Now Su Mo is changing again. The executioner in the valley may not recognize him.

Qingfeng Tianxian Road "However, it is a flaw that this realm is still six-fold."
Yang Rexu said, "Ask him to be careful, try to avoid punishment, slaughter the guards, get in close contact with these punishment guards, and see that he should not intentionally release the gods to explore."
On the occasion of everyone’s discussion, someone suddenly said, "Look, Su Mo and a team of criminals are about to encounter!"
The spirit of a flap hurriedly looked intently.
See the valley turned into a middle-aged strong man Su Mo, and the eleven-member team was far apart.
Eleven criminals saw Su Mo as a middle-aged strong man from a distance, but he didn’t pay more attention to him.
Tianyuan, Yang Rexu and others breathed a sigh of relief.
If Su Mo stays still, he won’t be found.
But at this time, Su Mo, who saw these punishments in the valley, went in the direction of these punishments!
What does he want?
The four immortals frowned at the same time, and there was a flash of confusion in their minds.
Want to test each other?
But this temptation is too risky and unnecessary.
Or …
The four immortals think of a possibility but feel unrealistic unless Sumo is crazy.
"Princess, look at that Sumo who actually took the initiative to go to the punishment guard!"
The carriage girl stared at her eyes and asked in surprise, "What’s he doing? Take the initiative to die? "
"He’s going to kill people."
Plain clothes’s beautiful female eyes seem to see that Su Mo’s intention is whispering.
In the valley
Su Mo thought a lot after slaying the two major punishments.
He doesn’t know who leaked the secret.
He couldn’t understand for a moment that these torturers recognized his identity.
But he can be sure of several things.
First, there are definitely more than just two torturers in this valley!
Since the king of Yuanzuo County has come in person, he must have enough manpower to suppress him.
The attitude of the second and fourth immortals is not very accurate, but there is no side of Yuanzuo County King.
Otherwise, Yuan Zuo, the king of the county, can hand him over after the status of the four immortals, and it is not necessary to send a punishment to kill Wei into the valley.
Moreover, there is no panlong order for these punishments.
Third, if you want to get rid of the threat of Yuanzuo County King or the Great Jinxian Kingdom, there is a way to worship the four immortals and seek asylum.
If he wants to show a little means to win enough panlong orders before.