And the giant big miss didn’t know that there was another man looking at her in the dark. After seeing those giants come in, it was if others wore a very violent clothes and went out directly.

Vaguely; On Sunday, it seems that I heard a burst of screams from the rear. On Sunday, I don’t know if those male giants are in any danger after the departure of the giant. Obviously, the giants on Sunday have nothing to say, and they don’t want to suddenly and violently lose their whereabouts. Even if they have the opportunity to save those giants, it is impossible to really save those irrelevant creatures on Sunday.
It is estimated that those giants are afraid that they have been killed. Zhou Tianxin, while secretly cursing the giant, has to honestly follow behind them because of hiding in the female giant.
Just as those giants talked before, the giant lady came out to be bathed in a group of giants. When the giant lady took a bath, she took the opportunity to hide in her weapon on Sunday.
To be honest; It’s not that Sunday doesn’t want to hide in the giant’s body according to the old way, but there is no hiding place for the giant’s big lady to wear cool clothes. Even if you want to hide in it on Sunday, you can’t find such a hiding place.
Because there is no way to hide, I had to settle for the second best on Sunday and hide in the weapon of the giant.
But fortunately; The weapon of the giant lady is a pair of huge stone hammers made of sacred stones; Let that weapon have a special ability. Because of its huge size, it gives Sunday a chance to hide.
I don’t know why that giant lady wants to build such a huge weapon, but judging from the fact that she is carrying that weapon from Hu to the eye bath department, it is estimated that if she wants to hide in her weapon, she will go somewhere; Sunday is able to follow.
Then; Facts have proved that Sunday’s idea is correct, and Sunday’s decision to transfer hiding place; It’s really not generally correct
After taking a shower, the giant lady took up her own weapon; He also went out.
Leading a group of giants all the way, the giant lady went straight to the top of the mountain
When I sensed the trip of the giant lady, Sunday was naturally ecstatic. If I was there the day before last, I didn’t expect that the goal of the giant lady was just the top of the mountain. Although the hiding place on Sunday might be found, I don’t know why those giant roots didn’t dare to look at the giant lady. When I was hiding in my weapon on Sunday, I didn’t worry that I might suddenly and violently go.
And the identity of the giant lady can be seen from the previous row of ostentation and extravagance, and its origin is by no means simple; When the giant lady reached the top of the mountain, the situation further confirmed that situation. If the giant lady walked to the position, all the guarding giants were qualified to make way for her to be searched, and so on, the giant lady’s escort went through a long time, but the giant lady was a root, so no one would touch one of them.
However; There will be such a situation. It is estimated on Sunday that besides the high status of the giant miss, it may also be because of her dress. After all, according to the current dress of the giant miss, it is not like she can hide things in her body.
But anyway; The reason is not important, but it is important; Because of the special treatment of the giant, Miss Sunday also escaped the search of those giants together, so that Sunday passed several cards set up by those giants smoothly.
I didn’t think of the situation on Sunday; By the name of the giant lady, it was smooth on Sunday, and then it reached the top of the mountain. If it were not for the fact that the giant lady followed many giants behind her, it would be discovered by those giants immediately if she left her weapon on Sunday, and then she would leave the giant lady and search for a word or two. It is estimated that there should be no problem in finding the first Tianbao.
On Sunday, while holding back my joy, I was anxious about how to get away from the giant miss. The giant miss led her escort directly to a cave on the top of the mountain.
"Rock; Gu n m: in m: I came over and took over; don’t hurry up and give Gu n m: in m: I roll out; "just arrived outside the cave; Immediately the giant miss big will also toward the inside rang rang.
And just as the giant miss big voice fell, there was a giant urn in the hole immediately. At that time, she replied, "sāo| bitch; If you come, you will come; Is it necessary to call it that big? If you haven’t called enough at home, you have to call it a few times outside, right? "
Chapter three hundred Things come to hand
Chapter three hundred Things come to hand
"What did you say?" Although the giant miss is not a clean person, it seems that she also can’t hear what the name gigalith said when listening to each other’s words; His face sank; At that time, it was also accountable to the other party.
"Cut" as if the identity of the giant miss is really extraordinary. Although the gigalith dared to say that before, when the giant miss said the latter words; It is also afraid to answer the phone and stop answering; After secretly reaching some orders, the name was gigalith; He also led his escort out of the hole.
