Mark saw that the cave was well-defended, and Jin Jing must have been in it. I didn’t find out where the prison was. After seeing the hole environment, the mark three people simply discussed it, just like dealing with these men.

There are a total of five marks in the cave and Song Zhiqian each deal with two Huang Junxiong, who is a little older and tries to kill him with one blow. People inside can’t know that there was an accident. After three people discussed it, they rushed out in a cave guard to relax.
The five men in the cave have been scolded by the Han, and their hearts have long been unnatural. They don’t want to really defend themselves in their posts. They are gathering together and complaining that it is futile to wait until the mark suddenly rushes to their eyes and then try to take out their weapons to resist.
Mark and Song Zhiqian rushed to their goal with a sharp sword. After seeing a sword shadow, the two men were stabbed in the chest by his Qingfeng sword. After killing two enemies in the dust, they were about to turn around and help Song Zhiqian, but they saw Song Zhiqian’s two enemies holding their hands over their necks without saying a word. They looked at Song Zhiqian suspiciously for a while before they saw the blood flowing down their hands over their necks and people fell to the ground.
It turned out that Song Zhiqian’s sword was light and light, and it was extremely sharp and thin when the enemy approached. It happened that these two men were both in shape at the same time, and they all faced Song Zhiqian’s rare opportunity to see Song Zhiqian. They reacted that soft sword was in a hurry and flashed across their necks. Although they cut their throats, they didn’t even get blood because the blade was too fast and thin.
Mark was deeply shocked when he saw Song Zhiqian’s kung fu again. Just when Mark and Song Zhiqian were dealing with others, Huang Junxiong had also used his special kung fu to hold the enemy. Huang Junxiong’s martial arts was not taught by a famous teacher. He learned from actual combat by relying on some martial arts foundations and those beasts all the year round.
That year, the younger brother of Changtian Workshop had much higher martial arts than the other four people. He faced an enemy like a beast, and his roots were different from those of ordinary people. After Huang Junxiong rushed in, he even put his hand on the ground and rushed to his opponent like a beast. The older brother didn’t react yet. Huang Junxiong had jumped into the middle with a hungry tiger and his hands attacked each other’s throat like Tiger Claw.
This younger brother is indeed better than others. Seeing the situation suddenly, he hid from Huang Junxiong in this unavoidable situation. The fatal blow is that Huang Junxiong is not a lazy person. He does not turn around and sweeps his right foot with a sweeping leg. He turns out to sweep his leg as a tiger’s tail to the enemy’s plate.
This day, the younger brother of the workshop didn’t expect the other party to be so fast. When he tried to hide again, it was not fierce. He was about to open his mouth and shout out. Huang Junxiong had already flew up with his hands on his back, then put his hand over his mouth, raised his right foot and stepped on the back of his knee. This younger brother thumped on the ground on the spot.
At this time, the mark and Song Zhiqian have also solved the other four marks. Let Song Zhiqian go to the small door to be alert, and then point the tip of the sword at the enemy who was captured alive. The novel says, "Now I will let him keep your mouth shut. If you dare to give me a sword, I will let you have a cold heart."
The younger brother saw that several people’s martial arts were by no means what they were now, and the sword was forced to his heart. Where did he dare to give a strong nod to show that he would never leave Huang Junxiong? Seeing that he was terrified, he knew that he didn’t dare to mess around and relax his palm.
Mark asked in a low voice, "Do you know where the little girl Ping Sanzhi caught is and what kind of machine she has?"
The prisoner couldn’t help but feel a little hesitant when the man listened to the trace and asked about the master’s heart. If the master knew that he had betrayed him, he would surely die. Seeing the trace, he hesitated to know that he was afraid of leveling his fingers. If he didn’t give him some pain, he wouldn’t be happy to tell where the crystal was delayed. If it was delayed for a long time, I’m afraid it would be bad for saving the crystal.
