"Notice what?"

"Inform you that Hertha Club will not hold a press conference from now until the end of the season, and there will be no post-match press conference … didn’t I tell you yesterday? Right here at that door. "
Alberto Garcia gave Nunu a mouth at the gate.
At this time, everyone reacted in succession. Alberto Garcia said what it was!
The press officer did announce the so-called coaching staff’s opinions to them in that place very seriously yesterday …
But at that time, many people felt that they were just talking, presumably protesting their physical departure. Some reporters who knew Moscow well called the manager of Hertha Club and planned to put pressure on them through the manager. They thought it would be all right.
All of them forgot what happened yesterday … They were so confident that they didn’t even tell anyone about it. Now the world knows about it only to them.
But who his mama know … That damn China people should give them the truth!
A reporter gave Alberto Garcia a bad look. "Are you serious?"
Alberto Garcia knew that the reporter was a reporter from Marca, the guy who was humiliated by Changsheng at the inauguration press conference.
It’s amazing that he always wins in his heart. It’s the media bigwigs like Marca and Aspen who offend him.
He still nodded. "Do you need to send a formal letter to your newspaper in the name of Hertha Club?"
What is the meaning of this answer is very clear.
The reporters were angry. They shouted angrily at Alberto Garcia. "Do you know what this means?"
Alberto Garcia turned a blind eye to the anger of these reporters. He said leisurely, "Coach Chang said that you should either interview coach Manuel Garcia honestly or get out of the coliseumalfonso perez press room forever. That’s what he said. Sorry, I have to go to the two-game winning streak celebration when you have been surfing for too long. Bye!"
Say that finish, Alberto Garcia Shi Shiran walked out in front of this group of stunned reporters.
The reporter who stayed were so angry that they couldn’t find anyone to vent their anger on.
Yesterday, they gave their pride a winning horse. They demonstrated in front of that coach Manuel Garcia. Unexpectedly, a day later, winning gave them a bigger horse …
"This is a news ban!" Someone in the reporter shouted angrily.
"We have the power to interview. This is the power given to us by the principle of freedom of the press! How dare this autocratic China bastard … "Some people sound flustered, but such a roar helps to change the reality that they have been banned.
Because this bastard, he just dares
Chapter 37 You are worse than shit!
The next day, except Hertha’s local newspapers and radio, other media rarely reported Hertha’s 1-0 home defeat to Villarreal.
As if the game was not worth their attention at all.
You know, this game is the biggest upset in this round of League B.
The biggest upset in the first round of the league was also Hertha’s creation. They reversed the away game and killed Osasuna, the first in the league.
The media made a lot of reports about the game.
But they seem to have lost interest in this game.
They didn’t report the game very much, and they didn’t pay much attention to the appearance of Sai Passareira.
However, they have indignantly denounced Hertha head coach Chang Sheng’s arrogance and arrogance.
To the surprise of readers, I don’t know what happened again.
So they kept looking and suddenly realized …
It turned out that Changsheng refused to attend the press conference. Besides himself, he also refused to let other coaches attend the press conference and released wild words to ban the media.
It’s really arrogant for a famous pawn to say such a thing.
"… China people just won two games, maybe it’s all luck … he’s so self-inflated! If you dare to let him win one more game, I am afraid that he will talk about killing Real Madrid? "
This reporter is really ignorant. He always wins and has let go of similar words.
"Kill us? He is really crazy! We should unite to kill Getafe! If you don’t report or note, you will think that Spanish football is not in Hertha’s team … I don’t think it will be long before the arrogant China will surrender to us … "
"… he who is he? He wants to ban the Spanish media! What strength does he have? An inexperienced rookie who made him famous overnight? Who spread his name all over Spain? It’s us! Now that he is a minor celebrity, he can’t wait to kick us! Who is he himself? ! What is he without our media! "
This has been directly exasperated, but it can be directly scolded by a critic who wrote that "the columnist’s remarks only represent his personal opinions and positions"
"… to tell you the truth, I am not surprised that people from authoritarian China do such a thing … You know, at this time, people in China are brainwashed, and it is common for them to block the freedom of the press without any independent consciousness because they are afraid that the truth will be made public …"
This sound is a direct map gun, but it’s a little common sense …
There are always all kinds of criticisms, and the tsunami is coming to the victory.
The media described Chang Sheng as a "Zhongshan Wolf" who was crazy when he was successful. He didn’t have much skill and won two games by luck.
At that time, winning was pushed to the forefront.
Even in history, no head coach dared to do it, even those world famous coaches dared not be so crazy, but they always did it!
He must be afraid of what he knows.
This is the idea of many people.
Now that he has been bombarded by such multimedia, he must know a lot. All the media have to do is wait for the winning bidder to surrender and raise the white flag.
In this wave of constant criticism, Hertha local media paid more attention to the competition body, and they mainly introduced the new star Sese Passareira sansini.
However, Hertha fans are already familiar with Passareira, and outside fans can’t get in touch with Hertha’s media reports-at this time, the Internet is not as developed as it will be in the future. The main way for everyone to know information is through unified media such as newspapers, magazines, videos and radio. At this time, the Internet news base is just the same as the direct annotation of unified media.