Sword Soul glanced at Feather Bow and said softly, "Feather Bow, do you really have no memory of Jingxuan 3,000 years ago?" His expression is very complicated.

Feather pastor blankly shook his head "really not! It is said that I am a reincarnation of Jingxuan, a heavenly girl, but I don’t have her beauty and her memory! " Her hands forefinger together very nai ground to say
Feather Qian didn’t notice that the sword soul’s face seemed to pass a little relieved expression at this time. He smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, but he thought in his heart, "Maybe God arranged to give Jingxuan back to me?"
Feather Zhen certainly doesn’t know what the sword soul is thinking. After a short rest, her physical strength has eased a lot, but she hasn’t eaten for a day and a night, and her belly keeps screaming.
Feather Zhen got up and held out her hand "get up! Let’s get something to eat. I’m going to find some friends when I’m full! "
Looking at the white, tender, delicate hands, the sword soul hesitated. One or three thousand years ago, he wanted to hold Jing Xuan’s hand, but the sacred and inviolable goddess was always a god in his heart until …
"Can’t I go? I’m going alone!" Feather pastor see sword soul there, a madam, leng can’t help but impatiently say
The sword spirit wakes up like a dream. He smiled and held out his hand tightly. He got up and walked to the mountain on the afterglow of the sunset.
When I came to the town, it was already dark. I quickly found the original Shura Shenjun and Qinxin. They lived in the inn, but they are no longer here.
Where did Ling Mo pupil go? He said he would come to himself when he settled down, but where is he now?
Feather wait for a while gave a half-ring sword soul and asked curiously, "What kind of friends are they?"
Feather Lu squeezed out a wry smile and said simply, "We are familiar with friends, but we were scattered by the wind. Let’s go and eat our stomachs first."
They came to a small restaurant, ordered a few side dishes, grabbed chopsticks and wolfed them down. They were so hungry that they couldn’t wait to swallow the dishes together.
I almost couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous eating of the sword soul by the feather pastor several times, thinking that the female net Xuan was always so elegant to eat that day, and it was no exception, but the reincarnation of this net Xuan was like a hungry ghost reborn.
The sword soul pushes the food in front of him. "Eat more as if you are really hungry."
Feather Zhen nodded while munching. "Yes, I’m starving. I haven’t eaten for such a long time after being thrown into a dry well by that evil woman Manlu. Just now my eyes were full of little stars."
"Mann dew? Is that snake lady Manlu? " Sword soul eyes flashed a panic to ask
"Yes, that’s the hateful woman Manlu, the snake lady," Feather replied.
The sword spirit didn’t say anything about drinking a glass of wine.
"Chloe doesn’t know what’s going on now?" Feather Zhen is worried again. It’s really distressing for Chloe to come to that cute little girl.
"It should be nothing. Although Feng Luo is cruel, he still loves the vampire children he has personally generated." The sword soul answered that he knew Feng Luo thousands of years ago. He is confident that he knows Feng Luo well.
"That’s good. What are you going to do after the sword soul?" Feather is very curious.
"After the plan?" Sword soul can’t help repeating it. I didn’t think that Jing Xuan was gone. Now that she is reincarnated, of course, she has to follow Yu Zhen in front of her.
"If you like, I’m going to follow you like Jing Xuan. Can I?" Hesitated for a moment before he said hesitantly
"Really? Great! " Feather Zhen exclaimed with joy. Rice grains almost sprayed the sword soul. Isn’t it even more powerful to have such a powerful bodyguard?
See who dares to bully themselves?
"It’s true that my greatest wish is to stay with Jing Xuan forever. It’s disheartening for me to leave Jing Xuan, but your appearance has given me hope again. In my eyes, you are Jing Xuan. Please let me protect you forever!" Sword soul said emotionally grabbed the feather Huan hand.
The mind is never so meticulous, and the feather is still nodding happily. She is glad that she picked up a powerful bodyguard for nothing and didn’t think about anything.
Say people, never think everything is so simple.
After dinner, I stayed in a room and planned to have a good rest for a night, and then I set off to find Shura Shenjun and his party.
"I share a room with you, and I will go back to Rapier to rest later," said Sword Soul.
Yu Zhen thought for a moment. "Ok, let’s do it!" It’s nice to save a room.
Although she experienced a great battle, she quickly lay in bed and fell asleep. In her sleep, she successfully found Ling Mo Pupil and Xiaoxi.
A light smoke slowly emerged from the Rapier, slowly condensing and forming the sword soul, and the handsome face gradually became clear again.
———-please keep it.
Feng Luo didn’t care that he would trample all his enemies on his own feet if he couldn’t live in the secular world, showing his great strength. He lifted blood shed again and again and brought great havoc to the Three Realms.
It happened that Feng Luo’s psychic force was so strong that God and Magic were no match for him. At that time, Feng Luo’s vampire army was simply invincible.
Watching others lose in succession, Jing Xuan volunteered and vowed to completely destroy Feng Luo’s sword spirit, and also did her best to support Jing Xuan.
However, I didn’t expect that the stubborn wind Luo and the equally stubborn net Xuan had appreciate each other feelings in the confrontation again and again. They were no longer hostile and loved each other deeply.
Knowing that there was no result, they still loved Jingxuan without hesitation, and their feelings for Fengluo were no less than Fengluo’s. She was very worried that her body, Feng Pei, had absorbed Fengluo’s strength and lost Feng Pei herself. Watching them love so much, she was deeply in love with Jingxuan’s sword and soul, resentful. He thought Jingxuan had been completely fascinated by Fengluo’s mind, and he wished to kill Fengluo with a sword.
But at that time, Feng Luo was as strong as a spectre, and no matter how hard he tried with his sword soul, he could finally compete with Feng Luo.
Feather Zhen looked at the sword soul sympathetically. She loved others deeply for several years. How can others know about angina pectoris?
"So it’s no wonder that you are cultivating yourself by hiding in a dry well?" Feather pastor suddenly realize to ask