The thought that this mark hand has been thrust into each other’s chest with a hard tip is just right, and it won’t kill him. Before he shouts out the mark, the scabbard of his left hand has been stuffed into his mouth, so that he can’t make a sound. This person sees each other’s hands without mercy and thinks, "It’s dead to say it, but it’s dead to live for a while. It seems that it’s good to leave the workshop after a while."
"The girl is in the back of the Flame Square, and she doesn’t know how to crack it." This younger brother never dared to think about it and say that the crystal fell.
Mark, I’m afraid it must be extremely difficult to rescue Jin Jing, because I don’t know if this novel is true or not.
So the mark asked, "I ask you really don’t know what the flame mill is?" How can you not know that you are also a brother of Tiangongfang? "
When the man saw the mark, he said with a sad face, "Hero, I don’t know that our master usually suspects him most, and he is afraid that his brother will be betrayed by others. We are not allowed to communicate with each other in this workshop, and we are not allowed to spy on the machines in other workshops. Because Master likes those brothers who are capable of handling machines in hidden weapons, our brothers are stupid and have poor understanding of those machines, and they can do some chores to guard the prison doors and sweep the floor."
Mark knows that what he said is true, otherwise, which sect teacher younger brother dares to boss around the disciples.
Mark thoughtfully, this brother is going to kill him, but he is busy kowtowing like a garlic. He said, "Begging the Great Xia to bypass a small life, even if he is a cow and a horse, he must be …" Before he finished, Mark has knocked him out with a palm to see the situation, and then he can’t ask what the situation is. Now, although he has found out where Jin Jing is, there are many people in the machine who don’t know if Huang Junxiong knows how to crack it.
Chapter 10 Gallbladder brothers and sisters love anger rush flame Fang (2)
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Mark asked Huang Junxiong some time later, and I felt a little worried. It turned out that Huang Junxiong accidentally saw them put Jin Jing into the cave in the distance, but he didn’t know that mark was really in a dilemma. If he rushed forward, he didn’t know what prototype was waiting for three people. If he didn’t go, Jin Jing would have lost his life. If I had known this, I should have come with Mohist brother. Don’t worry so much.
Now I regret that I have been thinking about it, and I immediately decided how dangerous it is to save Jin Jing. This is an undoubted decision. After making this decision, I said to Huang Junxiong, "I am very grateful to the seniors for helping us find this place. We will take the road ahead ourselves. We can rest assured that we will find a way to save the deaf-mute village brother."
Who knows that when he said this, Huang Junxiong immediately pulled his face and wrote in his hand, "Let’s go together to rescue your companions and my children."
Mark smiled and knew that the method would change his mind, so it would be no longer repetitive. Starting from the ground, the name mark was not sure whether what he said was true or not. One day, after all, the workshop brother was better than the three of them who didn’t know anything.
See you later, Song Zhiqian. Mark and Huang Jun Xiong came up to the door and asked about the situation. Mark said it again just now.
Song Zhiqian said without hesitation, "Brother Yi, let’s save Jingjing."
Mark looked at Song Zhiqian worried and said, "But you …?"
Song Zhiqian hesitated at once when he saw the mark. He was worried about pulling the mark hand gently and said, "Yi Ge Jingjing is your sister and my sister. In that case, what can we hesitate about?" Say that finish, Song Zhiqian turned around and walked into the door behind him.
In fact, the mark has long been white. Her mind is hard to worry that she will get hurt. Now, seeing that her mind has been made up, she complains that it is unnecessary to say anything here and now. I only hope that this time she can ride out the danger and rescue Jin Jing.
Passing through the small door and passing through a long cave, a stone gate suddenly appeared in front of me. Three people looked around carefully for a moment, but the door machine was anxious. When the workshop brother who was caught by the mark suddenly woke up and turned around.
Mark looked at him and immediately threw him to the soil fertility. Oh, when he reacts, he will kneel and kowtow.
