Seeing Li Gou Ghost attacking his HP, I thought that he would die in his claws and teeth if he was attacked by Li Gou Ghost.

The body can’t help but tremble and feel that death is so close.
"Don’t hurt him!" Li Qianru, however, stormed and accelerated at this moment, but rushed to him with a step to stop him from being a dog and ghost.
Wu Xiaojian shocked to stand in front of her, half a head shorter than him, but more than a firm figure.
Thinking that he is a man and she is a woman, if he wants her to protect him! The reason is that it will make him escape better? !
Seeing this scene, a boiling blood ignited in the chest, knowing that the situation is likely to escape and fail, it is better to let go!
Like him playing with steel plate peanuts, he kept running away in the wild but was killed by monsters because he couldn’t escape. He didn’t believe that he was as strong as his peanuts now.
"Fight!" Shout for Li Qianru to hear.
Li Qianru didn’t have time to turn her head because of the environment, but she was surprised and shocked by the reflection of the greasy part of the dog’s skin.
"Give me the waste paper demon!" Once again, a waste paper demon was summoned and detonated directly next to the head of Li Gou Ghost. When Li Gou Ghost was blown up by him, he shook his head and wanted to refresh himself. Wu Xiaojian pulled up Li Qianru and ran to the other end of the passage and said, "I will take care of myself when you stall him. We will kill it with the waste paper demon."
Because there are two waste paper demons left, even if there is a drop of blood left, they can still be replaced by turns, so that the waste paper demons can be detonated back and forth into intelligent grenades, causing more than 3 points of damage to the dog ghost. It is possible to kill this dog ghost kite if the operation is perfect and no mistakes are allowed!
Li Qianru shocked and looked at him. He finally ordered a head and knew that it was possible for two people not to be together now.
They don’t know what it will be like to die in this game. You must never try if you have to. No one likes to joke about your life!
Wu Xiaojian saw Li Qianru white and immediately let go of her hand and continued to run to the other end of the channel.
Li Qianru held two red-violet knives and turned to meet them head-on. The dog ghost opened with a width of two meters and could swallow its own body. The big mouth was jagged and the dark green foul liquid was vicious at first glance, especially because it was a giant dog corpse, not only its body shriveled and its eyes hardened, but also two blue jack-o’-lanterns looked equally frightening in this broad daylight.
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Li Qianru’s red-violet knife was actually cut in the hard texture of metal and Jin Mingke faced the challenge of Yin Ji, but it looked so small in front of it.
"On the left, it wants to attack your right rib." Wu Xiaojian looked at the dog ghost action department in the eye.
He is the most professional assistant in fighting. It is not that he is good at controlling the battlefield. He is now a summoner. Even if there is a waste paper demon, it is not really a summoner, but he still has certain fighting power because of his explosive ability.
When Li Qianru wakes up, it’s like being controlled by him as a puppet. With his control, he has fulfilled his instructions until he believes that they will be alive now.
At this moment, the souls of two people seem to be integrated into one, and their actions are surprisingly consistent.
Rubble splashing
Because Wu Xiaojian woke up, Li Qianru easily avoided the attack of Shirley’s dog and ghost, which made it strike the wall of the tunnel with a powerful claw and penetrated the ceramic tile wall. A large amount of gravel rustled and fell from the hole. Li Qianru also ran to the other end of the tunnel to attract Shirley’s dog and ghost. Try to stay away from Wu Xiaojian until this monster hates her now.
Wu Xiaojian knows that no mistakes are allowed now, and he absolutely believes in his own prediction and experience, knowing that he is confident to bring them out of this place safely.
"The waste paper demon blew itself up!"
When Li Dog Ghost chased Li Qianru, he directly summoned a waste paper demon around Li Dog Ghost, and the explosion caused more than 3 points of damage to it again.
Shirley dog ghost back to attack it.
Li Qianru is ready for a storm to get into its arms and put it into rigidity.
Wu Xiaojian also took the opportunity to control the waste paper demon to retreat and leave him. He successfully made a recall order and waited for a good call when his explosive skills cooled down.
In the subway, Wu Xiaojian and Li Qianru cooperated almost perfectly, as if they could guess each other’s thoughts. They finished it easily again and again. It seems almost impossible to complete the cooperation. When it is accurate, it is accurate to a few seconds, not a mistake.
"So go …" Wu Xiaojian happy so go to Shirley dog ghost is definitely killed by their kite.
Li Qianru is showing some fatigue.
Now the main body of the battle is that she has been playing back and forth games with this monster with excellent physical strength for a long time. Even if she gets the ability of the star god, she is still too much for a girl.
Also at this moment Shirley dog ghost suddenly did not move the body broke into a blue flame as if set himself on fire.
Wu Xiaojian sensed that something was wrong and immediately shouted to Li Qianru, "Come here quickly and stay away from it."
His intuition told him that there must be something wrong with him.
Li Qianru breathlessly looked over and ordered a head. Now the sweat has soaked her skirt and stuck her bangs. The whole person looks wet, with abnormal flushing breasts and trying to breathe.
"Don’t it …"
Think of Shirley dog ghost has never made a skill, and he has always been very concerned about it and the situation is very similar to a skill now.
Seeing that Li Qianru got his orders, she wanted to run to him tired and panic and shouted "lie down!" "
Li Qianru listened to leng Yi and felt the abnormal ultra-high temperature conditioned reflex behind him and looked behind him.
The blue fire swept through the whole tunnel, and the cold jack-o’-lantern spewed out from the dog’s mouth and fanned out. After covering Li Qianru inside, she had no chance to escape!