength of the limbs was weak and it was difficult to condense. I don’t know what Luo Di did to stop himself
"What did you say? Millennium? It turns out that I have been in a coma for thousands of years in these four deep days. I really don’t know how many disasters those nine monty beads have brought here. "
"Wait! Monty beads? Are you saying that the magic beads are monty beads? That I was absorbed by the power is not really … "The wind xiang recalled Luo Di whispering intellectual white somewhat, and when I thought of the force released by myself, the situation was really evil, and I couldn’t help dying in the dark.
"If you don’t want to die, talk less and stay still!" Luo Di roared to death one by one, and immediately let the wind Xiang put away his nagging. He really stopped moving and quietly groped by Luo Di himself.
"Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Instead of being swallowed up by the powerful magic gas contained in this monty bead, you will condense into an inferno to have a magic element, but this powerful monty gas has not swallowed up your body that has not yet condensed into a true element? "
Luo Di talked to himself, and the palm of his hand kept touching the skin surface, and a part of his mind was separated from his consciousness to explore the meridians and power operation of the body.
"What is this?"
Luo Di’s visit felt that there were five strange energy groups condensed in the chest and abdomen of Fengxiang, and the intersection in his blood actually made the five energy groups of the original mutually exclusive real magic force merge into one place.
"What happened to your cliff?" Luo Di suspicious asked.
A listen to Luo Di asked himself about the situation after the wind Xiang couldn’t help falling off the cliff, and he listened to three people gaping. I didn’t expect this little new life to be so big that several fatal attacks failed to knock him down, which made him look weird now.
"Hum Fengxiang, why did you suddenly return to save the girl?" After the wind Xiang will see Rou Er muttered mouth asked words full of jealousy and blame.
"When saving people from danger, I am a man of wind and wind. Can you say it is wrong?" The wind cheung chin assumed a righteously sample high said
"With you? I don’t know yet? I don’t believe that you will give yourself up for no reason at the sight of life-threatening running faster than anyone else. Did someone look at that beautiful girl? " Rou Er said that jealousy grew stronger in his heart until he finally turned his back and ignored Fengxiang, who turned a deaf ear. It seemed that Rou Er’s behavior was not assured.
"Xiao, do you mean that the female killer at that time scored five heart-grabbing and blood-sucking needles?" Luo di regardless of quarrelling between two people continue to ask a way
"Yes, but I have nothing at all. Isn’t that great? Haha! "
"bad? I think it’s your luck that these five heart-grabbing and blood-sucking needles just inserted into the five main meridians of your body coming out of the Dantian gas sea, thus delaying the circulation speed of the magic gas, so that the true force and the magic gas can reach a balance when running, and the true element and the magic element can merge with your body. It’s even more because the blood-sucking force of the heart-grabbing and blood-sucking needles combines the true force and the magic gas in these five nodes into one place, which makes you look strange now. I’m afraid everything is an act of God. "
"Ha ha, that I’m a real magic double major in the future, won’t I be able to run rampant in Siyuan every day, and what weapons and magic weapons are all with my hands open? No, no, I’ll practice my own weapons in the future and then take them out to sell them at a high price! Haha, I am rich! "
Everyone looked at the wind Xiang’s cold sweat on his forehead, and he couldn’t help slipping. When he was constantly planning his future plans, Luo Di once again said, "Wind Xiang, you should know that since ancient times, good and evil can’t make a total of your body. Although they have condensed into two true bodies, they don’t fight with each other at all times, which consumes most of the true strength and magic spirit. It is difficult for you to make great progress in a true repair. In the future, cultivation will be ten thousand times harder than others."
"What? It’s over! It’s over! All hope is gone! By the way, why does the fairy thunder curse always hit me? Am I born to be disgusted with the weather? I how so hard luck ….. "Said the wind xiang integrity place can’t help crying face upwards, all is in distress situation.
"Fengxiang, you should know that what I have taught you are all some celestial spells. Although you can fully cultivate the most basic fairy ray spells now, it is difficult to control the fairy ray itself caused by such celestial techniques. Therefore, you can only make these fairy charms when your body strength is sufficient."
"ah? Can you practice? It was you who taught me that you almost killed me. How come my life is so bitter that I met a cheating master! "
"You … I didn’t pursue your private fusion of monty beads, which is very worthy of you, and I didn’t admit that it was your master who hoped you wouldn’t yell in the future!"
Here, when Zhao Lanxin woke up again, she found herself in a spacious, bright, plain and white room. The decorations on all sides were not expensive, but they were elegant and generous. I turned my head and saw a pair of small eyes staring at myself, which scared him to jump out of bed.
"Why are you in my room?" Zhao Lanxin looked at the side of the bad wind Xiang suddenly sat up from the bed and asked angrily.
Seeing that Fengxiang was covered with bandages and cloth at this time, a slender wound on his right cheek stretched straight from his brow to his jaw. When he smiled, he twisted and danced with his cheek like a living snake.
"Hey hey you return not bashful to ask you know you are in my room! And I have been lying for one night! " The wind Xiang said with a strange and bedroom look on her face, and Zhao Lanxin’s heart trembled.
"What have you done to me?"
"You said that lonely men and widows are in the same room. What else can you do besides this and that?"
Zhao Lanxin looks at herself again, except for the inner clothes. Although her body is covered with quilt, her eyes are like naked eyes, which makes her feel ashamed.
"You … I killed you!"
Zhao Lanxin’s angry hands suddenly condensed into a group of slowly rotating real power. After holding her wrist with the other hand, she jumped out of bed and blasted a fist at the chest of Fengxiang. The ball of real power will shine a white light in this room for a while.