See Zhang Wu upward drank menjiu sighed "shout ~ maybe the world really changed? I remember that I was born a long time ago in a small mountain village in the northern Xinjiang of Dongzhou, and sometimes I can see the small peach blossom mountain village in the western ravine when I go over the mountains and go far ~ Speaking of which, I am separated from Brother Luo by a mountain. "

Xiao Luoyun laughed. "This is fate!"
"Yes!" Zhang Wu went on to say, "At that time, I lived in Zhang Wu by chopping wood, which was not comparable to Brother Luo’s own golden house!"
Wei Shang immediately laughed, "If you don’t have a peach blossom lotus pond, you can still hide your beauty in the golden house."
Luo Yun clapped his legs and cheered "Yes, yes, my brother has a daughter-in-law who hasn’t gone through the door."
Zhang Wu murmured, "Hey ~ It is said that the three southern states are rich and can farm with the least rations; Selling coolie clothes does not cover the body; My parents are more parents than my parents. Later, I was lucky enough to enter the castle peak fairy pavilion outside Zongmen Mountain. I never thought I could see them everywhere.
Now, in retrospect, it’s all the same whether it’s dust or outside the mountain. "
"Well said! Come ~ have a drink. "Sang Luoyun Zhang Wu clinked glasses and immediately said," It’s like my brother Shan Hai spilling blood clouds, but how many people miss him in this mountain and sea family? Before the blood is dried, the faces of wolves, tigers and leopards are turned into faces, especially the seemingly swallows, flying boats and red thieves who dominate the misty rain. It’ s disgusting to want to set up a memorial arch for yourself when it’ s occupied! "
Then he pointed to Zhang Wu, who didn’t good the spirit. "And your big white-eyed wolf is not a good thing."
Zhang Wu JiYan immediately flow wine lamp "by ~ what me? I don’t care if he’s going to be a dog. "
Wei Shang leaned against the colonnade and looked at the distance while recruiting teammates, but Wei Sansheng laughed. "People … are forgetful about what you did, and soon people in blowing in the wind will be cool!"
Xiao Luoyun exclaimed, "Well said! This is often well-dressed, rhetoric people always like to do some trivial things. "
Wei Shang suddenly looked at himself in a daze and changed into a splendid Danhua gown. "Er … how can it feel strange to listen to you?"
Luoyun laughed and leaned close to Wei to hurt his shoulder. "~ I don’t mean that you and your epiphyllum are different. We are all friends."
Then he patted his chest and said generously, "Don’t worry, if Luo Yunruo Wang decides to seal you, you will be blessed and share the same happiness."
Wei’s injury immediately choked the drinks, and the bad guy smiled and danced. "Go ~ You can’t enjoy this blessing when you recover from a serious illness. You’d better find him."
At that time three people talking and laughing.
But for a moment, Zhang Wu suggested, "Come and drink this cup and then go to wood. I heard that Yun Jian Nan is his sword."
"Hey ~ this must be seen." Wei Shang clapped his fan and agreed. "I wonder when that wood will fly?"
Small cloud is chat immediately got up "that what are you waiting for? Go now? "
Zhang Wuze points to Wei Sansheng not far from the wine shop. "What about them? It doesn’t seem to go well. "
Wei Shang patted his clothes and posed, "How can experience be called experience without some difficulties?"? Let them toss here. Let’s go. "
Said the three men went to the east.
At the moment, Wei Sansheng is recruiting teammates, but many monks come and go, but one person pays no attention to it and even looks at it.
"Look at the five elements of people actually coming here?"
"Bah ~ the villain is in the clan"
"Aye ~ that seems to be Wei Sansheng, the younger brother of Wei Tianhua!"