Jinyang turned and looked at the little girl and said, "You know?"

My little girl didn’t feel the spirit fluctuation brought by Jinyang’s speech. She said, "sexy devil Zongyuan, a heavenly mountain outside the city, was the biggest force in the city. Our people entered the city to find a way out, and then they forced to enter the city. Later, they became enemies. For many years, they have been fighting constantly, but they are all in the dark. It is the first time that they have come to the surface like today."
Violet nodded slightly, and her face was so expressive that she continued to look at the hall to see if it would be solved.
"Hum!" "Hum!" "Hum!" "Hum!"
Violet Langang turned to the hall and got four cold grunts. At this moment, many guests discovered that there were four big Tsing Yi men on the edge of the stage, staring coldly at the girl who was reaching for her.
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The final volume Chapter 496 Ten years
The third volume Final chapter Chapter four hundred and ninety-five Ten years
"hmm?" Jinyang suddenly turned around and found a little girl standing still in the dark with a faint face full of anger and a desperate posture to go out.
Lingxue is the closest to Jinyang, and Jinyang is unhappy. He quickly turned away and gave the little girl a hard look. The head of the smiles send us light is very afraid. Lingxue hurriedly admitted his anger and bowed his head.
Jinyang waved and stopped to continue to scold Lingxue and looked at the little girl curiously and asked, "What’s the matter? Have a deep hatred. "
The head of smiles send us light is very excited. Looking at the side and not continuing to talk, Ling Xue summoned up her courage and said, "Parents hate each other!"
Looking at Lingxue and nodding slightly, Jinyang’s eyes flashed with a trace of apology. It seems that he can occupy the roots in the city and certainly shed a lot of blood. Then he said, "Do you want to avenge yourself?"
My girl was overjoyed, but turned a little frustrated and said, "Handmaiden’s strength is limited. Others have already developed a heavenly fiend, even if I am an ordinary little demon, I am no match."
Only with the approval of the elders in the clan can we learn more profound methods and increase our strength, and then we will have the opportunity to take revenge in person. "
Jinyang smiled and said, "If I give you this chance, will you repay me?"
Looking at the cool purple orchid girl, she said, "If you can give me a chance to avenge myself, handmaiden will be willing to be a cow and a horse."
"Ha ha!" Jinyang clapped her hands and smiled, pointing to Zilan, and said, "If you don’t need me to stay in this West Cow Hezhou for a few days, just follow her to help with some trivial things."
"Really? How can you help me? " My girl was obviously carried away by hatred, but I never thought Jinyang might be teasing her.
At this time, the four men in love clothes have been fighting with the fiend that day. The strength of the four men is not as good as that of the road flyover on the third floor. Even if they even use their hands, they can’t suppress the fiend.
Like feel four tsing yi big fellow strength is extremely limited box road flyover more arrogance said "hum! Even you young players dare to fight with the emperor and ask your elders to come out, otherwise don’t blame the emperor for being impolite.
Lou Jinyang looked at the war situation and slowly tilted. He immediately took out a thing and a fire wrapped around feathers and threw it to the little girl and said, "Take it inside and make it work."
My girl looked at Jinyang in disbelief and slowly took the feather.
Suddenly there was a burst of red light in the feather, which instantly wrapped my little girl in it. When the red light faded, my little girl suddenly seemed to grow up in a circle, and her face was very happy.
Excited than looking at Jinyang excited to say a word.
Looking around at the envious girls, Jinyang said to the little girl, "Go! But after taking revenge, you should release your hatred and not always live in it. "
My little girl nodded firmly, and a flash of fire flashed down the window and flew out.
My little girl didn’t speak, and my mind was focused on that day. My face was covered with cold, and hatred accumulated for many years broke out and roared, "Take life."
Looking at the little girl who was burning in Cindy Yang all over the body, all the waiters exclaimed, "Is the sun really burning?"
I don’t know when the shopkeeper appeared at the edge of the stage and looked at the whole body. The little girl’s forehead flashed with doubts, but he had seen a lot of the world in the restaurant for more than ten years.
Surprised, he immediately calmed down and said to the crowd, "You have some trivial matters to solve in the restaurant today. Don’t panic, please sit at the table today, even if the restaurant is invited."
It’s not the first time that immortals are present to fight with the mysterious forces behind the restaurant in sexy devil. Today, I learned that there is still a mistake and I will drink water.
Immediately crossed and sat back in place ready to watch the drama. Although the two major forces in the city are not able to participate in it, it is not bad to see it.
Seeing that a girl dressed as a maid rushed out of the box, Qin Xiang Lou showed that she didn’t put him in the eye. In the box, the stranger suddenly became angry and shouted, "I will arrest you first today."
As the Taoist voice fell, the desire for fiend immediately seemed to be directed to flash cold light into his eyes, and a huge hand immediately reached out to my girl.
My little girl smiled coldly, and there was no fear before. She looked calm and floated in the middle, holding the golden feather in her hand.
Many people were amazed that the shopkeeper didn’t come forward to let a little girl dressed as a maid come forward.
Many people have had friction with sexy devil Sect. It is natural to hope that the mysterious forces behind Qinxiang Restaurant can win in the infighting, but it is absolutely not too bad to see a little girl come forward. The Qinxiang Building is too big to want the Magic Sect to occupy the city for thousands of years.
Seeing that O’s huge palm is about to come into contact with my little girl, many people lament that although it is the first time to see my little girl, it is really a pity that a living girl was buried in the hands of sexy devil’s uber.
Tian Yu fiend gave a grimace of a grin, folded his fingers with a jerk, and wrapped my little girl’s body, which is less than half a finger’s size, in the palm of her hand. According to the palm of her hand, my girl, who is sharper than scales, is bound to fall into a disabled field even if she doesn’t die.
Just as the shopkeeper’s heart followed, the whole hall suddenly started up with two rings. One was that many guests in the hall exclaimed in surprise.
The other is that the desire fiend’s face is full of pain that day, and the body also trembled.