Just as the rock came out of the hole; On Sunday, it was at that time that I finally saw what the man named gigalith looked like.
"So high" at the moment of seeing each other; Zhou Tianxin directly flashed an idea that the guard of the giant Miss Big was already quite high. After all, compared with the average giant, it is nearly 50 meters tall, which is already a giant.
But; The man named gigalith is much taller than the giant miss guard, although I don’t know its specific height, but it can be affirmed only by visual inspection on Sunday; Even if the height of the rock is not less than 100 meters, it depends on the height of the other party. If the magical power is not moved, it will be enough for the other party to pose a threat to Sunday with this body.
Today, Sunday is very glad that his eyes are moving. If he didn’t temporarily decide to hide in this giant lady’s weapon, he would be so sure. Don’t say whether the cave can be found on Sunday, just say that Zhou Tianzhen found this position. It is estimated that it may also be discovered by that gigalith, and if the giant is discovered by the eye, then Sunday will be in big trouble.
Because of the right method; On Sunday, naturally, there is no need to face the giant miss gigalith again. Its purpose is to guard this cave, and the Eye of the Sun doesn’t have to face that gigalith, and then wait until they change shifts; Estimate the Sunday is more don’t need to face the big one.
Sunday is not clear to those giants, so it is impossible for those giants to guard against Sunday naturally.
That is, in such a situation; On Sunday, it was easy to follow the giant miss to pick up the class named gigalith and watch the class named gigalith leave; Secretly; On Sunday at that time, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I should face such an opponent before I suddenly and violently disappeared.
Pick it up; Things are getting better and better on Sunday. The giant lady seems to be not at all concerned about guarding the cave. After entering the cave, she will directly cover the meeting. But it is the root that has no awareness of preparedness around.
Very obvious; The giant lady may have behaved like that because she felt that no enemy had ever invaded their world and thought that when she was guarding the cave, no enemy would come over.
Before; The giant miss estimated that she did the same, but because she did not have the history of enemy invasion, even the giant miss neglected her duty; There has never been a problem, but; Due to the arrival of Sunday; The giant miss eye had never had an accident, but she was concerned about creating an invasion opportunity for Sunday.
On Sunday, naturally, it won’t let the giant miss’s hard work go to waste, so when the giant guards are having fun, on Sunday, they quietly sneak into the cave from their weapons.
Because at that time, the attention of those giants was focused on the giant lady, and no giant found that Sunday was in such a situation; Sunday also succeeded in invading the cave easily under the noses of those giants.
Now that we have arrived at this position, it is not important at all whether there is a giant lady to cover for Sunday. Except that there is a giant lady guarding the cave outside, there will be no other giants sneaking in on Sunday for this reason. But it is the root that has not encountered any decent trouble.
Because the roots didn’t encounter any difficulties when they sneaked into the cave; After the initial tension, Sunday arrived and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief at that time.
However; On Sunday, the cave root was not in other defensive forces, but it was because of this careless idea; And at that time suddenly and violently Lu whereabouts.
When the giants came into contact on Sunday, although they were surprised by the natural physique of the giants; In fact, Sunday looked down on those giants, but the other reason was that compared with Terran, those giants were weaker than others.
Besides strength; Whether it is material or aspect development; Those giants are still in a rather backward stage. If they can’t deal with those giants if they are not sure of their strength alone, they will dare to directly rush to this mountain to search for their target.
Because of the strong physique of those giants; Make Sunday have to try to avoid those giants when he is in action. Now when he finds that there are no giants in this cave; A loose heart and contempt for those giants at the same time make Sunday not do too much preparedness for this cave.
While Sunday despise those giants; Obviously, I haven’t thought about it. Even those giants are physically backward, but they have nothing to gain except their physical strength. In such a big world, even most giants are in such a state of ignorance, but those saints can’t always be as virtuous as those giants, can they?
Even the saints in this world know how to improve their strength like ordinary giants; According to their strength, if they really want something, even if they don’t know how to make it, don’t they even know how to rob it?
And if the eye cave is really placed in the first treasure, then even Lori wants to grab something, which is impossible for the world sage to ignore; If it is really necessary; Naturally, it is impossible for those saints not to do more protective measures for this cave.