Tea-burning Han grumpily took a white look at Luo Yu. "It’s not a rule to take care of it."

When they saw that Luo Yu was so polite to this tea-burning man, it was embarrassing to smile immediately.
Tea-burning Han glared, and the two men knocked on the soles of their shoes with a cigarette rod, and then got up and looked at Luo Yu and said, "Shanke came from outside the mountain?"
Luo Yu looked at the eyes and was puzzled. The two brothers immediately nodded with a smile, "There are three individual tourists outside the mountain."
"Yes, please." Fang Yi Zhao Xuan saw that the tea-burning man actually extended a big hand to the master.
And master also quite naturally put three crystal spirit!
Dian Dian hand spirit crystal tea Han suddenly a joy backhand like magic spirit crystal has disappeared.
Then he stretched out his hand and motioned to the wooden table of Qiaoqiao, "Three mountain visitors please enter Qiaoqiao Tea."
Los feather nodded and led the puzzling two people walked towards the bridge wooden table.
And just three people just stepped into this cool bridge opening!
The table suddenly’ swish!’ Three rises
The table has been rotated and three gold inscriptions on yellow paper have been sent out!
Los feather with a recruit will pass two people charged, "this is a fairy city to send spells to protect and follow the teacher into the fairy city"
"Fairy City?" Fang Yi looked around in disbelief. Besides this bridge, there is a river. Where did you come from?
And Zhao Xuan is even more surprised. Although he also knows that there is a fairy city in the fix true world, how can it be in the downtown area of Qingqiu Town? Return this bridge?
In fact, there is a fairy city in almost every town. There are all kinds of ways to enter, such as going through waterfalls, entering the fog, climbing towers and even diving! It’s always weird.
It’s like telling them to enter the fairy city when there is nothing in front of them! This ….. Where to enter? Why don’t they come in a boat?
When they were puzzled, they heard the tea-burning man shouting "Guest Camellia ~ Crossing the Bridge" behind them.
Before the sound fell, they felt that the wooden table leaned against the pier wall and the water pattern light and shadow actually shook into an arch!
"Ah ~ it seems to be a door …!" Zhao Xuan was surprised.
"Shut up!" Luo Yu kicked him Mao.
Poor Nine Emperors were’ sent’ into the’ wall’ by Luo Yu’s affection even when they didn’t come to the urgent call!
Fang Yi smiled at the sight of the teacher’s human and animal harm. It seems that he immediately covered his back with his hands. "Don’t bother the teacher himself …"
Words haven’t say that finish los feather is a foot to Fang Yi also sent in with a smile "ah ~ yourself? Also useless talk so much … "
Said the feather stepped in …
And just three people into the fairy city at the same time tea stall and finally rushed to a person.
Yes, it’s the red-faced craftsman with the board.
Seeing him looking at the blue figure of the bridge that disappeared, he suddenly became anxious and said, "How did his mother get in in the blink of an eye?"
When the tea-burning man saw the bearer and looked at him carefully, he suddenly felt a quiver and bowed to the craftsman’s side. "Cloud …"
"Cloud what cloud? !” The craftsman looked back and glared angrily.
Tea-burning Han suddenly shrank his neck and choked back. Then he thought for a moment and said in awe, "Sword …?"
"What sword? !” The craftsman even stared and lifted a small carving knife with a flashing cold mountain and shouted, "I am a carver!" "
Looking at what this palm-sized small carving knife burns tea, Han’s eyes are almost becoming’ cockfighting’, just like when he saw Yamaraja, he nodded, "Yes, yes, yes! You are a engraver, and you are a craftsman that this mountain and sea can’t engrave …! "
The craftsman smelled that the glaring bordeaux face instantly softened a lot, but for a moment, he frowned and showed his self-effacing look at the charcoal figure in his hand and shook his head again and again. "No … now I’m not! This picture … I can’t read it … I can’t engrave it! "
Seeing that the craftsman looked trance and looked at the board burning tea in his hand, Han secretly watched curiously.
But at this moment, the craftsman suddenly looked askance like a sword and stared at the hand of the tea-burning Han, and the cold mountain was intertwined into a seal!
Uh-huh …
Suddenly, it sounds like a sword in heaven and earth! See the sword and smell it.
The pedestrians around us are still, the rivers are stagnant, and the boats and boats are as motionless as petrochemical. The noise and noise have suddenly gone, and a chill has swept in!
For a while, the whole town of Qingqiu was still and trembling with the cold mountain of this carving knife!
Tick tock!
Cold sweat dripped from the forehead, and the cigarette rod in the hand of the tea-burning man was clearly audible!
Looking at the craftsman’s double-pupil tea-burning man, he faltered in fear, "I … I …"
"The dung beetle rolls the dung ball, which ball do you count?" The craftsman pondered, his eyes were like swords, and he shook the board and stared at the tea-burning man. "Do you dare to spy on the avenue?"
I feel that the little carving knife around me is flashing, and the sword is constantly screaming and screaming. The tea-burning Han is finally embarrassed, and the fear in his heart is determined to intimidate, so he falls to his knees and implores "Dare …!"