Finally, I took a handful of water and washed two swallows. Finally, I washed my face and straightened up to take the towel and was about to wipe it.

Then she didn’t know what she remembered, but she stopped in a trance.
So those water stains still remain on her beautiful face.
As time goes by, the water stains on the cheeks converge into beads and slowly roll down. The beautiful eyebrows are also faintly glowing. Some eyebrows are stained with water, which makes the trend of her beautiful eyebrows more clear …
Her skin is not white and tender, but she doesn’t have such living conditions, but it can be considered as white, delicate and naturally beautiful. This term is not made up. I have to say that her skin is good and her legacy is great. Her mother who died early is also a beautiful embryo, and her two brothers are also handsome, especially Duan Chang.
At this time, Duan Yan was so fascinated that the courtyard was like a beautiful flower with morning dew.
I don’t know how long it took before her mouth slightly picked up and turned out to be a smile-so her gentle, strong and slightly sad temperament was greatly diluted by this smile, as if facing the person she most wanted to see.
At that moment, Xiao Wen’s heart trembled slightly and then suddenly felt something.
The purple gas passed away, and then the purple Yan sound sounded in the canopy, "You are quite carefree."
Xiao asked frowned and replied, "It’s not that you don’t know that small-scale battles can’t be rooted in me."
"So you can do a lot of things and come here?"
"Where will I come if I don’t come here?"
"You’re still so fresh. You won’t admit it if you’re caught in the sky."
"Too lazy to tell you" Xiao asked didn’t good the spirit way
Then both of them were silent until Duan Yan returned to the house in the small courtyard.
Violet Yan suddenly said, "I wonder why this girl is still single now because she has a good posture."
"This is the second time you’ve come with me to see that she’s alone?" Xiao Wenna stuffy way
Violet Yan disdain cold hum 1 If there is no magic streamer to quit Xiao Wen, you will definitely see purple Yan’s eyes full of contempt …
"Have you noticed the way she walks?" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way
Xiao asked for nothing. How did Zi Yan see the worship? "Or are you cruel? I don’t read the numbers like you."
"What do you really like the somebody else directly in the past? Is she a martyr? "
"It’s not what you want or don’t talk about it. You have participated in this war many times. Do you have any views on the current situation?"
"What’s your opinion?" Purple Yan asked.
"I am a positive fairy society, and you must be here, right? Don’t you feel that the rabbit predecessors and Lin Xiang don’t want things to develop like this all the time, and they don’t want to extinguish the whole demon race?"
"What about that? You are fairy will have a little people who can’t stop the pace of progress of the world god union after all. It’s already too late to say this at this time. "
"Is it late?" Xiao asked deathless heart tunnel
"You will think so much again? Didn’t you go to war because you couldn’t see the past? After this war, the human status in this world will eventually be higher, and you have achieved part of your goal. "
"I’m wondering what to do if I turn my head and meet the immortals?"
"You are immortal rabbit predecessors and Lin Xiang can be white. How can they fail to guard against the fact that when it comes to breaking up, they will rarely have the ability to protect themselves?" Purple Yan is immortal and the situation in this world is not so heart-warming. I don’t want to discuss this topic any more. "Just keep your own life. Don’t wait for me to need you. You have already died in a corner."
"Don’t worry!" Xiao asked didn’t also the spirit tunnel
Feel Xiao Wen really angry. Purple Yan didn’t speak. It was a cold hum. It’s a pity that there are thousands of magic streamers blocking it at this time. Otherwise, Xiao Wen will definitely see the purple Yan laughing now, but it’s quite playful.
Then they were hiding in the tree for a whole day, and Xiao Wen just returned it. After all, it was purposeful, but it was really puzzling that Zi Yan also watched it with a circumstance.
But Xiao asked, after all, can’t manage the purple Yan. After asking two sentences, the purple Yan was mostly idle and idle anyway.
Duan Chang often didn’t go home that night, so Xiao asked if he could go there again the next day to watch Duan Yan and sharpen his own love novice …
So on the third day, Xiao Wen still got a purple Yan, but he finally saw something.
Purple Yan finally figured out that Xiao Wen was unrequited in love with the girl, but that girl liked him more!
From the moment I understand this matter, Zi Yan’s eyes have changed and his own words have become less.
It was almost dark until the evening of the third day. Purple Yan finally couldn’t help asking, "Since you like her, she likes you more. Why don’t you see her?" Isn’t everyone happy? "
"It is impossible for me to be with her all the time." Xiao asked the truth.
Purple Yan is clear nodded unexpectedly seems to have guessed Xiao asked idea.
After a while, ZiYan suddenly said, "I called you stupid in private, but I didn’t call you wrong at all."
Xiao asked frowning at the past waiting for purple Yan to explain further.
"Who told you that relationships between men and women and practice can’t be combined?"
"How do you know that the girl likes you and has to leave you with her for a generation? Have you seen it in her head? "