Mark shook the sword in front of him and said, "If I want to spare your life, you must help us break these machines and save my partner, or I will show you the way to see how many crossbows you can block, hidden weapons."
The man was so scared that he said with a sad face, "Hero, I told you that I really don’t know much about these machines, so it’s difficult to learn them. Besides, if I have such ability, where am I still threatened by you? I would have gone to the mechanical workshop to study the machines in hidden weapons and I wouldn’t be scared here."
Mark saw that he talked too much nonsense and immediately stopped saying, "You don’t have to talk about it. You can help as much as you can. You have to advance and retreat with us. If you succeed, you will live. If you fail, you should leave first."
Without waiting for his explanation, the urgent mark took him to the stone gate and asked, "Do you know that this stone gate is like a law?"
Seeing that the mark was so tough, the man knew that it was no good to resist. He crustily skin of head went to the door and looked at it carefully and said, "Heroes, we are responsible for guarding the cave in front, and the small door is within the scope of the Flame Square. We have never been here before, but this stone gate looks like … it may be made of a connecting rod device."
Mark saw him speak hesitatingly and impatiently and asked, "Is it something that seems or is possible?"
That brother nodded in fright and said, "Yes, yes, let me see where the machine is."
With that, I didn’t see him go to Shimen. Instead, I found a little trace back to the cave wall. I saw him walking back, afraid that he would cheat and get busy with his sword. I followed him step by step. This guy was suddenly excited and said, "Yes, yes, it is indeed a connecting rod door machine. It seems that I am not a flaw here."
Mark looked at him triumphantly and couldn’t help laughing. No wonder this man is not heavy and he is still complacent at this time.
Mark is too lazy to listen to his long-winded yelling, "Now that you have found it, don’t hurry up."
The man heard the scar reprimand and remembered that his life was still in somebody else’s hands. There was really nothing to be happy about. He quickly reached into a hidden hole in the cave wall and pulled the stone door in the distance. There was a rattle of chains.
When Mark took this brother back to the door, he found that Song Zhiqian and Huang Jun Xiong were still motionless at the door and asked, "Why don’t you go in?"
Song Zhiqian heard the mark asking questions and pointed to those figures and said, "I’m here to go in and be stopped by the old-timers. It seems that there must be many machines here. Look at those cracks in the wall. I’m afraid there are many machines hidden in hidden weapons. Look at the distance. There seems to be a stone gate there. If we go in, but we don’t know that the stone gate is like Qi and the stone gate falls here, wouldn’t we be in this sarcophagus-like channel? Once the crossbow hidden weapons is in full swing, you will be killed on the spot."
Mark listened to Song Zhiqian’s words and looked at the Shimen carefully. It turned out that this Shimen was completely different from this cave. It seemed that it was artificially built, and the ground was smooth as a mirror, inlaid with many words that stood out like patterns. These patterns were counted in some squares, with a total of 12 squares. There were some small holes and straight cracks everywhere on the roof and walls. It must be that there was indeed a Shimen closed at the exit where the hidden weapons crossbow was launched, but I didn’t know that this Shimen was like a law.
I didn’t expect this place to be so tightly arranged that I can be more sure that this is the place where the deposit crystal is. Yes, it is a headache if it passes.
Can’t mark good again to the front of the younger brother asked, "didn’t you say you still have some? Should it be passed? "
That younger brother just hit this stone gate by mistake is lucky. Now it’s so complicated to see it. Where dare you try to kneel and kowtow and beg for the mark and forgive the mark? I don’t know if it’s so good. Song Zhiqian walked beside the mark with a sword and deliberately said, "Brother Yi, I don’t think it’s hard to push him there to help us. Will those machines and hidden weapons be triggered?"
Mark knew that Song Zhiqian had deliberately told it to this person and immediately acted as she said, "Zhi Qian’s statement is reasonable. I think you can help us once again."
