He means a lot.

He’s guarding him!
Realize that Yan Jun’s heart is not stinging at this time.
He opened his mouth and wanted to drink.
But I didn’t think that a small stone broke through the window and hit the wrist of the night Jing directly, and the soup bowl spilled out more than half.
Night Jing frowned and his face was livid. He drank "Who!"
Yan Juncai turned his head and saw the floating willow break through the window in anger!
"What are you doing here!"
How could she appear in his room at this time?
Night jing suspicious eyes rested on the gone with the wind willow body mind turn 169 chapter 169 temptation.
Piaoliu looked him straight in the eye and asked, "Yan Jun never drinks chicken soup. Have you forgotten that?"
By her sudden rhetorical question, night Jing froze on the spot.
He just didn’t think YanJun can’t drink.
But Yan Jun wanted to drink the chicken soup he handed him …
What happened to him?
YanJun see him look unhappy heart also a little nervous.
Even if we can’t turn Gan Kun around at least, we can’t let him see through everything, otherwise it will be difficult for him to cheat him again.
"Sister Liu, I asked someone to cook chicken soup for Brother Jing. Why did you suddenly rush in?"
Piaoliu didn’t answer her question, stared at the night and said coldly, "You made the corpse. I want you to explain what you know about a corpse?"
Yan Jun exclaimed that he was emotional and turned to look at the night Jing and rushed to the night Jing and asked, "Brother Jing, what’s going on? !”
Night Jing has already had countermeasures for this matter.
I didn’t expect to come so soon, but I underestimated his ability to handle affairs with floating willows
"I don’t know if there will be any misunderstanding in this matter?"
Night jing mouth duplicity answer.
"Misunderstanding? You are a powerful minister around the female emperor. Even if I ate Xiong Xin’s guts, I dare not misunderstand you. If there is no evidence, how dare I come to you and say this? "
Gone with the wind Liu smiled and looked at the night Jing with sharp resentment in his eyes.
At this time, no one thought that Night Jing would make a sudden move at this time.
It is obvious that the most threatening person in the room is Yan Jun’s magic power.
Yan Jun is not stupid, and I will prevent him when I doubt him in my heart.
Back off, stretch out his hand to resist his attack.
Gone with the wind willow said immediately YanJun united together night jing confrontation.
"You … really cruel!"
Yan Jun’s angry and determined eyes knew that he already knew everything.
It turned out that he set the stage tonight.
Night Jing stood with a sneer. "If you know that, why do you need to test me?"
"Are you going to kill my brother?"
"His eyes can help me regain my sight."
"Are you crazy? That’s my brother! "
Heart suddenly flush with a biting pain let YanJun body slightly sway.
Night jing laughs at a "I’m not crazy! I want what I want! "
Since he was born, he has become a discarded member of the family because of his strange eyes.
If it weren’t for his outstanding talent later, he would be taken a fancy to by the female emperor and trained as a young master of the night family.
Unfortunately, the older he grew up, the more uncontrollable his eyes became.
And then …
His position in the clan is slowly declining.
He can’t stand this look of discrimination.
"If you want it, you will not hesitate to hurt others?"
When Yan Jun asked this, he suddenly felt that he had a sense of untouchable distance since he didn’t know when.
"People around me? You? You and I have nothing. Can you say that you are close to me? Who are you? "
Night jing ang amba a face of cold 161 Chapter 161 deus ex 1.
"So you once said that we were brothers. Did you treat me like a brother?"
YanJun acerbity smiled.
"That’s enough. What exactly do you want to tell me?"
Night Jing looked at him angrily. "I killed Yan Di and his eyes were gouged out. What do you want? What can you do? Do you want to kill me too? "
Say he is domineering in front of YanJun.
His sudden outburst made the cabin tremble.
As if he were about to fall, Yan Jun looked at him and smiled sadly. "I never wanted to kill you."
"Then what is your chicken soup?"
"It was a seven-day break."
"Seven days off?"
Night Jing murmured and repeated listening to her words for seven days. He was no longer familiar with her than anyone else.
It will make people sleepy for seven days as if they were dead, but after seven days, signs of physical life will also appear
This seven-day powder was developed by Yan Jun together.
It’s poison. It’s just cheat people
"Then why do you want me to leave for seven days?"
"Because this is the Leibang nationality, I don’t need you to tell my people what to do. When you killed my brother, you already hated me and you became a mortal enemy!"