It didn’t change until hundreds of thousands of years ago! I have to say that the famous ghost xiu is really a genius! Millions of years after reaching the order, the famous order ghost xiu threatened to close the breakthrough to the ninth order! This shocked all the monks in the world! There has never been a monk of the ninth order in the world!

For a time, a group of monks were in a panic! Every time you break through a realm, your strength will change dramatically! The ninth order is an unknown realm! They who also don’t know the state breakthrough nine order strength will reach what degree!
But order ghost repair can still be a few! I really don’t know what will happen if that ghost repair breaks through to the ninth order! Maybe just sweep them away! In this way, they have been panicking for nearly a thousand years, and they finally can’t help it!
It’s said that more than a dozen monks of the Fairy Demon, Tribe and Order have all arrived at the place where the ghost of the Order was repaired and closed! A fierce battle was fought, and the monks of the three clans of immortals and demons each died, and the ghost repair of that rank also officially fell! It is said that if it weren’t for that ghost, the head wouldn’t have fallen! I also heard that a dozen monks went there so coincidentally that someone secretly tipped them off! But this is all verified by law!
The most important thing is that the earth treasure king is the famous ghost xiusun! Dear grandson! But know this layer of people is very few! Otherwise, more than a dozen monks from the three clans of fairies and demons will never let him go! When the famous ghost xiu fell, the earth treasure king was a sixth-order ghost emperor!
Look, ten thousand years ago, Zhang Xiaotian, a ghost who had been practicing ghost shaving, gave up his hatred for the earth treasure king! No wonder the earth treasure king is so hostile to fix true! The second time he didn’t kill him directly, it is estimated that he still looks bare!
At the end of the day, he did give the earth treasure king a lot of trouble! Otherwise, the earth treasure king will still be a turtle in Lingshan!
But the demon emperor can’t let go! Since Qin Wan knew that his mother was killed by the demon emperor, she has been biting her teeth and saying that she wants revenge! Let Zhang Xiaotian keep her! Otherwise, Zhang Xiaotian would have killed that guy!
See Zhang Xiaotian expression Li Fugui embarrassed! Zhang xiaotian, the earth treasure king has a grudge, and he knows it! But in a moment of excitement he forgot!
"That’s right! Brother Zhang! Do you remember that the throne of the earth hid the devil? " Li Fugui hurriedly changed the subject and asked.
"Drop the devil?" Zhang Xiao jumped in my heart and then asked, "Of course I remember what happened to him?"
"He broke through to the seventh order at sunrise a few days ago! I’m planning a wedding these two days. It’s a double happiness! They invited me to Zhang Dage on the day. Do you want to join in the fun? " Li Fugui light said with a smile.
"Preparing for the wedding?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised, but he was not so rare! But the demon emperor is a little curious about planning the wedding! If I remember correctly, the demon emperor should have been married twice three years ago!
"How many wives did the demon emperor marry?" Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help asking if the demon emperor had too many wives and too many children, he would really have a headache!
"There was one before, but he died very early!
… besides this, it seems that there is nothing else to marry! "Li Fugui was 7 obviously not white Zhang Xiaotian meaning in the question.
"Just this one?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised that the demon emperor was as qualified as Qin Wen. How could there be no other woman?
"The devil emperor is the old ghost the day after tomorrow! Old ghosts will not give birth after they are 100 years old! " Li Fugui is not a stupid person. Seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s expression, he quickly guessed the reason and smiled calmly and explained.
"Is there such a thing?" Zhang Xiaotian some surprise!
"That’s right! Didn’t the demon emperor marry one three years ago? When I passed through the underworld, it seemed that I was going to marry the devil emperor, too, right? Doesn’t it add up to two? " Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian asked doubtfully.
"Ha ha! Brother Zhang didn’t know that the first time was because of Pang Shen. That time Pang Shen made a scene in a ghost town, and the demon emperor was scared and didn’t dare to tie the knot! The second time was because of the sudden rebellion of the earth treasure king, which led to the turmoil in hell or not! This third time … three times together is just to marry a woman! " Li Fugui said with a smile.
"Three weddings are all about marrying a woman?" Zhang Xiaotian was surprised and asked, "It seems that the charm of being able to let the demon emperor inform three weddings like this is not small!"!
"Yes! The rebellion of the earth treasure king has not lowered the status of the devil emperor, and the promotion to the seventh rank is much more stable than before! This wedding is very grand in hell! " Li Fugui nodded and said with a smile.
"Are you? That really needs to be visited! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded lightly and said.
"Zhang Dage! Earth treasure king now … "See Zhang Xiaotian face expression some wrong Li Fugui was not only embarrassed! He was just trying to change the topic from the body of the earth treasure king, but now he has inadvertently brought the topic to the body of the earth treasure king! Ghost Xiu is now on the rise, and the conflict between Hou Zhangxiaotian and the Tibetan king is the last thing he wants to see!
"If you don’t hide the king, the thing is to drop the devil!" Look at Li Fugui’s expression, Zhang Xiao. God, I don’t know his mind. He shook his head and said lightly
"Oh!" Li Fugui nodded this just rest assured! The in the mind is murmuring that Zhang Xiaotian’s expression is not good. Obviously, where did the devil emperor offend him? This devil emperor is really unlucky!
"God, right?" Zhang Xiaotian looked back and asked Li Fugui.
"Yes … yes!" Li Fugui didn’t wake up from meditation at the moment and quickly nodded and answered.
Three years ago, the turmoil changed a lot in Hell 1! However, this is all about the middle and upper levels of hell, and hell or pre-hell for the ghost repair at the bottom of hell! But a lot more!
Ghost Romain! It’s still the ghost Romain! One of the top forces in hell!
The strength of the Tibetan king has collapsed, making hell disappear. Many forces have also gained a lot of power leaders! The Devil’s Descending Emperor is one of them, and it is even more favored by the earth treasure king after it reaches the seventh level of repair!
This day is the wedding day of the devil!
The wedding of the demon emperor has attracted a lot of attention! Ghost Luocheng is hilarious!
Sifang Ghost Repair 66 continues to enter Ghost Town from four gates!
Ghost Luocheng is very big, but entering it requires a certain identity!
Ghost Town East Gate!
Groups of ghosts come from far away to the horizon as if they had crossed one meteor after another!
Suddenly coming from a distance, a polar gray light!
Instantly arrived at the east gate! The temperature is very fast! Caused a lot of ghosts around!
At present, he is a young man in white who looks about twenty years old. He can’t see that he has a very weak energy fluctuation.
The day after tomorrow, kid Low-level ghost repair? Ghost repair around is not only a speculation!
But judging from the driving speed just now, no one dares to underestimate it!
Behind the young people in white, there are many men and women, adding up to more than 20! All of them are young except three black old ghosts! Handsome men and beautiful women!
A group of people are very imposing together! But it is surprising that the fluctuations from them are very weak! But no one dares to despise the first entry!
"Do you have an invitation?" A guard at the gate gave them a hesitant look and asked
After hearing the words of the gate guard, a red youth behind the white youth pulled out a red card from his arms and threw it in the past!
Glancing at the flying card, the gate guard’s face can’t help but change. This is a senior invitation. Catch it carefully! This card is a folding gate guard. Make a small crack and close it quickly!
"So you adults are consortium guests! Please don’t be surprised by adults. This will lead you into the city! " Hands respectfully handed the invitation to the white youth gate guard respectfully said
White youth took the invitation and nodded slightly! Throw the invitation directly to the red youth behind him and walk towards the city in the envious eyes of all the ghosts around him, followed by others!