A stream of water flew out of the lake and swept away the’ re.

Ximenyu couldn’t help but be surprised to see jellyfish Yin Ji holding’re seems to be looking at.
After a while, she finally said, "What will you ask me for?"
Her voice is neutral and dignified, which makes people afraid to cheat.
Ximenyu said, "The master said that there is an ordinary man named Li Zhi. Please pay attention to him."
Jellyfish Yin Ji said, "Is this the case?"
Ximenyu said "Yes"
Jellyfish Yin Ji said, "You can go back."
She neither promised nor said no, but simply said, Simon can go.
Ximenyu said, "I don’t know what the empress thinks of the meeting."
Jellyfish Yin Ji said, "I don’t like to say it twice."
Ximenyu felt a vigorous palm force on his chest.
He was at least 70 feet away from the jellyfish Yin Ji, but when this palm force came, it was still more fierce than the flash flood, which made him fly involuntarily.
He flew for seven feet before he fell to the ground, and then he was picked up like a chicken by the brother of Shenshui Palace, who was hidden in the dark and finally thrown out.
Lying outside the Shenshui Palace, Ximenyu realized that he was actually different from the baby in front of Jellyfish Yin Ji.
Jellyfish Yin Ji still has no ripples on the surface of the lake.
She said, "Who is this Li Zhichang Southern Yan?"
Gong Nanyan said, "The origin of this person is mysterious, but as far as martial arts is concerned, the leaders of the seven schools are still very old, and according to this, the most powerful person is not martial arts but witchcraft?"
Jellyfish Yin Ji said, "What magic method?"
Gong Nanyan said, "I heard that this person can treat fire and water. Although he has never obtained empirical evidence, it is not necessarily because of the wind."
Jellyfish Yin Ji Shen said, "I want all his detailed information for you for three days."
Gong Nanyan said, "I’ve been paying attention to this man for a long time in less than three days."
Jellyfish Yin Ji said, "In that case, give me the information you received."
Gong Nan Yan Xin Dao, the owner of the Qinglong Club, even if he doesn’t send someone, I’m going to tell the palace master about this Li Zhichang these days.
What she wants to do is because the former Li Zhichang offended her.
She didn’t tell Jellyfish Yin Ji about this little thought, nor did Jellyfish Yin Ji ask.
She is now thinking that Li Zhichang can serve the fire and water.
Li Zhichang certainly didn’t know that the most terrible place in the world, the Shenshui Palace, had missed him.
He’s still waiting for the Qinglong Club to pick him up, and if he wants bait, he’s not afraid of fishing.
Chapter 13 Hidden flowers at the bottom of leaves once
Stands autumnal in the evening after the new rain.
Although there is still a long time before autumn, a heavy rain has put out the hot weather.
A path is planted with locust trees on both sides. Why doesn’t the fragrance of locust trees and soil mix together to make people feel comfortable?
Li Zhichang look at the moment if familiar with others see afraid won’t be surprised.
Because of his strange expression, his eyes didn’t look forward for a moment
Of course, the front is also a tree, and of course it is also a locust tree.
The green leaves are tender and dripping with rain.
Of course, Li Zhichang doesn’t look at so many leaves, but he doesn’t look good at that great beauty in the tree.
Eyebrows are like distant mountains, eyes are like autumn water, arms are cut out, frost is playing, snow is playing, and there is a fragrance like tea and flowers, and my daughter is coming over.
Although Li Zhichang often feels that he is not a womanizer, he also appreciates the eyes when looking at beautiful women.
But after seeing this beautiful woman in front of him, he still can’t help but see a lot of eyes. Of course, he won’t admit that he has taken a few more breaths.
It’s not that this beauty is too touching or actually, although she is also a great beauty, I’m afraid this situation is more noticeable than paying attention to her beautiful appearance.
She is doing something.