"Are these medicines? I’ll fry a bowl for elder sister. "

After saying his word, the person has packed the medicine bag and walked out.
"Three sons …" Night away from trying to stop the clock neon spirit has been a gust of wind quickly out of the door.
The night leaves Nai and sighs.
That’s why she suddenly came to Jiefang in the middle of the night for nothing to call neon spirit.
Because he knew that if he wanted this only relative to come over, she would definitely take medicine.
She had to sigh again that this man was indeed a master of manipulating people’s hearts.
In fact, she doesn’t really want medicine or medicine
She came out at one time.
She is not a sentimental person, nor is she a person who will speak life and death lightly.
Because of melodrama, there must be someone who can make you melodramatic in front of him. She didn’t.
And with the neon spirit, she can’t speak out of turn about life and death.
Over the years, she has long been accustomed to hurting herself, licking herself, hurting herself, treating herself, and having her alone, no one will care and no one will feel bad.
However, in the face of any difficulties, she never thought of giving up her obsession and giving up her life.
Just now, Ni Ling said not to check, not to tell the truth. If she can not check, can she not tell the truth?
Don’t pay tribute to Zhong Jia’s parents and eldest brother?
Does she feel at ease if she doesn’t help Zhong Jiazhao snow?
Don’t you just lose your virginity?
Once, like all women in the world, she wanted to leave her precious to her favorite man.
But that man doesn’t seem to be rare.
And now her husband hates her dirty.
that’s all
An outsider who has already put his life and death at risk will care about these things.
With a body slowly sat up and stuffed the soft pillow behind her, leaning against her and reaching for the bedside ointment.
A piece of ointment was recessed, which was obviously swept by Feng Ying’s ink finger just now. She also swept a finger beside it and sent it to her leg from the bottom of the bedding.
After groping and painting, there was a cool and stinging pain outside, and she gasped and tightened her body slightly.
She can cure herself. She knows very well whether the injury is just painted on the inside or not.
Grabbed a lump of ointment again, and her tail finger hooked, and she went straight into the heart of her leg.
"mmm ~"
No matter how strong she is, no matter how depressed she is, she still groans in pain.
Sweat as white as a sheet, she bit her broken lip and turned her finger slowly inside to wipe the wall.
It was so painful that I couldn’t bear to grind my teeth. She let go of her lips and gasped, but she was still shaking uncontrollably.
Yang head panting stopped several times before finally pulling out his fingers.
No matter how deep it is, she can’t wipe it.
To be like this
Put the ointment, and she slowly slid into the bedding. As soon as she lay down, Neon Ling pushed the door and pushed it in, looking depressed.
"Sister, this phoenix house is too big. It’s dark. I turned around and didn’t find where the kitchen was?"
I smiled when I left at night
"Who told you to run so fast? I can’t tell you. Even if you find the kitchen, you still need to find a medicine pot and a charcoal stove to make a fire. Forget it. I’ll let Hanxiang fry it someday."