The magic army card was thrown into the battlefield, in which the magic circle was activated and the light flashed in the battlefield outside the four cities of Tokyo, and almost at the same time, a mountain-like majestic monster appeared.

The war behemoth is worthy of the name. If the battlefield meat grinder does not show much significance in a small-scale war, the power that the war behemoth can exert in this large-scale melee is absolutely beyond imagination.
In the face of the current unfavorable situation, the Japanese side has no choice but to sacrifice the war behemoth, hoping to reverse Gan Kun and change the current unfavorable situation.
Jiuzhong, the rear of the three major leagues, did not close the virtual door, which was always there. In the door, Apple temporarily replaced Jiuzhong and was commanding the whole battlefield.
Seeing that the Japanese side offered a war monster to attack and disrupt its own war, Apple didn’t panic, calmly and abnormally turned its head and shouted behind it, "Dragon Magic Team Crazy Magic Team, it’s your turn to play the target enemy war monster!"
Apple’s voice just fell on the top of his head, and two demon clouds roared past and turned to the battlefield outside Sifang City, the eastern capital, for help.
Hundreds of war behemoths have been released from China and Japan in the battlefield outside the Sifang city of Tokyo, and they are madly ravaging the three major alliance fighters.
In the face of this super war machine, the players in Huaxia area are vulnerable, because these war behemoths suddenly enter the stadium, and the casualties skyrocket. Although the losses are not heavy, they are not small. These war behemoths will take hundreds of thousands of players’ lives every round of offensive.
Seeing that our own war behemoth performed so well not only greatly relieved the positive pressure of our own players’ troops, but also caused very ideal damage to the players’ troops in Huaxia District, causing the other side to lose troops and suffer heavy casualties. In the battle of Japanese players, the commanding players were ecstatic and very glad that they made the decision.
However, just as they were proud, the support of Dragon Magic Team and Crazy Magic Team arrived at the battlefield, and the target was directly locked in the war behemoth that was on the battlefield.
At the same time, Apple has informed all combat units in the battlefield that they saw the Dragon and Crazy teams support troops rushing to the horse for cover.
"… wow!" Seeing that the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team members are like adults playing with children, some of them can’t believe that the war behemoths in the Japanese area have all raised such an illusion. "… are these war behemoths so weak? !”
"Of course not!" Players are knowledgeable and humane. "It’s not that these war behemoths are too weak, but that Apple sent these people too hard!"
"These people are sacred? Why so fierce? !”
"That you are ill-informed, to tell you the truth, these people are the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team members directly under the Holy Leader, and the team strength is brought out by the hand of the Holy Leader Xiaozao. That’s a terror. It is said that everyone is ten thousand enemies! Before, I still had some doubts about this statement. Now it seems that this statement is still conservative. This is not an enemy of ten thousand people. It is a group of perverts! "
Players have a heated discussion about the results of the battle between the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team.
Chapter seven hundred and three Eating brains
The war behemoths fell one after another in the loud noise.
"Quick!" When the Japanese command player saw that his own war behemoth could not bear it in front of the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team, he hurriedly ordered the people to "stop them from attacking the war behemoth at all costs!"
"Kill! !” The players in the Japanese area shouted and tried to attack the players of the three major leagues to form a battle in an attempt to support their side of the war behemoth in the past.
Of course, it is impossible for the players of the three major leagues to easily let them fly over the land and block even birds, and they will die and get stuck in the Japanese area. Players will go to the Japanese area to fight fiercely.
At that time, the battle entered the white-hot stage again, and it was in full swing.
The fierce fighting between the two regiments continued on the highest battlefield, and a series of tricks directly sent Jiugong Great God back to grandma’s home. Jiuchong went through the clouds and dived from high to cross the battlefields on both sides. In my heart, there was a serious shadow on Jiuzhong, and the players in the Japanese area dared not intercept Jiuzhong and sailed away.
Go through the middle battlefield and go straight to the deadlocked serpent battlefield
Shen Yue, Ximen Biao Xue, Die Lian Hua, Feng Dance, Luan Er, Xiang Xiang Princess, Zhou Dingguo, Zheng Jia, Xiao Ye and Xue Nan are fighting fiercely in the exhibition of protecting the country, beasts and snakes in the Japanese area.
Disambiguation of the serpent’s body and the Japanese area to protect the country, the beast’s fighting power is not trivial, the terror is extremely difficult to deal with, and ordinary players have to be sprayed with it if they can’t get close to their roots, but Jiuchong sent them to deal with it, and these people are not oil lamps.
From the pure damage value, everyone is definitely not as good as the serpent. For the level of protecting the country and the beast, the pure damage value is high and the terror is high. Only in this way can we do mass destruction damage and create hope for the war zone where the country and the beast belong.
Although the pure damage value is not as good as that of the serpent, it doesn’t mean that it can’t cause harm to the serpent. Just like when Vietnam’s Jiuchong fought against the wolf, the pure damage value was not as good as that of the wolf, but in the end it succeeded in getting rid of the wolf and making it a pet for Princess Xiangxiang.
In the three major leagues, the Coalition forces are trying to contain it. Although the players in Tokyo Chengtou are stationed in the Japanese area, they can see that Jiuchong has sent troops to deal with the Serpent Group, but it is expected that there is no way to stop the team, so that the team member Markey can kill the Serpent Group without any hindrance.