But the two’ bite’ hatred he wants to report!

Lin Chong ran to another bedroom, that is, he dug out a DJI man-machine from under the bed.
This thing is not expensive. It costs four or five thousand yuan. The core chip of the entry model should be INEL Lin Chong. The purpose is to study. I didn’t expect to send it today.
And find a fishing net, take out pliers and wire and transform it …
Fifteen minutes later.
Lin Chong returned to the front of the plane wall and looked at a touch of red in the snow nest not far away.
Hey, dead snake, face high technology!
Or blare blare blare …
Man-machine rotary wing rotary machine rises with a small net bag.
The best revenge is to snatch the golden fairy fruit.
Let this snake cry to death!
Buzz, buzz
Man-machine broke through the alien wall and entered the Kunlun Mountain. The frozen cold air took a line from the 20-degree room to the 40-degree outdoor, which produced cold air fog and flew past to make people soar into fairy fruit.
A dozen meters away in a flash.
Lin Chong holds a remote control. Although he is not a familiar hand, this exercise is not very difficult. It is necessary to control the distance, then descend another sprint, then rise again, and the golden fairy fruit will fall into the net bag.
Science and technology is the primary productive force.
It is foolish to send the flesh to Shekou.
Seeing that the man-machine is slowly arrested, the pocket swings left and the golden fairy fruit is close at hand.
At this time, the red shadow slowly emerged.
The little red snake has a tail and a straight head. The corolla is full of doubts. What is this thing? Birds? Never seen it!
The little red snake threatened the human machine. The snake crown swelled and threatened. If it was an ordinary beast, it would have been frightened out of my wits and fled.
However, the human-machine perception continues. After two or three times of adjusting the position, it has aimed at the charming and lovely golden fairy fruit, and it will be caught in a net.
Probably because of the painful experience of biting the hook before, this time the little red snake didn’t directly talk, but jumped to the ground and the red shadow flashed and entangled the man and machine.
Man-machine hanging wing hits the little red snake
Someone has done the experiment of man-machine hanging wing to cut pork, and the pork was cut to pieces, and the rotating wing was immediately broken all over the floor.
Not far away, Lin Chong, who is manipulating the human machine, first saw the little red snake grin to scare the human machine, and then saw the little red snake wrapped around the human machine’s mouth and couldn’t help but’ sigh’. He was ready to meet a horrible and joyful scene.
According to the truth, the little red snake that can be hung into sausage by a fishhook is bound to fall apart when it is cut by man-machine but …
Knock, knock, knock
A burst of iron cut metal to break.
Just waiting for the bloody scene, Lin Chong saw the man-machine rotating wing smashed into the snow.
And the little red snake’s bright red snake skin is intact. Just now, when the man-machine rotating wing was cut off, Lin Chong saw Mars!
This is not scientific!
Lin chong opened his mouth.
How can it be so hard! If the copper skin and iron bones are caught by the fishhook, how can they be caught?
It took Lin Chong a long time to realize that this snake is a structure, that is, the mouth is extremely fragile and the skin is not bad.
The creatures in this world are so wonderful!
The human-machine wreckage of the little red snake plate also froze for a long time, probably wondering what this thing is so weak that it can be eaten. Little red snake tried to take a bite.