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Par37, why is he here?
What should Jin Ba Xing do with his fist clenched and his cold sweat running down his hair?
Cold-blooded slowly walked towards Jinbaxing, with a smile on his mouth.
Jin Ba Xing watched him coming quietly from a distance, but he couldn’t escape.
"What’s the matter? Afraid? " Cold-blooded, ironic sound raging
"ha? I will be afraid of your jokes. "Jin Ba Xing sneers at cold blood and won’t show it even if he is afraid of you! ! ! Don’t be such a child. Sister secretly tells you that you are doomed to die this time! )
"Mouth shut" cold-blooded light spit out two words in front of Jin Ba Xing.
"Give it to me! !” Cold-blooded and cold, spit out these two words. Purple eyes are covered with frost.
"Master won’t give it to you." Jin Ba Xing opened his eyes and stared at him. His fist was getting tighter and tighter.
"Do you want to die?" Cold-blooded pupil suddenly shrinks.
"Don’t want to! ! ! Even if you die, you won’t die, "said Jin Ba Xing Ang, who began to be passionate.
"Don’t forget what you just said!" Cold-blooded and arrogant eyebrows
"Well …"
"Presumably it’s not Master Jin’s usual style not to keep his promise?" Cold-blooded evil said with a smile
"Well …" Jin Ba Xing Shi doesn’t know what to say. This is really …
The gentleman keeps his word! How can he not keep his promise, which will damage his master Jin’s demeanor! ! But he doesn’t want to give things to cold-blooded dignity and things. What should he choose?
Jin Ba Xing’s eyes are erratic. Look left and right. Look at the corner. I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. Why is he here?
Does he mean that he is saved here?
The current network update system is very slow.
Everyone can see Wenwenla as quickly as possible by collecting Wenwen ~
Par38 long-lost figure debut
Jin Ba Xing’s eyes are erratic. Look left and right. Look at the corner. I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. Why is he here?
Does he mean that he is saved here?
"Who are you looking at?" Cold-blooded frowning brows
He knew something was wrong when he saw the strange excitement and hope on Jin Ba Xing’s face.
"no!" Jin Ba Xing said with a straight face, but his performance betrayed him.
"Oh ~ Keep pretending" said with a cold-blooded sneer. Looking around, I found a very familiar figure in the distance
"Oh!" Cold-blooded and meaningful, I looked at Jin Baxing and said, "I found reinforcements!"
Cold-blooded words should be taken out as soon as they fall, and the small knife rest Jinba Xing Bo Jinba Xing started to run, ignoring the glorious image and yelling, "Anshun Heaven, help! ! ! !”
"I’m here, idiot Xing," Anshun Tian calmly replied, striding over, holding a cold-blooded knife hand gently in his right hand and laughing, "Brothers have something to say."
"Ha ha" laughed in cold blood.
With a straight face, he glanced at Jin Ba Xing with murder and said, "But your friend doesn’t seem to want to talk well."
Jin Ba Xing unwillingly hid behind Anshun Day and jumped up excitedly and said, "Where am I not accommodating? It’s your hands."
Cold-blooded corners of the mouth raised sarcastic laughter and said, "I just don’t know who threw me over the shoulder without saying anything."
"Ga ~" Jin Ba Xing stood there in cold blood and said it was a fact.
Jinbaxing cast a look for help to An Shuntian.
Anshun Tian shrugged his shoulders and said, "That’s what you’re doing wrong. You can solve it yourself." With that, Anshun Tian walked away with his hands in his pockets.
"Ah ~" Jin Ba Xing shouted at the sky, "Are you still my brother?
"Don’t try to distract yourself!" Cold-blooded chimed in
Step by step, he approached Jin Baxing and said, "Give you two choices: choose to die or choose to hand over something?"
Anshun stopped when he heard the hand-over of things, and frowned unconsciously. Mao looked hostile and cold-blooded.