Optimal also very don’t understand what but hades Hadders will where she has the ability to ask?

Mr Carlos tone some dignified gave optimal and Qin luàn enemy answer.
"Divine predestination appears in the dark, and intervention with all its strength has involved the high priesthood inheritance test that the interests of the gods are no longer the guardians of order."
Do your best?
Qin luàn’s enemy was even more puzzled. He asked, "The gods are the masters of the laws of all things in the universe. The greatness of making order rules is that they are everything, representing all the origins and all the ends. Are there still gods who can understand and control the power?"
Zacarus was silent, and he didn’t know how to answer Qin luàn’s enemy. After all, although he was a 12-level Haoxu limit god, he was not the one who knew the true meaning of the universe.
Zacaros didn’t dispel doubts about Qin luàn’s enemy and superiority, but went into the realm of river destiny when he returned to the virtual world. He also had many puzzles and hoped to get answers from the great goddess of destiny.
Level star domain in the siman empire Qin luàn enemy level 9 star universe quietly hanging in the imperial city star near millions of light-years star.
Qin Luan’s enemy’s heart is very Luan. He didn’t get any exact answer from Zacarus, but it made his heart more and more confused.
He has always been a former god, the creator of all laws, and the birth and death of the universe are all in the mind of the gods.
But he suddenly found that the truth didn’t seem to be the case.
From the superior mouth, the enemy of Qin luàn first proved that all the facts were born and died by non-gods!
The most magical and incredible thing in the universe is that the gods didn’t create the virtual universe, which divided the whole universe into an independent star domain, and the interstellar portal connected all the star domains. So the original interstellar portal was not created by the gods?
What gods even create a virtual universe? The stargate is like arrival? Today, it is still an unknown mystery.
Is there another force in the universe that is above the gods and above the guardians of high order?
In fact, in Qin luàn’s enemy’s mind, he has already felt a little confused about the universe he knows, because the whole universe is too orderly, as if it had been divided into pieces and arranged in a special combination.
The universe should belong to nature, even if it changes due to the high development of interstellar literature, it is only too local for planets and parts.
But like the whole universe is divided and evenly arranged, this is by no means what the known interstellar literature can do.
Qin luàn was the power of the gods before the enemy, but now that we know that the change of the universe is not caused by the power of the gods, even the gods don’t know the origin of the virtual universe? But it seems that the universe is normal in the virtual universe?
These facts completely subverted Qin luàn’s enemy cognition.
However, Qin luàn’s enemy was also a little confused, so he gave up several guesses.
After all, he is still a nobody, even if he is a holy destiny. He is unable and unqualified to explore the truth of the universe until he has achieved real greatness and inherited the high order guardian’s priesthood and touched the deeper mysteries of the universe.
What Qin luàn enemy can do now is to grow stronger and stronger and become a winner in the holy destiny war.
When the universe is peeling off, the sacred interface has become holy, and the interface of the necromancer in the kingdom of Monk has also become the interface of the abyss left in the kingdom of Rugia. The enemy Qin luàn naturally cannot give up and will not give up.
When the demon artifact "Satan curse" was successfully integrated, the enemy of Qin luàn was deeply aware that the abyss interface must be the kingdom he wanted to control in his hands!
Saint Monk’s sacred interface, Rugia’s necromancer interface, was successfully sealed with the help of the 12-level Haoxujing God.
Zacarus was temporarily away from the fate of the river when he returned to China. Although the enemy of Qin Luan did not have the help of the 12-level Haoxu God, he took the whole abyss interface very smoothly and easily with the help of the demon artifact "Satan curse" and the personal strength of the enemy of Qin Luan!
The demon Zuzu Zumo has been transformed by the Qin Luan enemy. At present, the most powerful bean soldiers in the sacred land are guarded by the Qin Luan enemy stationed in the Zumo Hall in the deepest abyss.
To Qin luàn’s surprise, he gained 5% of the real source again because the demon artifact successfully sealed the abyss interface kingdom, and the nine-level astral universe reached 95% of the real 5% of the illusory realm, which was expanded tenfold from a radius of 900 million light years to a radius of 900 million light years.
To be able to get another 5% of the true source, Qin luàn’s enemy will be completely transformed, and his great will will will not only completely get rid of the shackles of reality and illusion, but also be able to change qualitatively again and break through the realm of Hao Xu and enter the realm of Hao Zhen.
But the last 5% of the real source is not so good. First of all, Qin Luan’s enemies, whether they want to win St. Monk or Rugia, will not be easy because they already have really great staff and guardians around them. Even Qin Luan’s enemies have the help of Zacarus, which is absolutely hard to come by.
In addition, there will be savings to seal other star domains until half of a star domain becomes its own kingdom, so it is possible for the real source to change to 1%.
But this way is no more difficult than taking St. Monk or Rugia!
The enemy of Qin luàn sealed the kingdom of the Siman Empire, which is still permitted by the gods, because the earth is the origin star of the sacred fate cycle, and there are signs that the Siman Empire will become its kingdom in the sacred fate track.
However, if Qin luàn’s enemy Yu sealed the whole universe to his kingdom, it would definitely be a matter for all gods and gods to forbear.
Don’t say that Qin Luan’s enemy is not holy, even if it is really holy, even the God Gaia, the guardian of order among the gods, doesn’t have so many seals, and the kingdom is even worse than Qin Luan’s enemy.
Quietly suspended in the nine-star universe of the universe, Qin Luan’s enemy superior moonlight goddess Meng Yin Tuo flew out, and then the nine-star universe quickly became smaller and flew into Qin Luan’s enemy’s eyebrows to become a mark.
In Qin luàn, the enemy’s will swept a magic circle, and the three people were sent to the palace of the Imperial City and the Star Emperor of the Ximan Empire in an instant by appearing in the three people’s feet.
The entire seaman empire is the enemy of Qin Luan, whose great will sealed the kingdom of Qin Luan. The enemy’s will is the high rule of the small universe in this level of star domain.
It’s not difficult to summon a magic circle that can let them cross the star at any time to reach their destination.
The enemy of Qin luàn promised Meng Yintuo, the goddess of moonlight, to recognize her love with Teximan the Great, and also promised to help them realize their love wishes.
After seeing Texman the Great in the Imperial Capital Star of the Siman Empire, the handsome and stalwart ape-man emperor with the same three holy Buddha statues was much stronger in spirit than Ritxman the Great when the enemy of Qin luàn was fated.
The huge gap between reality and illusion is almost clearly visible to the eye.
At the time of fate, the three holy Buddha statues of Ritek Sigman are the highest achievement that almost all human life groups can achieve, and Yu has broken through the realm of honor and achieved the realm of God. It can be said that there is no such possibility.
You know, Samodo, the behemoth that created the life machine, has been recognized and blessed by the goddess of nature and the goddess of life, but it has no chance to step into the divine realm.
But now in the real universe, the enemy of Qin luàn saw the possibility of breaking through the sacred realm and achieving the sacred realm from the real source of Teximan.