After listening to the conversation between the two, this brother was already scared out of his wits and trembled and said, "Please forgive me, heroes. I seem to have heard Master talk about you before. I’ll think about it slowly."
Song Zhiqian smiled at the mark when he saw that his method worked. In this cave, the light was dim. Rao was Song Zhiqian’s captivating smile, which still made the mark’s mind swing. As the saying goes, "beauty in the light" can always make men have inexplicable impulses in a dim environment, especially a shy woman like Song Zhiqian.
Mark and Song Zhiqian are here with tender feelings and sweet feelings, but they are bitter. The younger brother of the workshop looked at the machines in front of him and thought hard about the cracking method that Master had taught them.
In fact, the picturesque but non-picturesque figures of this machine name Zen Road are all Sanskrit, in which the twelve sutras of Sakyamuni Sanzang are hidden. According to these names, you can walk out of here safely. On the contrary, if you take a wrong step, it will trigger the machine and lead to fatal disaster.
Because the names of these 12 Buddhist scriptures are not easy to remember in Sanskrit, he had to deal with it at that time. Master tried to remember every step of the way but didn’t remember Sanskrit. Now, when he saw this Zen Buddhism, he knew it, but the order was chaotic. How dare he go around? He hesitated and was at a loss.
Mark saw him staring at those raised words, frowning for a while and meditating for a long time. There was no movement for a long time. I was anxious to put my sword in my hand to his neck and said, "I don’t have time to learn from you here, or I will kill you with my sword."
The younger brother was so angry at the sight of the mark that he was so busy that he said, "A horse is as good as a horse." Then he saw him picking up a stone and drawing through these Sanskrit routes according to his own vague memory. He vaguely remembered that the latter one really couldn’t remember what shape it was in Sanskrit, and it was vague in the distance. He guessed that his heart was horizontal and drew a position at random.
After the painting, the younger brother turned to the mark three and said, "Did you see me draw these squares? There are twelve squares from this door to that door. You should step on my squares in turn according to the line I drew. In the past, you must not step on one square every three. You must step on all twelve squares to be fine, otherwise it will trigger the machine to walk in that door. I think it should be the same."
Mark saw him painting in Shimen, and thought for a long time at the end. It seemed that he made up his mind to finish the last stroke. I couldn’t bear to be suspicious. I knew that he must be hiding something. I’m not sure that the last step was to write casually about dealing with myself without exposing it. I said, "Well, let’s go to that machine."
Say that finish mark as he came to the door just now, he reached into the small hole and groped for his hand. As expected, there was another sound of Shimen. It turned out that this Shimen was a lever principle, and the left side of the machine was the first door, the right side of the machine was hidden, and there was a second door inside. If it was not true, people would not have thought that the two machines were together.
Looking at the brother who hit Shimen, he hid his body backwards and pulled him and said, "Don’t hide, you take the lead."
Heard that let him lead this brother almost didn’t frighten urine trousers nai a sword on the neck which dare not listen to the somebody else reluctantly got up and slowly walked into the shek mun staring at these Sanskrit heart didn’t look back at a glance at his three people know that progress may still have hope, just put your heart a horizontal eyes closed my feet and stepped on the first square.
Mark three people also pinched the staff. If this person can’t pass, the three of them will be able to make it to the death. After watching him step on it, everyone will hold their breath. This brother is naturally more nervous than the three people behind him when he steps on it. Now he is right, and he can’t help but be complacent.
Sometimes he thought that if each cell exceeded three, it would trigger the machine, so one by one, it went towards the opposite side. Fortunately, everything was going well. At the last moment, he was blindsided. He had to deal with the mark before he drew a pen casually. I didn’t expect that now he was shooting himself in the foot.
I don’t wait for people to look at the stone slab in front of me, and there are two words that are almost the same. Which one should I go, but it makes him feel urgent when he is in trouble. He doesn’t care so much. Looking at one, he feels almost stepped on it.