"You … what are you doing! ?”

Mou Dahai was furious at this, fearing that the young man was in danger to his daughter.
"Don’t worry! I blocked her acupoints to prevent the toxin from spreading! " Jiang Feng said calmly
"yes! Like this! ?” Mou Dahai looked at his daughter with some dubious concerns about the origin!
"Dad!" The girl’s eyes moved a few times and suddenly opened her eyes.
"Rong son! Are you all right! " Mou Dahai was overjoyed to see his daughter wake up and looked at Jiang Feng with much passion.
The letter also adds another point. It seems that this origin is not small and it is not the same place!
"Hum! Carving insects! "
Mu recognized Jiang Feng’s technique, which is the technique of refining the temple of the alchemist, and he was also wary.
"Li Lu! You go and prepare Linghaidan medicinal materials and put them in the refining room! " Mu blunt become speechless Li Lu rebuked a.
Li Lu did not dare to snub and immediately ran towards the hall.
"You go with me to the refining room! After I won, I said that I was cheated! "
All natural no opinion MouDaHai immediately ordered all carried her daughter to the refining room.
Those who watch the scene of bustle are curious and want to witness a master’s refining technique and catch up with them.
A group of people moved to the refining room!
Li Lu has got everything ready, waiting for Master Mu to make an alchemy!
Mu looked coldly at Jiang Feng in the previous step, which seems to mean that you are going to lose!
The fierce emission of the fire in the blast furnace reflects that the whole refining room is brighter than red.
With the rising of air billow, Mu also moved, and spiritual materials were constantly thrown into the furnace tripod by him.
Waves of white smoke emerged from the furnace tripod.
"Qing Lingcao! Centipede! Purple Luo Hua … "
Desire is very coherent and smooth. It’s better to watch many people gape and sigh!
"It’s a genius alchemist. I’m afraid only an elder can have such a technique!"
"Yes! It’s only natural that Mu Shi is the elder brother of the alchemist’s temple! "
"It’s a pity that Dan Di Yang Yunshui never accepts apprentices, otherwise his qualifications are likely to be taught by Dan Di himself!"
Watching the crowd, when it comes to Dandi Yang Yun, the water is full of worship, and everyone is excited.
"Who said not! I’ve long heard that Emperor Dan’s temperament is free and easy, and I’ve long given up on the matter of traveling around the world to refine the temple! "
"hey! I am about to become a Dan! " Someone sharp-eyed immediately found a fragrance floating from Dan Road.
"Dan qi!"
I longed for a drink when I saw sweat on my forehead!
The flame of the cauldron went out slowly, and the cauldron was suddenly lifted by a spiritual force, and the fragrance of Danxiang was overflowing!
Watching the crowd, they all felt awake for a while!
"Not the kui is! Linghaidan really has amazing efficacy! "
"Good Dan! That little one just now knows how powerful it is! "
Mu took out four Dan medicines from the furnace tripod and looked like Jiang Feng’s eyes with a face of pride.
"If you throw in the towel now, I may cut you some slack!" Mu said with answers
"Are you? ? I can’t see it! " Jiang Feng insipid mouth said
"Hum! Dead duck mouth shut! Today I’ll let you know that the alchemist can’t be insulted! "
Mu handed a round Dan medicine to Mou Dahai and his party had been on standby for a long time.
First take a drop of blood from her daughter’s finger and send it into the rabbit’s mouth.
The original rabbit was alive and kicking, and immediately became blue and dying.
Seeing this, the servant gave the rabbit another Linghai Dan.
Chapter 255 Jinwen Wanjiedan
Mou Dahai ordered his servant to give his daughter’s blood to the rabbit.
The rabbit became listless, purple and dying.
A strong man put Linghaidan into the rabbit’s mouth and quietly observed the changes of the rabbit.
Linghai Dan is a Baodan rabbit, but Congo has improved, and its turbid eyes have become bright and purple, and its fur has gradually returned to its original color.
People are overjoyed to see Dan medicine.
Master Mu unconsciously stood up and looked at Jiang Feng commanding.
"How about small! Now admit your mistake! "
"Admit! ? It’s too simple for you to think about it! " Jiang Feng eyes continue to look towards the rabbit.
Everyone is curious about the meaning of this novel, and rabbits have improved.
It’s not that this kid wants to go back on his word with a genial smile!
"See what! ? The result is … "
Mu hasn’t finished yet, and the rabbit’s body suddenly tilted and fell directly to the ground, and its fur quickly turned black and gave off a stench.
"Psst … this … this is how to return a responsibility!"
Seeing this, everyone’s eyelids are jumping and their hearts are very horrified.
How can a good rabbit suddenly fall to the ground and give off a foul smell, which makes people frown?
"Master … this …"
Seeks the sea to see the dead rabbit face very that see heart secretly pinched a cold sweat.
Fortunately, I listened to that little advice, otherwise my daughter’s field would be unimaginable
"Brother! You are really a master! If it weren’t for you, my daughter would have died! " Mou Dahai is very angry with Mu in his heart, which is a great event for his life.
I’m afraid I won’t give Mu a good look if I change my body.
Mu looked at the dead rabbit and looked pale. He didn’t know what to say!
Just now, he was promising, but the rabbit died in a blink of an eye. He was not a genius but a mediocrity!
"Master Mu, are you all right?" Li Lu’s pale white hands covered her cherry mouth.
She never expected that she was really right by that abusive teenager.
Li Lu looked up curiously and secretly looked at the boy in front of him.
"I don’t care about you!" Master Mu gave Li Lu a hard look. "This … This is impossible. How can Linghai Dan not solve the poison of all poisonous weeds? I don’t!"
"I still don’t know how to repent!"
Jiang Feng shook his head and sighed, "The favorite food of the purple caterpillar is the poisonous weeds, and all the poisonous weeds will be accompanied by the poison of the purple caterpillar. She was indeed poisoned by the poisonous weeds, yes, and she was also poisoned by the purple caterpillar!"
"Because of the strong symptoms of the poisonous weeds, it is difficult to find out even if it is carefully examined."