Chang Sheng replied with a straight face, "No talent, no future."

Officials laugh more loudly.
Seeing him smile always wins, I feel the veins standing out on my forehead jump straight, just like swallowing a fly alive.
This kind of inquiry made him very unhappy because the other person looked at himself as if he were looking at a cheat, and there was a lot of doubt in his eyes.
He came to Atletico Madrid youth training camp to apply for a coach. Do you need to turn everything out seven years ago and ask him carefully?
After laughing, the official looked down at his resume again and said without looking up, "Yugoslavia, Italy, France, England … and then Spain. You have been to so many countries in seven years. How long can you stay in each country?"
"Not for long"
"There are always some reasons why I have to leave." In fact, Changsheng doesn’t know why his brother has changed so many places in seven years … He was removed because he hit the director of Real Madrid. He believes that his brother won’t do this. Then the reason why he keeps changing teams frequently may be that he keeps climbing. Maybe you want to see more football styles? But these are not what he wants to explain to each other in detail.
At this point, the official pushed the resume of Changsheng, "I’d better make your resume more beautiful and come back to China."
Changsheng pointed to himself and said, "Are you cheating me?"
"Isn’t it?" The official raised his head and looked at the nostrils of the ever-victorious westerners. It was really big enough. I wonder if it was specially made for this purpose.
"Show me the evidence!" Changsheng stretched out his hand and stood out.
"I just made a message to the coach of our junior B team. He led a team to Chammartin training ground a month ago to coach the junior B team coach, but he was not a yellow-skinned and black-haired China."
"I was the head coach of junior B team only two weeks ago."
"Ha!" The official laughed contemptuously. It’s a naked lie. When my child is cheating?
Seeing this smile is always more urgent. He took out a message from his pocket. "I can give you a message. If you don’t believe that you have called, you can get the answer!"
He wants to give words to his colleague Gonzalez, and he wants to have a fight with his colleagues. People will always help themselves in this respect.
However, the Atletico Madrid personnel official directly rejected him.
"No China people even if you are really a coach, so what? We don’t need coach China at Atletico Madrid. "
Changsheng stopped his hand and looked up and asked the other party, "What?"
"I don’t think your football level in China is much better."
"You are discriminating!"
"It’s a fact that people in China are ignorant. Do people in China know what football is? You’d better fill your stomach first! " This personnel official has a deep prejudice against China people, which may have something to do with the fact that he was robbed of his wallet in the "China City" in the south of Madrid a week ago.
Hearing this, Changsheng knew that it was impossible for him to coach at Atletico Madrid again.
I didn’t expect that the two teams in Madrid were actually this pair of faces.
In 212, when he was in China, the west was getting to know him. Many China footballers came to Europe to study and play football. As far as he knew, Tao Wei, a coach from Beijing Guoan, went to Real Madrid to study.
At that time, I didn’t hear of such discrimination.
No matter what the psychology of those westerners is, they may really know China, or they may want to benefit the China market for themselves, but they are finally in agreement.
But before the 21st century, in 1999, these arrogant westerners still had so many prejudices against China people!
This really makes Changsheng have some unexpected things.
Changsheng really wants to go to the fist to tell the high-ranking personnel official whether China people really understand football …
But he held back.
He got up and looked at the arrogant Atletico official behind his desk.
"You will also regret your grandson!"
Then he turned and walked out of the office without looking back.
Atletico officials didn’t respond at the moment. There were many unsuccessful applicants, but it was the first time he saw them after they failed to apply.
Regret? What will we regret? What would Atletico Madrid regret for a China? Who is he? Feeling good about yourself, isn’t it?
But what does he want to say "yes"?